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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Bigg Boss 14 October 12 episode LIVE UPDATES: Will a fresher be evicted today?

Bigg Boss 14 October 12 episode LIVE UPDATES: Bigg Boss 14 airs Monday-Friday at 10.30 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm on Colors. It will be available before TV exclusively on Voot Select.

Written by Kriti Sonali , A. Kameshwari | Bengaluru | Updated: October 12, 2020 8:23:36 pm
Bigg Boss 14 nominationsBigg Boss 14 airs on Colors TV. (Photo: PR Handout)

Bigg Boss may have been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic in its 14th season, but the producers sure have done their best to make it more entertaining for the viewers. The reality show returned to our TV screens on October 3 with a grand premiere episode that went on for more than 3 hours. The contestants of Bigg Boss 14 include Abhinav Shukla, Eijaz Khan, Rahul Vaidya, Pavitra Punia, Jasmin Bhasin, Nikki Tamboli, Shehzad Deol, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Rubina Dilaik, Nishant Singh Malkani and Sara Gurpal.

Apart from the contestants, the show also has ‘Toofani Seniors’ — Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan — who have promised to make the show more challenging for housemates. All of them have been a part of the show as contestants previously. The ‘Toofani Seniors’ will stay in the house for 14 days, a duration after which they will together decide who gets to stay in the Bigg Boss house and who is shown the door.

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They each control one domain of the Bigg Boss house. For instance, Sidharth is the king of the bedroom, and his permission will be required for the contestants to use the beds. Hina is the owner of BB Mall where all the belongings of the contestants are kept. The contestants can pick up to seven items that they need from the BB Mall. Gauahar Khan is the queen of the kitchen and it depends on her if the contestants will get food or not.

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19:57 (IST)12 Oct 2020
A glimpse of Hina and Sidharth's fun bond

Voot recently shared a video that shows Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla's friendly bond in Bigg Boss 14.

19:25 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Here’s a look into Hina Khan’s look book
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#HKBiggBossLookBook #SherrKhanIsBack #ToofaniSeniorHina #BB14 . . ~ #TeamHK

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18:55 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Throwback | When Sara turned into a product
18:25 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Shehnaaz Gill drops a picture, raises curiosity
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A post shared by Shehnaaz Gill (@shehnaazgill) on

Shehnaaz Gill posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that read, "Punjab di main kudi sardarni (I am a girl from Punjab)" She tagged Colors TV, which left her fans curious if she is going to come on Bigg Boss 14.

17:33 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Hina is her father's princess

Hina Khan and Sidharth Shukla talk about being pampered at home. While Sidharth opens up about the bond with his mother, Hina says her father treats her like a princess.

(Note: This update is from Voot's Bigg Boss Ka Extra Masala video)

16:57 (IST)12 Oct 2020
PHOTO | Nikki irons ex-boyfriend's shorts

(Photo: Colors TV)

16:41 (IST)12 Oct 2020
VJ Andy shares his opinion on Nikki and Rubina

In a video, VJ Andy shared his opinion on Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14.

16:20 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Hina Khan revisits her childhood with Sidharth Shukla

Revisiting her childhood, Hina Khan said she was very naughty as a child. In a conversation with Sidharth Shukla, she spoke about how she once ran away from home and was found by police. She told Sidharth when her parents took her home, she was punished for running away.

(Note: This update is from Voot's Bigg Boss Ka Extra Masala video)

16:00 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Hina thanks audience for "crazy love"
15:41 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Seniors' decision will make housemates cry

Bigg Boss 14 housemates will participate in their first nomination task, after which 'Toofani Seniors' will be asked to eliminate one fresher. In a video shared on Colors TV's Twitter handle, after Sidharth announces the name, housemates are seen getting emotional.

15:20 (IST)12 Oct 2020
When Salman called Jasmin a 'laundry expert'

Tweeting a moment from the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Jasmin Bhasin gave a throwback to the moment when Salman Khan pulled her leg by calling her a "laundry expert."

15:07 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Hina, Jasmin and Sidharth talk about trolls

Jasmin Bhasin says she was once trolled for no reason. Hina Khan tells Jasmin that social media trolling or trending is part of her life. Sidharth Shukla says in his life, no one made up any stories that was not true, but how people perceive it is not in his hands.

(Note: This update is from Voot's Bigg Boss Ka Extra Masala video)

14:43 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Nikki decides to give luxury items to Sara, Nishant and Pavitra

After Hina Khan gives authority to Nikki Tamboli to decide seven luxury items to be taken by the housemates, Nikki will decide to give three items to Sara Gurpal, two items to Pavitra Punia and one item to Nishant Singh Malkani.

When Nikki says Jaan Kumar Sanu and Rahul Vaidya can adjust for the day, Rahul will argue with her. Nikki will mention she fears no one and nothing in the house.

14:22 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Bigg Boss gave me a different personality: Hina Khan

In a conversation with Eijaz Khan and Shehzad Deol, Hina Khan expressed her gratitude towards Bigg Boss. She said, "I used to give everything during a task. At the end of the show, Bigg Boss called me the task queen. I won't say the show gave me an identity because I came as a television actor, but it sure gave me a different personality, for which I will always be thankful." Eijaz recalled she went to Cannes Film Festival and said, "Huge respect for that." She says all that experience could happen only because of Bigg Boss.

(Note: This update is from Voot's Bigg Boss Ka Extra Masala video)

13:51 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Vikaas Kalantri: Nikki is my favourite contestant

Actor-producer Vikaas Kalantri is all praise for 'Toofani Seniors' Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan. In a tweet, he mentioned, "Just watched #WeekendKaVaar yesterdays episode. I am just loving the seniors. Each have their own poise & style. The classy @eyehinakhan, the super fair & player @GAUAHAR_KHAN, and witty & fun @sidharth_shukla. He added, "Amongst the contestants Nikki is still my fav as off now #BiggBoss14"

13:32 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Nikki irons ex-boyfriend's boxers, leaves housemates in splits

In today's episode, Nikki Tamboli will finally get her ex-boyfriend's boxers, which she will iron to wear them during the episode.

13:15 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Jasmin says Sidharth is the 'Best Salesman'

During a task in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Sidharth Shukla played a salesman and had to consider Jasmin Bhasin as a product that he is supposed to sell. Commenting on the same, Jasmin tagged Siddharth as the "Best Salesman."

12:55 (IST)12 Oct 2020
Sidharth Shukla is the most popular housemate of BB14

Earlier, participant Rubina Dilaik had spoken to about the pros and cons of being a contestant on the show with her husband Abhinav Shukla. She said, "Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to participating as a couple. On one side, we’ll have each other’s back, and an emotional support. However, when we will be pitted against each other, it will be difficult and unpleasant, but we will work as contestants then. We both will never cheat on our team by siding with our partner."

It has only been a few episodes, but already the show has delivered on what it promises -- fights, conflicts and drama. Bigg Boss 14 airs Monday-Friday at 10.30 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 9 pm on Colors. It is also available before TV exclusively on Voot Select.