Bigg Boss 12 September 26 episode highlights: Srishty Rode sleepwalks, Anup Jalota-Jalseen Matharu’s romance blooms

Bigg Boss 12 September 26 episode highlights: Srishty Rode sleepwalks, Anup Jalota-Jalseen Matharu’s romance blooms

The second day of Samundari Lootere task had the singles, Dipika Kakar, Nehha Pendse, Karanveer Bohra and Srishty Rode holding the jodis captive. They won the first luxury budget task of Bigg Boss 12.

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The twelfth season of Bigg Boss airs on Colors. The celebrity contestants on the show this year are Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode, Nehha Pendse, Sreesanth and Anup Jalota with girlfriend Jasleen Matharu. The commoners have come in pairs and includes Somi Khan-Saba Khan, Romil Chaudhary-Nirmal Singh, Sourabh Patel-Shivashish Mishra, Deepak Thakur-Urvashi Vani and Kriti Verma-Roshmi Banik.

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Just like previous seasons, this year too, Salman Khan has returned as the host of the show. He will be hosting the Weekend Ka Vaar episodes and will be pulling up the defaulters of the week.

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Srishty Rode sleepwalks

As Srishty Rode sleepwalks, the housemates get scared. Somi and Saba Khan make fun of her.

Anup Jalota-Jasleen Matharu's romance

Anup Jalota tells Roshmi that on last year's Diwali, he told Jasleen, "Diwali ke mauke pe kya pesh kare, jab tum hi ek pataka ho". 

Dipika Kakar cries

After being called names by Somi and Saba Khan and Jasleen, Dipika gets emotional. She says is being targetted from the first day of the show.

Dipika Kakar on Jasleen Matharu's target

Jasleen shares with Anup Jalota that Deepika is against her. Anup Jalota says Sreesanth is wasting one seat of Big Boss as he is not performing anything.

Urvashi says jodis crossed the limit

Urvashi tells Deepak that singletons did everything they could to win the task. She also points out that they got down to that level because the jodis played a dirty game yesterday.

Anup Jalota talks about Deepak and Urvashi

Anup Jalota feels Deepak and Urvashi are very emotional and they are the weak links of the team of jodis because they will go against their own team at one point or the other.

Nehha suggests Karanvir's name for captaincy

After winning the luxury budget task, Nehha, Sreesanth, Srishty and Dipika discuss who should become the captain of the house. All of them agrees with Karanvir's name.

Singles win the task

After the task ends in a draw, Bigg Boss decides that it is the singletons who sat through the task for a longer duration. 

Urvashi wins a point for Jodis

Urvashi sits on the chair next and survives the torture during the task. She wins a point for the team of jodis which has leveled the task's result. 

Jasleen is upset with Dipika

Jasleen tells Sreesanth how Dipika Kakar is playing a dirty game. She is in tears as she narrates how she struggled to breathe during the Samundari Lootere task. 

Shivashish gets aggressive

Shivashish sits on the chair next. He gets aggressive as Karanvir and Nehha torture him. Kriti takes Shivashish's side and declares the jodis winner. The point goes to the jodis. 

Jasleen Matharu is on the chair

Jasleen Matharu is on the chair next. After the torture, Jasleen leaves the task and calls Dipika cruel. Dipika gets upset with it but says she will continue performing the task. 

Somi Khan leaves the chair

Somi Khan quits the task after Dipika and Karanvir's torture. Saba Khan gets furious and wastes the products used by singletons.

First target of singles is Somi Khan

Dipika Kakar and Karanvir Bohra try their best to make Somi Khan quit the task. Saba try to distract the singletons and calls Dipika names. 

Day 2 of Samundari Lootere Task begins

Karanvir reads the instructions for the task. Sreesanth will not be performing today as well but he can help his team in planning the task. Kriti and Roshmi are the 'sanchalak' of the task again.

Singletons discuss strategy for Samundari Lootere task

Karanvir, Neha, Sreesanth and Dipika discuss their strategy for the luxury budget task.

The day begins on a high note

The contestants of Bigg Boss wake up to the song, "Hum Bhi Hain Josh Mein". Jodis discuss Deepak Thakur's behaviour. Somi Khan says Deepak should not have gone against his team in front of the opponents.

Sneak peek at tonight's episode

What is in store tonight in the Bigg Boss?

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