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Bigg Boss 12 premiere highlights: Sreesanth, Anup Jalota and Dipika Kakar enter Salman Khan’s show

Bigg Boss 12 premiere highlights: Sreesanth, Anup Jalota and Dipika Kakar enter Salman Khan’s show

Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode, Nehha Pendse, Sreesanth, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu will be seen on Colors' Bigg Boss 12.

Bigg Boss 12
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Indian television’s most controversial and popular reality show Bigg Boss is back with its 12th season. Hosted by Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, the theme of the show this year is ‘Vichitra Jodis.’ As per the theme, some unique jodis entered the house along with few singletons.

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While celebrities like Dipika Kakar, Karanvir Bohra, Srishty Rode, Nehha Pendse, Sreesanth, Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu will be seen on Bigg Boss 12, commoners Romil Chaudhary, Nirmal Singh, Sourabh Patel, Shivashish Mishra, Deepak Thakur, Urvashi Vani, Saba Khan, Somi Khan, Kriti Verma and Roshmi Banik will also vie for the title of Bigg Boss winner.

Starting September 16, Bigg Boss 12 will air everyday at 9 pm.

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Bigg Boss 12 premiere ends

Bigg Boss introduces the theme - single vs doubles. He says it will be interesting to see who will win Bigg Boss 12.

Salman Khan appears back on screen. He announces that MTV India will telecast extra episodes. And reminds the audience that now Bigg Boss will come every day for next three and a half months at 9 pm.

Bigg Boss introduces vichitra jodis

Bigg Boss introduces vichitra jodis to the contestants. He makes it clear that no matter what the jodi will stay together, even during the nomination. The jodi will be considered as one participant. Their vote and decision will be considered as one.

Bigg Boss welcomes contestants

Sreesanth has entered the house as the last contestant. Bigg Boss welcomes the contestants. Deepak Thakur is super excited and is speaking about how now he will appear on television and people will vote for him.

Aggression is less, says Sreesanth

Sreesanth says his aggression is less as he is a married man.

Sreesanth’s transformation

Salman Khan gives audience a sneak peek into S Sreesanth’s transformation. Sreesanth revealed that he was part of a film and that’s why he developed his body.

Deepak is winning hearts

Deepak Thakur is winning hearts with his innocence and jokes.

Roshmi and Kriti enter Bigg Boss 12 house

Roshmi Banik is the first Outhouse contestant to enter the Bigg Boss 12 house. Roadies ex-contestant Kriti Verma also enters Bigg Boss house.

Salman interacts with Outhouse contestants

Salman Khan interacts with Surbhi Rana, Kriti Verma, Mital Joshi and Roshmi Banik.

Sreesanth enters Bigg Boss 12

Cricketer Sreesanth is the last contestant of Bigg Boss 12. He performs on Baahubali title track.

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Deepak and Urvashi enter Bigg Boss 12 house

As Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani enter the show, Urvashi sings ‘Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye’ for Deepak. The two enter the house in a bird cage.

Deepak sings

Deepak Thakur sings Sanu Ik Pal. The singer also revealed that he is a big fan of Salman Khan and has sent his songs through Instagram.

Deepak and Urvashi are nervous

Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani both express how nervous they are about the show and to be on the stage with Salman Khan.

Truly vichitra jodi

Next jodi is a singer and his fan. Deepak Thakur from Bihar is a singer who will enter the show with his fan Urvashi Vani from Patna.

Somi gets top ki salaami

Somi Khan gets top ki salaami. The sisters get excited. Somi takes position for new face pack as the other sister gives her a salaami.

Somi and Saba's unique skill

Somi and Saba Khan guess the personalities of the contestants on the show. Soon, they call Srishty Rode a sweet person. Srishty says she likes the sisters and will become friends with them.

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Jodi from Jaipur

Now on the show is a jodi of sisters from Jaipur. They are Saba Khan and Somi Khan.

10th contestant

Rubina Dilaik reveals Srishty Roade will be the participant in Bigg Boss 12. Rubina says Srishty has sleepwalking and sleep talking habit.

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Best friends take the stage

Best friends Srishty Rode and Rubina Dilaik match steps on the Bigg Boss stage.

Outhouse contestant's task

Now, Salman Khan talks about the outhouse contestants. These contestants got a task to reveal why another contestant is weaker than them.

Anup and Jasleen sing

Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu meet and greet everyone. The two start their journey singing “Yeh Tera Ghar Yeh Mera Ghar.”

Anup and Jasleen enter Bigg Boss 12 house

Meanwhile, in the house, everyone wants to know if there’s a singer in the house. As soon as Anup Jalota enters, everyone starts taking blessings from him.

Jasleen sings Raat Akeli Hai

Jasleen Matharu dedicates Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam to Anup Jalota. Later, Salman Khan asks what song she will dedicate once the light goes off. Jasleen sings Raat Akeli Hai. Salman praises Jasleen’s singing ability.

Guru-student turned lovers

Anup Jalota reveals his jodi is singer Jasleen Matharu. The two reveal their relationship. Jasleen revealed she is in relationship with Anup since three years and this is the first time they have come out about their relationship.

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Eighth contestant

Anup Jalota enters Bigg Boss 12 as the eighth contestant. Anup sings a bhajan on the stage.

Shivashish pleads with Bigg Boss

Shivashish Mishra requests Bigg Boss to let him out of the cabin. Nehha Pendse releases him and he rushes to the washroom.

Nehha, Romil and Nirmal enter Bigg Boss 12 house

Nehha Pendse, Romil Chaudhary and Nirmal Singh enter the Bigg Boss 12 house.

Romil gets top ki salaami

The jodi gets top ki salaami. Romil Chaudhary says policeman Nirmal Singh should get the top. Later, Romil changes his mind saying, “Kanoon ka muh kaala nahi hona chahiye”

Nehha and Salman's fun act

Nehha Pendse requests Salman Khan if she and he can act like neighbours on the stage. Soon, the two got involved in a fun act.

Nehha has not watched Bigg Boss

Nehha Pendse reveals she has never watched the show before. The actor says she was sceptical about the show but  she is doing it for her mother who is a big fan of the show.

Seventh contestant

Contestant no 7 is TV and film actor Nehha Pendse. The actor dances on Stree song.

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Sonakshi-Salman jodi

Shilpa Shinde asks Salman Khan which actress he will take inside the house as a jodi. He takes Sonakshi Sinha’s name.

Romil questions Salman

Romil Chaudhary starts questioning Salman Khan who is standing in the witness box.

Salman teaches Nirmal a film dialogue

Salman Khan teaches Nirmal Singh the Dabangg dialogue “Swagat Nahi karoge humaara”.

Another jodi

Contestant five and six are lawyer Romil Chaudhary and police officer Nirmal Singh.

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Dipika enters Bigg Boss 12 house

Shoaib Ibrahim lifts Dipika Kakar in his arms and drops her till the gate. Dipika enters the house in a traditional way. She greets everyone.

Why did Dipika enter Bigg Boss 12?

Dipika Kakar clarified why she is leaving the new relationship. She says, “Everyone has a responsibility. Me and Shoaib also have some. That’s why we have taken the decision to participate in the show.”

Shoaib Ibrahim is here

Salman Khan calls Shoaib Ibrahim on the stage. He enters the stage and recites a couplet that makes Dipika teary eyed.

Shilpa questions Dipika

Since Dipika Kakar is a perfectionist and systematic in nature, Shilpa Shinde asks her how she will manage in the house. Dipika answers that people do not know a lot about her yet.

Salman makes fun of Dipika

Salman Khan makes fun of Dipika Kakar that she’s ready to leave her new marriage within 6 months. When Salman questions how will she stand out, Dipika said she will try to be herself always and give her opinion.

Fourth contestant

Contestant number four is Sasuraal Simar Ka actor Dipika Kakar Ibrahim. She enters the show dancing on Salman Khan’s song 'Mast Mast Do Nain' from Dabangg.

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Talking about Bigg Boss 12, Viacom18 COO Raj Nayak said, “Bigg Boss is a classic example of disruptive-innovation. The show has not only earned us a loyal audience base over the years but has also earned us rich dividends in terms of our partnerships and alliances. Such is the success story of Bigg Boss that it has hit the right chords in whichever language it has been adapted to. The concept has remarkable potential and through the years we have been able to improvise it with newer themes, elements and faces. The buzz for this season has been overwhelming."