Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar October 13 episode highlights: Salman reveals eviction to happen on Sunday

Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan grilled Saba-Somi Khan and Srishty Rode for breaking Bigg Boss house rules.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: October 14, 2018 8:15:08 am
bigg boss 12 salman khan weekend ka vaar Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar October 13 episode: Salman Khan warned contestants not to get physical.

Salman Khan is back on television screens with Bigg Boss 12 Weekend Ka Vaar. On Saturday, the superstar was accompanied by Kajol who promoted her latest release Helicopter Eela.

We also saw Salman in a furious mode this weekend as the housemates brok rules and regulations of Bigg Boss.

The twelfth season of television’s most controversial show Bigg Boss airs on Colors. In the list of celebrity contestants, there are names like Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode, Nehha Pendse, Sreesanth, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. The commoners have come in pairs and include Somi and Saba Khan, Romil Chaudhary and Surbhi Rana, Sourabh Patel and Shivashish Mishra and Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani.

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22:27 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman bids goodbye to the audience

Salman announces that either Karanvir or Nehha will be evicted from the house tomorrow. He tells the audience to stay tuned to the show because tomorrow the housemates will celebrate Navratri and Bollywood actor Kajol will bring joy in the house. Soon, he bids goodbye to the audience. 

22:14 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Kajol to enter Bigg Boss house

Salman Khan shares Kajol will be entering the house and will give relief to Shivashish Mishra from the torture room.

22:13 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Kajol to answer Salman's questions

Salman Khan asks Kajol to answer a few questions. Kajol asks if she gets a hamper. Salman replies this is not Karan Johar’s show. He add that there is no hamper but we will pamper you for sure.

22:12 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Karan Arjun incident

Salman Khan recalls the moment when shoot of Karan Arjun was called off because of Kajol.

22:12 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Kajol is here!

Salman welcomes Helicopter Eela aka Kajol on the stage.

22:11 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Shivashish sent to torture room

Salman Khan says the difficult part is to change the mood. Soon, we see him asking the housemates who they will want to send to torture room.

Majority people take Shivashish Mishra’s name. Salman says today the torture is going to make Shivashish cry for real. The contestant has to chop onion till the next announcement from Bigg Boss.

22:04 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman's lecture continues

Salman Khan says he doesn’t want to be a part of this show where people are physically abusing each other. He says if this happens again, he will quit the show.

21:53 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
No physical abuse, says Salman Khan

Salman Khan says that if physical abuse continues to happen in the show, he will take a stand against the contestants and ask them to leave right away, irrespective of Bigg Boss’ decision.

21:52 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman scolds Srishty

Salman Khan tells Srishty Ride that her physically aggressive portion in the episode wasn’t shown on television because now the show airs during family time. Salman scolds Srishty Rode and taunts Shivashish Mishra by asking the former to be mentally strong.

21:51 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman warns Srishty

Karanvir Bohra says 49% was Srishty Rode’s fault while 51% was Saba Khan’s fault. Salman Khan says both the contestants were equally aggressive. He tells Srishty that if she would have punched Saba, she could have landed herself in trouble, even legally.

21:48 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman on captaincy task

Salman Khan moves to captaincy task. He asks Karanvir Bohra who was more at fault – Srishty Rode or Saba Khan.

21:48 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Shivashish is mentally weak, says Salman

Salman calls Shivashish Mishra mentally weak and reasons that because of his own weakness, he chose to hurt Deepak Thakur physically.

21:47 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Shivashish and Deepak kiss and make up

Shivashish Mishra and Deepak Thakur hug each other and accept each other’s faults. Salman Khan comes back and meets the contestants.

21:46 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Shivashish and Deepak's chat

As Salman Khan walks out, the housemates try to make Shivashish Mishra understand how wrong he is. Shivashish calls Deepak Thakur to have a chat privately. The two discuss and revisit the entire luxury budget and captaincy task episode.

21:45 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Shivashish continues to argue

While Sreesanth expresses Shivashish Mishra should apologise, Shivashish continues to argue with Salman Khan which irritates the housemates.

21:42 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Shivashish is extremely mean, says Deepak

Shivashish Mishra says he isn’t at fault, but Salman Khan asks if violence is allowed in the house. Deepak Thakur says Shivashish is extremely mean and self-centered.

21:40 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Shivashish defends himself

Shivashish Mishra says he aimed for the shield. Salman Khan asks if it is fine for him to leave the show. Salman shows disappointment in Sourabh Patel.

21:39 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Pre-planned attack on Deepak

Salman Khan shows a video where Shivashish Mishra, Sreesanth, Srishty Rode and Sourabh Patel are planning the attack on Deepak Thakur. Salman questions Shivashish that he planned to kick Deepak beforehand.

21:36 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman questions Karanvir Bohra

Salman Khan asks why Karanvir Bohra was biased towards Srishty Rode when Deepak Thakur was hurt. Karanvir explains his stance.

21:35 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman dedicates song to Karanvir

Salman Khan dedicates “Main Aisa Kyun hun” song to Karanvir Bohra as he starts to talk about the luxury budget task.

21:34 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Deepak sings a song for Sreesanth

Salman Khan asks Deepak Thakur to sing the song he has composed for Sreesanth. As Deepak sings, Sreesanth becomes emotional.

21:33 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Sreesanth - The mastermind

Dipika Kakar explains that Sreesanth was the mastermind behind every game or task they have played. Surbhi Rana says doubles gave Sreesanth the confidence to play the way he wants and that did not go well with Dipika.

21:31 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman questions Surbhi

Salman Khan questions Surbhi Rana, asking her why she thinks singles have dominated Sreesanth in the house. Surbhi says singles in the house didn’t let Sreesanth to express or put his point of view in front.

21:30 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Romil questions Dipika

Romil Chaudhary questions Dipika Kakar and says if it is justified to evict her or nominate her giving the reason that she misses her husband.

21:29 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman takes Dipika's case

Salman Khan asks Dipika Kakar if she was content with her decision, then why was she explaining herself in front of every camera.

21:28 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman dedicates song to Dipika

Salman Khan dedicates a song to Dipika Kakar - “Dushman na kare dost ne woh kaam kiya hai.” The actor asks Dipika why she took Sreesanth’s name during mid-week eviction.

21:27 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman teases Nehha

Nehha Pendse says she is not Shaatir but not even Bewakoof. Salman Khan teases Nehha.

21:27 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman on Shaatir title

Salman Khan says being Shaatir, which means clever, is a compliment.

21:26 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Surbhi and Dipika fight

Both Surbhi Rana and Dipika Kakar indulge in a verbal spat.

21:25 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Surbhi takes on Dipika

Surbhi Rana remarks to be sweet and caring according to situation is not right.

21:25 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Dipika says she is not acting

Surbhi Rana raises the point why Dipika Kakar took the name of Sreesanth during the mid-week eviction. Dipika says her nature is to care for everyone and she is not acting as one cannot act for a month.

21:22 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Surbhi explains why Dipika is Shaatir

Salman Khan asks Surbhi Rana why Dipika Kakar is Shaatir. Surbhi says she is making full use of her image that she has made over the years through her serial.

21:21 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman interacts with Karanvir and Nehha

Salman Khan meets the rest of the contestants in the main house. He wishes everyone Happy Navratri. He starts to interact with the nominated contestants Karanvir Bohra and Nehha Pendse.

21:19 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman complements Sreesanth

Sreesanth promises that he will reveal the true faces of the housemates and play the game like them. Salman complements Sreesanth that he has been playing really well this week.

21:19 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Dipika, Karanvir and Srishty's true colours

Sreesanth says being in the secret room he got to know the true colours of Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra and Srishty Rode. The former crickter says he will forgive once he is back in the game but what has hurt him more is how she behaved with Srishty despite her being from her field.

21:16 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Dipika controls Nehha

Sreesanth explains Nehha Pendse is controlled by Dipika Kakar. He claims Saba and Somi Khan are the intelligent duo in the house.

21:15 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Anup on Dipika

Anup Jalota says Dipika Kakar was smart to know that Sreesanth has got the game right and hence, she didn’t leave the chance to evict him.

21:14 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman questions Sreesanth

Salman Khan speaks to Sreesanth and Anup Jalota who are living in the secret room of the Bigg Boss House.

Salman questions Sreesanth on what basis he gave Dipika Kakar the title of Shaatir.

21:14 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Salman shows what happened in the house

Bigg Boss says celebrities outside the BB house have given the titles to the housemates. Salman Khan shows what happened in the house after the task.

21:12 (IST) 13 Oct 2018
Sreesanth & Anup assign titles

According to Sreesanth and Anup Jalota, Kapati title goes to Romil Chaudhary, Double Dholki title goes to Sourabh Patel and Shaatir title goes to Dipika Kakar.

This year, Bigg Boss airs at 9 pm on weekdays as well as on the weekends. The repeat telecast of the show can be watched on Voot app. Also, to save your favourite contestant from eviction, you have to log in to the Voot app.