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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Bigg Boss 14 December 19 episode: Highlights

Bigg Boss 14: Arshi Khan, Eijaz Khan, Abhinav Shukla, Manu Punjabi and Kashmera Shah are nominated for eviction this week

Written by Arushi Jain , A. Kameshwari | New Delhi |
Updated: December 21, 2020 8:37:15 am
Salman Khan weekend ka vaar bigg boss 14Bigg Boss 14 airs on Colors TV. (Photo: PR Handout)

The ongoing season of television’s popular TV reality show Bigg Boss has gained momentum after the entry of challengers Manu Punjabi, Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan, Rahul Mahajan and Kashmera Shah. Aly Goni, Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli, who were evicted from the Bigg Boss 14 house, have also returned on popular demand.

This week, the viewers got to witness some high-intensity drama inside the house. Vikas Gupta was asked to leave the show after he pushed Arshi Khan into the swimming pool during one of their arguments. Rahul Vaidya and Eijaz Khan locked horns with each other, and Rakhi and Arshi picked up an ugly fight with Nikki. Also, the contestants Arshi, Eijaz, Abhinav, Manu and Kashmera are nominated for eviction this week. Now it remains to be seen who among the nominated contestants will leave the house in the Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan.

Apart from the nominated contestants, those who are fighting for the trophy of Bigg Boss 14 are Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, Rakhi Sawant, and Rahul Mahajan.

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23:02 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Preview of December 20 episode

In Sunday's episode of Bigg Boss 14, Nikki Tamboli and Aly Goni will have an epic showdown. Jasmin Bhasin and Rubina Dilaik will also get into a verbal spat after the latter admits that she does not trust Jasmin as much as she did earlier in the show.

22:59 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman to announce the name of evicted contestant tomorrow

Salman tries to scare Eijaz, saying that he is evicted this week. Later, he tells housemates that he will announce the name of the evicted contestant tomorrow. This week, Eijaz, Arshi, Manu, Abhinav and Kashmera are nominated for eviction.

22:43 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman appreciates Rakhi for her humour

Salman appreciates Rakhi for her humour and told her that the audience is finding her very entertaining. However, he says because Rakhi abuses a lot, half of her effort goes in vain. When Rakhi tries to explain herself to Salman, Rakhi ends up crying and saying, "Nikki broke my neck." Manu clarifies to Salman that she is referring to her duck in the captaincy task.

22:42 (IST)19 Dec 2020
It's Aly v/s Nikki

Aly and Nikki get into a verbal spat while talking about how Aly did not take a stand when Nikki was being abused by Rakhi during the captaincy task. Aly says he, along with everyone, laughed at the way Rakhi was hurling abuses.

22:41 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman shows footage of housemates' abuse and 'badtameezi'

Salman Khan shows footage from this week's episodes to highlight everything wrong that has been happening in the house. Salman asks Nikki and Aly about housemates abusing each other and calling out mannerisms and speech defects.

22:38 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Arshi clarifies Vikas' matter with Salman

In a conversation with Salman Khan, Arshi Khan says Vikas Gupta has been her friend for six months. Arshi says Vikas told her to fight with him for three weeks in the show. She adds when Vikas told Bigg Boss in the confession room that her touch is making him uncomfortable, she felt wrong. Later, Vikas only decided to break bonds with her in the house.

Arshi clarifies that she did not intend to bring Vikas' personal matters on national television and she respects his mother. She tells Salman that his mother told Arshi that she needs Rs 50,000 per month, but Vikas fails to address her needs.

22:16 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman assigns 'Tameez Ka Dose' task

Salman Khan assigns a task called 'Tameez Ka Dose'. Eijaz Khan says Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant need 'Tameez Ka Dose'. Manu says Rakhi's words and Arshi's quality to instigate someone needs a correction. Rakhi says Eijaz abused a lot during the captaincy task. She also voted for Nikki because she questioned her career. Rubina calls out Arshi for her bad behaviour. Abhinav says Arshi's humour is not appropriate. Aly and Jasmin vote for Rakhi and Nikki. Rahul Mahajan says Arshi Khan is 'the most badtameez' contestant in the history of Bigg Boss. When Rahul tries to give 'Tameez Ka Dose' to Rakhi, she gets angry. Nikki says Kashmera Shah told her to go to a doctor to fix her face and also called her a struggler. Kashmera votes for Nikki and Arshi. She says, "I don't like what Arshi is doing with Rubina's husband. I wouldn't have liked it if this had happened with Krushna."

22:06 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Everybody is so badtameez in the house: Salman

Salman says everyone was talking about tameez a lot in the house, but this week, everyone has been extremely badtameez. The actor also clears people's misconception that Vikas is not responsible for stopping someone's work. Salman asks housemates if someone, who himself needs money to survive, has the position or power to stop someone else's work.

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22:04 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Arshi on Vikas: He left the show only to gain sympathy

Arshi Khan says Vikas Gupta left the show only to gain sympathy. She says Vikas told her that he wanted to leave the show. Soon, Rubina Dilaik gets into a verbal spat with Arshi. Rahul Vaidya asks Manu Punjabi if he knew the two are planning to fight. Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Mahajan try to make Rakhi Sawant understand that she is standing with the wrong if she supports Arshi. Nikki's statements do not go well with Kashmera Shah. The two get into a verbal spat.

21:53 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Everyone just wants to play safe: Nikki

Nikki Tamboli says everyone, including Manu Punjabi, believes in playing safe. Eijaz Khan says no one gets into the matter of a person who cannot take a stand for himself. Salman says it is not about Vikas Gupta but the other contestants who refuse to take a stand in any important matter.

21:47 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman slams Manu, Abhinav and Rubina

Salman slams Abhinav and Rubina for not taking any action in the Vikas-Arshi situation. Salman asks Manu's take on the entire situation. Rahul Mahajan adds that Vikas Gupta was only putting up with Arshi's act because he wanted to be in the show and earn money. Salman pulls up Manu for not taking a stand in Vikas' matter as he was known for supporting people in his season.

21:42 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Rubina: Vikas was getting mentally harrassed

Rubina tells Salman, "Arshi questioned Vikas' sexuality. He was so broken. He was crying so much. He was getting mentally harrassed." Rubina also says Arshi disrespects and talks dirty with her husband Abhinav Shukla. Salman asks Rubina why she did not take a stand when all of this was happening. Salman slams housemates for not standing up for Vikas. Salman says Vikas' action was only because he was alone.

21:38 (IST)19 Dec 2020
If I was wrong, take me out of the house: Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan says she never disrespected Vikas Gupta's mother. Arshi says if she is proved wrong, she is willing to leave the house. The actor says she was friends with Vikas for six months. Arsi says Vikas' mother has called her a lot of times and spoken about how he is not taking care of her. Arshi says Vikas spoke about her father first and that is why she brought up his mother.

Salman says Vikas only tried to alert her about her behaviour and how it will affect her father and his reputation. Salman tells Arshi that she should not be making the environment of Bigg Boss house negative. Salman tells her that even in her season, he tried to explain the status she enjoys. The host says that she has revealed something personal about Vikas' mother. Salman concludes Arshi could not digest respect that Vikas gave to her.

21:30 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman Khan goes against Arshi Khan

Salman Khan says, "If someone would have spoken about my mother, I would definitely do something." He asks housemates about their reaction if Arshi Khan would have gone against their mothers. He says in the Bigg Boss house, many are playing for themselves and standing up for themselves but behaving like fence-sitters for others. He says only Rahul Vaidya and Nikki Tamboli are standing up everyone.

When Arshi Khan tries to explain herself, Salman shuts her up. Salman also pulls up Jasmin Bhasin for not taking a right step and seeking Aly Goni's approval for her action. Jasmin says Manu told her that Vikas and Arshi's fight was planned, but Salman says she felt the need to help, but she did not. Salman says if Jasmin would have taken action, she would have come out as a hero.

21:24 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman Khan: Vikas Gupta took a stand

Salman Khan recalls how Vikas Gupta took a stand in the show against Arshi Khan. He says he took a step only to stop Arshi Khan because she was talking about Vikas' mother.

21:24 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman Khan makes housemates perform the task again

Salman Khan speaks to Rubina Dilaik. Rubina says Arshi always interrupts tasks. Rahul Vaidya says whatever happened was Rubina's personal issue with Arshi. Eijaz says Kashmera has taken a stand in various matters. Jasmin says she took a stand for herself. Kashmera and Rubina votes for herself. Manu votes for Nikki. Salman says Rahul Vaidya has always taken a stand in the house.

21:20 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Salman says housemates don't take a stand

Salman Khan says housemates lack the confidence to take a stand. He gives a glimpse of a task which is happening in the task. During the task, Rakhi Sawant and Manu Punjabi get into a verbal spat. Arshi Khan and Rahul Mahajan vote against Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni. Rakhi says Nikki Tamboli made remarks about her career and face. Rubina Dilaik talks about how Arshi has a negative vibe. Arshi interrupts, and Rubina walks out of the conversation. Jasmin Bhasin says she took a stand when Vikas Gupta was being cornered in the house during the captaincy task and when Nikki-Rakhi fought with each other.

20:32 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Here's what will happen in today's episode of Bigg Boss 14's Arushi Jain reveals what the audience can expect from tonight's episode of Bigg Boss season 14.

19:55 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Kamya Punjabi slams Rakhi Sawant
19:31 (IST)19 Dec 2020
Kashmera performs as Rahul, croons 'Tip Tip Barsa Paani'

Since Bigg Boss 14 has just started to gain attention, the makers are planning to extend the season by a month. Earlier, the finale was scheduled to happen in mid-January, but now it will take place in February.

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