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Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bigg Boss 13 February 6 episode: Highlights

Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Arti Singh, Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill have been nominated for elimination.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 7, 2020 7:24:05 am
Bigg Boss 13 Bigg Boss 13 airs on Colors.

The finale of Bigg Boss 13 is all set to happen in just nine days. With the competition nearing a close, the drama inside the house is at its peak. Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, Arti Singh, Paras Chhabra, Mahira Sharma and Shehnaaz Gill are all nominated this week.

When the contestants met with members of the press inside the house, a lot of new information came to light with respect to their interpersonal dynamics.

At the moment, Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai look like frontrunners and have the potential to win the show. Asim Riaz too has been making a lot of buzz inside the house. The buzz has apparently travelled to Hollywood as wrestler John Cena shared a photo of Asim on his Instagram account.

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    20:00 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    'Rashami Desai does not fake her emotions'

    User @PaRiDhaliwal2 shared on Twitter, “Only reason why I love @TheRashamiDesai because she does not fake her emotions and tears!.”

    19:43 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Sidharth Shukla fans join hands with Rashami Desai fans to cut Rashami's birthday cake
    19:24 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    ‘Sidharth Shukla always took a stand for his self-respect’

    “#SidharthShukla Spoke loud and clear against the all wrongs and bullying he faced in #bb13 house and always took stand against all odds for his self respect. Huge Respect for  @sidharth_shukla #BB13TedheAwards,” tweeted user @Satyame43035117.

    19:04 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Non-Elite club members get a chance to win immunity

    The members of the Non-Elite club, Paras, Mahira, Aarti and Shehnaz have to sit inside turtle shells until the next buzzer. If they fail to do so, they will lose out on the only chance to win immunity.  After spending considerable time inside, Shehnaz hatches a plan with Rashami to get Mahira out of the game.  She says that as per the task rules, Rashami should disqualify Mahira if her hand is out of the shell. Rashami complies and eliminates Mahira from the task followed by Paras for putting their hand out.

    18:34 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    'Arti Singh deserves Top 5'

    User @ILoveBB085 posted on Twitter, “#ArtiSinghDeservesTop5 because she respects the show & host, does tasks sincerely, takes stands whereas Paras gets tasks cancelled,doesn’t respect the show & host. Mahira has no stand of her own. @ColorsTV @EndemolShineIND #BB13 #BiggBoss13 @ArtiSingh005.”

    18:15 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Fans root for Asim Riaz and Sidharth Shukla in Mumbai
    17:54 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    BB13 will be remembered for SidNaaz, says a fan

    “This season of #BiggBoss hasn't had a single dull moment because of #SiddharthShukla who has been the center and #SehnaazGill for being the highlight of the show. Absolutely no hesitation in saying that #BiggBoss13 will be remembered for #SidNazz! #SidharthKeAsliFan #SidHearts,” posted user @sunitjangir5 on Twitter. 

    17:35 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Shehnaaz Gill enjoys some light moments with Sidharth Shukla
    17:14 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Channel never planned a mall task: Bigg Boss makers

    “Dear fans, the rumors of a @BiggBoss task taking place at Oberoi Mall in Mumbai today are completely false and the channel had never planned a task of this nature. #BiggBoss13 #BiggBoss #BB13,” the official handle of Bigg Boss tweeted. 

    16:55 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Asim Riaz fans gather outside a mall in Mumbai
    16:35 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    ‘Paras Chhabra does not deserve to be in Top 5’

    “#ParasChhabra will play Ugly today! After loosing the task he will torture #ShehnaazGiII like never before and thereafter he will plan to "Radhh" the task. He does not deserve to be in Top 5,” tweeted user @real_khabri_1. 

    16:16 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Oberoi Mall says that the mall task will not take place today

    The official Twitter handle of Oberoi Mall posted, “Dear Patrons, There is no mall task happening at Oberoi Mall today , 6th feb 2020.The mall is running and operational as per the normal operational hours today! @TheRashamiDesai @imrealasim @sidharth_shukla @BiggBoss @ColorsTV.”

    They further added, “We sincerely request everyone to not mislead others as all the official handles of the concerned celebrities have confirmed that there was never any Mall task at Oberoi Mall and that there is NO Mall task or any other event at Oberoi Mall. #bigbosss13 @ColorsTV.”

    15:55 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Fans gather at Oberoi Mall to meet Bigg Boss13 contestants
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    15:35 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma lose their cool
    15:15 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Bigg Boss fans throng Oberoi mall to catch a glimpse of their favourite contestants
    14:52 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    John Cena shares Asim Riaz's photo

    Former WWE star and actor John Cena shared the photo of Bigg Boss contestant, Asim Riaz, on his official Instagram page. Fans are surprised that the global star watches Bigg Boss and is rooting for Asim Riaz.

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    A post shared by John Cena (@johncena) on

    14:25 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Highlight for me would be all the fights with Madhurima: Vishal Aditya Singh

    Post his exit, in an exclusive conversation with, Vishal shared that the journey has been similar to a roller coaster ride for him. The actor had entered mid-season as a wild card contestant. When asked if he made the wrong choice of entering the show midway, he said, “I don’t think it was wrong in any way. I have dreamt of being in Bigg Boss. It’s such a big show, and I am proud that I could be part of its journey.”

    Vishal Aditya Singh’s journey will mostly be remembered for his equation with former girlfriend Madhurima Tuli.

    Read more | Bigg Boss 13 evicted contestant Vishal Aditya Singh: I shouldn’t have tried to sort things out with Madhurima Tuli

    14:03 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Elite Club members undertake the mall task
    13:36 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    'Sidharth is the most genuine Bigg Boss contestant'

    A Twitter user named @Aishmeet1 wrote, "He's always concerned when something going wrong. He's never biased n stand firmly for his friends,he's most loyal to ones who are loyal to him.I found him most genuine contestant among any other in history of #BiggBoss.Wishing a win for him.Only he deserves.#SidharthShukla #BB13"

    13:08 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    The fight for final week immunity is on!
    12:43 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Bigg Boss 13 helped me make many new friends acquaintances: Tehseen Poonawalla

    Tehseen Poonawalla, who was a wild card contestant on Bigg Boss 13 tweeted, "My experience with #BiggBossSeason13 has helped me make many new friends acquaintances .. from awesome people like @Devoleena_23 to sm friends like @RealVinduSingh. Also will Lucca catch up in Delhi with Paras in Mumbai with #SiddhartShukla . I am only grateful 🤗❤️❤️🤗"

    11:51 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Sidharth isn't playing any game: Vikaas Kalantri

    Actor Vikaas Kalantri tweeted, "Well while everyone has pros and cons. After this press interaction i fee the one that emerges more genuine than the others is definitely @sidharth_shukla the only one who is what he is and not actually planning and playing a game. My opinion #SiddharthaShukla #bb13 👍👍"

    11:30 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    It's 10 days to Bigg Boss 13 finale!
    11:04 (IST)06 Feb 2020
    Shehnaaz deserved to be in the Elite Club

    Former Bigg Boss contestant Dolly Bindra tweeted, "Well elite club was much deserved by only #ShehnaazGiII @BiggBoss #BB13 #BiggBoss13"

    Vishal Aditya Singh was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 13. Post elimination, he told, "I am a very emotional person, and people who are close to me do affect me, in some way or the other. With Madhurima, I think there were too many unnecessary fights, which I think we could have avoided. I hold myself responsible for this because I knew what kind of a person she is. I should have kept the distance and concentrated more on my game. I shouldn’t have tried to sort things out, which unfortunately turned worse."

    Bigg Boss 13 airs on Colors from Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday at 9 pm.