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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bigg Boss 8: Puneet Issar plays ‘diplomatic’ card, will Salman Khan do hard talk this week?

As the eighth season of Bigg Boss enters into an exciting phase, we take a look at the man who is now behind most of the excitement.

By: Entertainment Feature Service | Updated: October 16, 2014 3:13:12 pm
Puneet Issar during the Karishma-Gautam episode (Source: Twitter) Bigg Boss 8 contestant Puneet Issar during the Karishma-Gautam episode (Source: Twitter)

Ali Quli Mirza has entered the house as the wild card entry, but Puneet Issar aka Puns aka Puneet ji aka Puns uncle aka universal father aka? Well, this gentleman, just like the number of names he is called by, has exhibited numerous faces in the eight edition of the television reality show Bigg Boss, which is barely into its third week. Drafted in as one of the members of the three-member ‘Secret Society’, the macho tone and authoritative voice, in no time, has tuned into the most timid contestant.

Day after day, task after task, Puneet is revealing more sides to his two-faced personality on the show. If his actions during the opening task – where the contestants were asked to hold their position for maximum duration on chairs and bear all the drama from the opposite team – were not enough, Puns uncle reached a new height during the SuperHero vs SuperVillains act shown in an episode aired on Wednesday.

While his actions on Tuesday – where he switched T shirts and moved to Karishma’s side following an emotional conversation and moved back to Pritam’s team in quick succession – raised few eyebrows, Wednesday’s act can be termed as the most ‘shrewd’ act of this season.

After the Hero team won the first stage of the task by getting majority members on their side, Bigg Boss announced stage two where Hero team was asked to protect a flag in the garden area. Trailing in the task, the only way for the SuperVillains to win was by replacing the red flag with their black.

A strategy was laid, black team was all charged up but one man, yes one man, was untouched by all the enthusiasm and chose to take a comfortable seat in the shade. He stood there, gave instructions, added a lot of fuel to fire but didn’t move an inch, yes an inch. Praneet, aka pandit ji, kept shouting,”Puneet ji come, Puneet ji what are you doing”. But the 54-year old, on all occasions, looked the other way.

During the task, model Diandra Soares and Sonali Raut engaged in an ugly scuffle but Puneet, again, was unmoved. It was only after Sonali’s outburst that the ‘House Uncle’ stepped in and gave his very expected take on the issue. Just like he gave to Karishma Tanna when she was abused by Gautam Gulati.

May be the inmates are tight-lipped because of his seniority, but the audience aka public sab jaanti hai. Like a yo-yo, Puneet is changing sides in the house, fueling fights, starting arguments, and still going unnoticed.

In the show where it is better to be either black or white, Puneet continues to stay in the grey. He is bitching about one and all, plotting against the Upens to the Aryas, under-performing in every possible task, provoking unnecessary fights, and what now.

But, kab tak chalega? Come Saturday, Salman Khan, for sure, will have a thing or two to say to his Puns! And, if he survives the nominations, he will be a different package after the famous Salman dose!

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