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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sidharth Shukla is using Shehnaaz Gill for his game, says Shefali Bagga

Bigg Boss 13 evicted contestant Shefali Bagga said that the only real friend she found in Bigg Boss 13 was Shehnaaz Gill.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: January 22, 2020 11:07:11 am
Shefali Bagga bigg boss 13 Shefali Bagga’s recent act of banging utensils to wake up the contestants would be one of the most remembered moments of Bigg Boss 13.

Shefali Bagga was on Sunday evicted from Bigg Boss 13. Host Salman Khan announced Bagga and Madhurima Tuli were in the bottom two. The housemates were then given a chance to vote one among them out. Apart from Shehnaaz Gill, the entire house voted against Bagga, leading to her elimination from the reality show.

This was Bagga’s second stint as she had re-entered the show as a wild card a few weeks back. Post her exit, the news anchor spoke exclusively to about her experience. She shared, “This being my second inning, I think I hit several fours and sixes, and came out winning the match. I have exited with my head held high and with the same dignity that I entered with. I did not fall for any traps and groupism, and played my individual game. I was very real, and many inmates couldn’t tolerate that. I would have gotten more support if I faked friendship, but I am happy as this is me. I couldn’t pretend for a game.”

While her journey in the show was a short one, her recent act of banging utensils to wake up the contestants would be one of the most remembered moments of the season. Bagga said, “They had really tested my patience. I was unable to sleep that day thinking why I am around these people. They never listened to me. And I just didn’t know what to do.”

Further clarifying contestants’ accusations that she tried to take advantage of other people’s fights, the news anchor said, “That was their strategy to target me. The contestants knew that I was sensible, bold and not scared to call a spade a spade. It was their insecurity that made them give me these names. When I would start speaking, they would even walk out. But I never let all this affect me.”

Shefali Bagga shared that the only real friend she found in the show was Shehnaaz Gill. Recently, the audience even saw Bagga trying to warn Gill about her friendship with Sidharth Shukla. Speaking about the same, she said, “I really like Sidharth and Shehnaaz’s bond, and I wasn’t trying to create any rift between them. However, I do feel that now he is using her. Everyone has understood that she is a strong contestant. He always tries to put her down, and give more importance to Mahira Sharma. Also, Shehnaaz is not jealous of them, but Shukla keeps saying that to her, which is wrong. As a friend, this is really not acceptable.”

And when asked if the season indeed is biased towards Sidharth Shukla, the Delhi resident said, “I don’t think so. The problem is that whatever happens in the house is always linked to him. Every activity revolves around him, so he will definitely get maximum screen time. Be it his bond with Shehnaaz, friendship with Paras-Mahira, fights with Rashami-Asim or even Arti and Shefali Jariwala becoming his yes people, it’s all about him.”

Opening up on her recent fight with Paras Chhabra, Shefali Bagga said, “We both are from Delhi and had a very fun-loving relationship. However, recently he crossed his line when he passed offensive comments on my profession. He told me that he keeps journalists like me on the tip of his shoes. Who says that? I was also shocked that none of the housemates supported me. Paras even said that he makes girls like me cry. I mean, who does he think he is to make girls cry for him. It was really disgusting.”

A couple of days back, an astrologer had entered the house and told Bagga that she might venture into politics in future. Since she had earlier told us that she wanted to get into acting, we asked about her future plans. “There is so much that I want to do. As a child, we keep hearing that focus on one thing, but I am a person who likes doing different stuff. I live for the moment and believe in doing things that can excite me and bring me happiness,” she concluded.

Shefali Bagga’s quick take

In a newspaper, which housemate could make news for…

Front page: Sidharth Shukla

Page 3: Arti Singh. She has all the gossip and even Vishal Aditya Singh.

Politics: Sidharth, again.

Sports: Asim Riaz as no one expected him to play so well. He is quite an underdog.

Entertainment: Shehnaaz Gill

Business: Paras Chhabra manipulates people saying he knows all the tricks of the game.

And who is not worthy of making news? Lots of people – Vishal Aditya Singh, Madhurima Tuli and Shefali Jariwala.

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