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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Bigg Boss 13 January 29: Highlights

Housemates friends or family members have entered the house to support the respective contestant.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 3, 2020 11:12:14 am
Bigg Boss 13 sidharth shukla shehnaaz gill Vikas Gupta, Shefali Jariwala, Shehbaaz Badeshah and Kunal Singh have entered the house.

The thirteenth season of Bigg Boss is nearing its finale. The contestants have now stayed inside the house for 18 weeks. While Sidharth Shukla, Arti Singh, Rashami Desai, Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma, Shehnaaz Gill and Asim Riaz have been a part of the show from the beginning, Vishal Aditya Singh joined the show as a wild card entrant.

With the finale of the show approaching, the contestants are trying everything to stay in the limelight. Sidharth and Asim have been controlling their aggression and are entertaining the audience. Rashami too has finally started participating in the show. But, Paras has been a little lost after Salman Khan brought up his relationship with girlfriend Akanksha Puri in one of the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes.

Surprisingly, wild card contestant Vishal Aditya Singh has emerged as an entertainer after Madhurima Tuli left the house. Mahira Sharma, once a shadow of Paras Chhabra, too looks like a strong competitor. Arti Singh has played a decent game throughout.

This week, the ones who are nominated for eviction are Sidharth, Shehnaaz, Vishal and Arti.

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    21:55 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Shehbaaz says Mahira-Paras trying to create rift in SidNaaz

    Shehnaaz Gill's brother Shehbaaz will enter the house in today's episode. He will warn Shehnaaz and Sidharth to be wary of Mahira and Paras as the two are trying to create a rift between them.

    21:35 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Umar Riaz slams Vikas Gupta

    Asim Riaz's brother Umar Riaz slammed Vikas Gupta for spreading the false rumour that Riaz has a girlfriend outside the show.

    21:02 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Sana Khaan on Kashmera Shah

    "There was absolutely no need for kashmera to be so rude to Sana specially on her birthday, she could have saved it for Tom considering she has her opinion on her which is fair to express," ex-Bigg Boss contestant Sana Khaan tweeted.

    20:42 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Vishal's brother Kunal warns him about Mahira

    Vishal Singh Aditya’s brother Kunal will enter the Bigg Boss house today. Kunal will be seen warning Vishal. He will tell Vishal to be careful of Mahira who is out to get him.

    20:07 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Contestants to recreate housemates' popular dialogues

    Bigg Boss will give a task to the contestants where they will have to recreate popular dialogues of their co-contestants and capture it in the form of a video. Mahira and Paras enact Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s conversation, while Shehnaaz and Vishal take a dig at Mahira and Paras. Rashami and Sidharth recreate Madhurima’s and Vishal’s iconic frying pan moment while Shehnaaz gives Aarti’s independent game a flirty new twist.

    18:58 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Housemates to play a hilarious task
    18:40 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    'Sidharth Shukla is a charmer'
    18:22 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    'Sidharth ShukIa is the real winner of Bigg Boss'

    @MarySheikh tweeted, "#SidharthShukIa is the real winner of @BiggBoss He give everything to show feelings emotions love romance fight friendship & also fulfill all this pure heartedly If he'll not win the show than it must b biased decision of makers Not anyother contestant have ability to beat him (sic)"

    18:08 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Himanshi and Vikas's joke irks Asim
    17:46 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Shilpa Shinde slams Shefali Jariwala

    In an interview with Spotboye, former Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde slammed Shefali Jariwala for claiming that Asim hit on her. She said, "This is absolute rubbish. She is just trying to show him in a negative light. Mind well, we all know that in the game, Shefali was just a puppet of Sidharth Shukla and nothing else. Even though, Asim may not be reading her statements, but his fans are there to give it back to her."

    Shefali had told Bombay Times, "It wasn’t direct, but everyone in the house had sensed it. However, I made it clear to him that I am much older, a married woman, and I am not interested. That’s when he shifted his focus to Himanshi, who too, didn’t give him any attention back then."

    17:26 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Manu Punjabi's hilarious take on the previous Bigg Boss 13 episode
    17:04 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Sidharth is obsessed with Asim and Rashami: Juhi Parmar

    Winner of Bigg Boss 5, TV actor Juhi Parmar tweeted, "I dont Understand why #Sidharth is so obsessed with #AsimRiyaz and #RashamiDesai.He must stop behaving like this. He is spoiling his own image by fighting with Rashami and Asim unnecessarily. #WinnerRashami #AsimRiazForTheWin Deserves to be in finale."

    16:37 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Vikas Gupta's entry makes his friends happy
    16:19 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    The fame and glory Bigg Boss gives even to commoners is amazing: Kriti Verma

    Former Bigg Boss contestant Kriti Verma had recently named the Salman Khan hosted show as her best pick from the past decade. She told, "It has to be Bigg Boss undoubtedly. I have been part of Roadies also, but the kind of fame and glory Bigg Boss gives even to commoners is just amazing. It has been more than a year that I did the show, and till now people stop me with their questions - is it scripted? How is Salman Khan as a host? There is so much curiosity about the show. I think it is the best show and Salman is the biggest factor for the same."

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    15:55 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    'Sidharth is perfect blend of intelligence, aggression, wittiness and humour'

    @wobblyhead0724 tweeted, '#SidharthShukla can bring smile on people's faces widout even trying. Always doing something in every episode that leaves a lasting impression n makes it worth waiting for epi. Perfect blend of intelligence, aggression, wittyness n humour.'

    15:15 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Shahnaaz is upset after Shefali's re-entry in the house
    14:57 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    'Sana is the most positive'

    @Ektabisht06 tweeted, "#sana is best ❤️ Jo ye bakws kar rhe h log Sana fake hai Sabse jyda positive koi hai is #bigboss13 me only #Sana hai Bigboss13 ka winner koi bhi ho but Sana ne sbka Dil Jeet liya❤️❤️humhri Nazar m wahi winner hai Aur #KashmeraShah to hai hi negative person 😂"

    14:32 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Shefali Jariwala describes Bigg Boss 13 contestants in one word

    14:07 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Vindu Dara Singh expressed happiness over Kashmera Shah's entry in Bigg Boss 13 house

    Former Bigg Boss contestant Vindu Dara Singh tweeted, "Ohhh my god BB1 yaad dilwa diya aaj shola aur Shabnam hoga dost aur dushmano ke saath and @kashmerashah toh janti hai #DostoKaDostSid hai ! Apna time aa gaya re !"

    13:50 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    People love Shehnaaz-Sidharth: Sambhavna Seth

    Former Bigg Boss contestant Sambhavna Seth tweeted, "For me all is fine with @kashmerashah fantastic entry but one thing which i dnt agree is fakenaaz..I dnt think shenaaz s fake.Ppl hve loved both of them togethr..I had told Kash also that i dont agree on this but sabka apna point of view hai"

    13:30 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Shefali Jariwala on her Bigg Boss 13 journey

    Shefali Jariwala, who got evicted from Bigg Boss 13 in the last Weekend Ka Vaar, told, "I am happy that I managed to make my mark and people are upset about my eviction. It was a wonderful experience and I really got to know more about myself. Through the highs and lows, I did manage to win hearts, and that was my ultimate motive."

    13:12 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Kashmera Shah gives a reality check to contestants

    Kashmera, who entered the show as Aarti Singh's connection in Tuesday's episode, gave an honest and eye-opening reality check to all the contestants about their stint in the house and where they were going wrong i their game.

    12:51 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    No words for Sidharth's kindness: Manveer Gurjar

    Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar tweeted, "Mast Yaar!! #SidharthShuka no words for ur kindness!! #ShenaazGill ke gusse me bhi uske sath raha!!! Aur he was trying to diverting her mind on Birthday celebrations!!!! U r #SidHearts #DostonKaDostSid ye bht hi shaandaar tha!! 👏👏"

    12:27 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    'Asim's family has confirmed that he is single outside the house'

    @AsimSquad20 tweeted, "#AsimRiaz’s whole fam has cleared any rumours of him being involved with someone outside #BB13 they’ve confirmed he’s SINGLE. So why is VG acting like a gossiping-aunty? This is all to defame Asim’s name. That’s why they brought back Zehriwala as well! #BiggBoss  #BB13"

    11:56 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Shehnaaz's brother reveals what others talk about her and Sidharth
    11:15 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    'Vikas Gupta has been sent in the show to malign Asim's image'

    Film trade analyst Sumit Kadel tweeted, "So vikas gupta has been sent in the show to malign #Asim image ,again desperate attempt by the makers to make shukla win. Asim popularity is making them do such sins in every episode,really terrible.. himanshi is aware abt everything , vikas kya mohalle ki aunty hai? #BiggBoss13"

    10:57 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    Vikas Gupta to reveal a secret about Asim Riaz
    10:45 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    'Rashami Desai is such a good person'

    Rashami Desai's fans have been showering love on her. A fan @asjadnazir wrote on Twitter, "I want @TheRashamiDesai to adopt all of us. She is such a good person. #WeLoveRashami." 

    10:30 (IST)29 Jan 2020
    A recap of yesterday's episode

    In Tuesday's episode of Bigg Boss 13, the connections of the contestants arrived in the house to support them. Kashmera Shah, Himanshi Khurana, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Mahira Sharma's brother arrived inside the house. They entered to decide the next captain of the house. Kashmera took a dig at Rashami and Vishal. She told Arti to stop being friends with everyone and start playing her own game. Sidharth and Shehnaaz got into an argument after Shehnaaz got upset with what Kashmera and Himanshi told her. Asim professed his love for Himanshi and proposed her for marriage. 

    Bigg Boss 13 airs on Colors from Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm. On Saturday and Sunday, it airs at 9 pm.

    Last week, it was Shefali Jarivala who exited the show. After getting evicted, she talked to and said, "I am happy that I managed to make my mark and people are upset about my eviction. It was a wonderful experience and I really got to know more about myself. Through the highs and lows, I did manage to win hearts, and that was my ultimate motive.”