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Friday, November 27, 2020

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar highlights: Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz get into an argument again

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan pulled up Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz for getting violent in the house for no reason.

Written by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: November 24, 2019 7:32:00 am
bigg boss 13 weekend ka vaar Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Episode: Salman Khan gets upset with the contestants.

The drama in the Bigg Boss 13 house is getting better by the day. The contestants are now aware who are their friends and foes and most of them have also chalked out a strategy on how to go ahead in the show. But are they really on the right track?

Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan saw him pulling up Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz for getting violent in the house. He told them they fought for no reason the entire week and, for him, this was the worst fight of the Bigg Boss house.

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This week, the eviction happened a day before Weekend Ka Vaar. In Friday’s episode, the contestants were asked to take the name of one of the nominated contestants who they think is a misfit for the show. Rashami Desai, Sidharth Shukla, Arti Singh, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Khesari Lal Yadav were nominated for eviction this week.

Since most of them took Khesari’s name, he was evicted from the house. After his eviction, Vishal Aditya Singh and Sidharth Shukla regretted taking his name during the process.

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22:50 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Who will get evicted?

Salman Khan enters the house again. He tells Rashami and Sidharth they are safe from eviction this week. He leaves the house after building up tension on who will leave the house tomorrow, Devoleena or Arti Singh.

22:47 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Sidharth and Asim try to sort their differences

Sidharth asks Asim if he would have been jealous of him he would not have guided him in the show. 

22:42 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Asim and Sidharth get into an argument

Asim tells Sidharth nobody provoked him. He tries to clear things with him but Sidharth says he doesn't have as much patience as he has been showing. 

22:34 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Himanshi wins in 'Sultani Akhada'

Himanshi and Shehnaaz play two rounds, verbal fight and physical fight. In the verbal fight, each one of them gets a chance to tell why they deserve to be in the show and other housemates have to decide for them. Both Shehnaz and Himanshi get equal votes. In the physical fight, Himanshi wins.

22:31 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Shefali fights with Paras

Meanwhile, Shefali, Paras, Mahira and Devoleena get into a heated argument after Devoleena tells Shefali that Paras said inappropriate things about her and Asim. Himanshi tries to sort things out with Shehnaaz before Sultani Akhada. 

22:27 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Shehnaaz and Himanshi in 'Sultani Akhada'

Salman says Sidharth and Asim should be called to the 'Sultani Akhaada' as they have been wanting to fight with each other for a long time. He sarcastically says they deserve to be in the 'Sultani Akhada.' Finally, it is Himanshi and Shehnaz who are sent to fight it out in the 'Sultani Akhada' 

22:12 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Caller of the week questions Himanshi

Vivo caller of the week Harman Jyot asks a question to Himanshi which disturbs her deeply. She asks that even if Shehnaz never mattered to Himanshi then why does she always talk about her behind her back. Getting a little carried away in the conversation, the caller also accuses Himanshi of being wrong during their controversy outside. Himanshi gets defensive and clarifies her stand. Salman interferes in this and asks the caller to stick to Bigg Boss and not another controversy. Himanshi clarifies her stance. 

21:57 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Shefali Jariwala in katghara

It is Shefali’s turn to come in the katghara to explain her decision during the captaincy task. Salman tells Shefali that her decision was not fair and as a sanchalak she has no right to give any advice. Shefali explains her point of view and apologises saying that it was her error in the judgment.

21:53 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Chaos in the house after Salman walks out

As Salman moves out of the house, Asim tries to clear the air with Sidharth. Himanshi also says she never flashed her diamond ring as claimed by Sidharth Shukla. Sidharth and Himanshi get into an argument. 

21:50 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Salman requests contestants to not spoil his name

Salman says even his reputation is associated with Bigg Boss and he won't let the housemates "screw it up for him". He requests them to not spoil his image because it has taken him a very long time to get where he is. 

21:47 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Paras reveals Asim's strategy

Paras reveals that Asim had this strategy to provoke Sidharth so that he gets violent and hits him. Asim says he never had this plan. Salman asks Asim and Sidharth what can we expect from both of them in the upcoming days, will they stoop down further or can we see them entertaining the audience in better ways.  

21:40 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Sidharth Shukla explains his stance on the fight

Sidharth says the things he said about Asim's earnings was not to ridicule him but the jokes he made were on Himanshi and not Asim. Sidharth says he made it clear to Asim and Arti that he had a special feeling for Shehnaaz and didn't care even if she was doing anything wrong. Meanwhile, Himanshi Khurana breaks into tears. 

21:33 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Asim explains his stance on the fight

On being asked from Shehnaz if she thinks only Asim was wrong, she says both of them were wrong but Asim took it far ahead even when Sidharth calmed down. Salman asks Asim if it is about male ego or is it about self-respect. Asim explains it is about self-respect. He says the things Sidharth Shukla said even jokingly did hurt him. He said Sidharth commented on his earnings which he could not take. 

21:29 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Did Shefali Jariwala provoke Asim?

Salman asks Paras why does he call Asim Sidharth's 'chelaa'? Paras says Asim only followed Sidharth's footsteps. Paras also accuses Shefali of provoking Asim instead of trying to pacify him. Shefali says she tried her best to explain it to Asim but he refused to understand. 

21:23 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Salman Khan asks Sidharth Shukla if he feels he is too strong

Salman Khan tells Sidharth Shukla if he thinks he is too strong, he should either invite Salman inside the house or should himself outside so that they can decide who is stronger. He also asks Shukla if he plans to take retirement after Bigg Boss because his actions prove so. 

21:20 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz in 'Katghara'

Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz are summoned in the 'katghara' kept in the house. Salman says the matter of their fight was just a fruit. Continuing to be sarcastic, Salman asks Mahira to bring an apple and an orange so that they also know people are fighting for them. 

21:17 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Hindustani Bhau explains his actions

Hindustani Bhau is asked why did he push Paras to which he said, Paras said inappropriate things about Himanshi. But Salman looks in no mood to listen to any excuse. 

21:16 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Himanshi Khurana pulled up for pushing Shehnaz Gill

Salman Khan's first target is Himanshi Khurana. He says she was not to be seen anywhere in the first week, and in the second week, she pushed Shehnaz for no reason and no provocation. Also, he tells her he won't take any excuse. 

21:13 (IST)23 Nov 2019
Salman Khan's advice to the contestants

Trying to make the housemates understand the value of Bigg Boss, Salman says Bigg boss is a very big platform to showcase one’s true personality and one can get a chance to do better work once they come out of the house depending on how they're perceived. He also explains that how their destiny is in their own hands and just like their own house in the real world where people don't beat each other, the same attitude is needed here.

21:10 (IST)23 Nov 2019
'Worst week in the history of Bigg Boss'

Moving ahead, Salman says, he has broken all the personal connection with the housemates. "This week was the worst week in terms of fights in the history of Bigg Boss," said Salman. 

The contestants who are fighting for the title of Bigg Boss 13 winner are Sidharth Shukla, Arti Singh, Shehnaaz Gill, Shefali Jariwala, Asim Riaz, Himanshi Khurana, Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Rashami Desai, Hindustani Bhau and Vishal Aditya Singh.

Khesari, who left the house on Friday, had told that the controversial reality show was a boost for his career. He said, "Bigg Boss is such a popular show that it will help me increase my national and international reach. I am here to stay and so want to broaden my horizons. Bhojpuri industry is my motherland, and I would keep doing more regional films. But I also want to reach out to a bigger audience."