Bigg Boss 12 wildcard contestant Surbhi Rana: My sole intention is to win the show

Bigg Boss 12 wildcard contestant Surbhi Rana: My sole intention is to win the show

Surbhi Rana is the first wildcard contestant of Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 12. She will enter the Bigg Boss house along with Romil Chaudhary.

Bigg Boss 12 wildcard contestant Surbhi Rana
Before entering the show, Bigg Boss 12 wildcard contestant Surbhi Rana seemed like an excited child all set to experience something new.

Seems like Bigg Boss 12 was always meant to happen for Surbhi Rana, as she will step into the house as the first wildcard contestant of the Salman Khan show. The ex-Roadies had entered the Outhouse of Bigg Boss 12 with Kriti Verma before the premiere. As per votes, Kriti was chosen by fans to enter the main house, while Surbhi got evicted. The dentist from will now pair up with Romil Chaudhary, whose partner Nirmal Singh was eliminated from the show on Sunday.

While many would assume that Surbhi has numerous plans up her sleeve, the girl from Himachal Pradesh shared that she is going in the house with an open mind.

In an exclusive chat with, Surbhi shared, “I am a very spontaneous person. So as such, there are no plans. Once I enter the show and get to know the people, I will be able to understand and make my moves accordingly.”

When asked if she was disappointed that she couldn’t enter the show in the first place, Surbhi smiled to say, “Oh yes, I was disappointed. I really believed that I would get selected. But it’s rightly said that God plans better things for you, and gives you at the right time.”

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But Surbhi believes that her exit doesn’t mean that Kriti was better than her. “Every human being is different and has their own potential. I am not someone who compares. Kriti and I are very different people. She is a friend, so I did not quite feel bad. Everybody has their own skill sets and fate,” she shared.

Bigg Boss 12 wildcard contestant Surbhi Rana

The dentist further shared that she has been following the show thoroughly and has found her favourite in Deepak Thakur. She said, “I really like Deepak for now. Somewhere I feel we are quite similar people. We are honest and have a cracking sense of humour. It would be fun to interact with him. As for someone who I wouldn’t like to bond, well that’s quite difficult to say. I haven’t met them personally yet. Whatever I have seen is on the show. I will not judge them but want to interact with everyone.”

In Roadies, Surbhi was seen arguing even with mentors, a quality that was criticised by fans. When asked if we will see a similar personality or will she be intimidated by host Salman, she said, “I believe in honesty and putting across my points. People say I am rude and disrespectful but I only speak my mind. In a conversation, nobody is big or small. Everyone has the right to say. As for Salman, I really love him and I think he is an amazing human being. Someday, I would want to be like him.”

The Bigg Boss 12 house, for now, has been clearly divided between two teams. On her part, the 26-year-old is adamant that she will not stick to one group. “I don’t believe in the funda of single and commoner teams. I will want to talk to everyone and build a good connect. I will enjoy each day in the house. I want to know different people and their experiences. Everybody is my competitor as at the end only two or three people will reach the finale,” she said.

And Surbhi concluded the conversation by sharing her ultimate plan, “Of course, I am going with the sole intention to win. I hope I manage to.”

Surbhi will enter the Bigg Boss 12 house along with Romil Chaudhary tonight.