Bigg Boss 12 no eviction trend: What are the makers thinking?

Bigg Boss 12 no eviction trend: What are the makers thinking?

Salman Khan-hosted reality show Bigg Boss 12 will mostly be remembered for its many no eviction weeks.

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Bigg Boss 12 airs every day at 9 pm only on Colors. (Photo: Twitter/biggboss12)

Bigg Boss 12 will mostly be remembered for its no eviction weeks. Earlier when Salman Khan used to announce that no one is going home, fans, as well as housemates, would be elated at the decision. But the frequency of the announcement this season has taken away the thrill.

Last week, thanks to captain Surbhi Rana, four housemates – Dipika Kakar, Deepak Thakur, Jasleen Matharu and Romil Chaudhary got nominated. On the other hand, Bigg Boss Marathi winner Megha Dhade was punished by Bigg Boss for flinging her shoes at Deepak. Fans voted day and night for the five nominated contestants. They were even happily surprised when the voting lines were extended for another day. But their enthusiasm died a slow death when Salman, on Sunday, announced that there would be no eviction. The host also shared that the votes would be carried forward and one among them will get evicted next week.

From then, there has been an outrage over the decision on social media. Fans have been questioning why Megha should bear the brunt of her punishment for another week. Also, a lot has changed over the last seven days, so why the same nominations. This raises the question whether the makers are actually scared of evicting the contestants lest it spoils the drama.

Jokes doing the rounds already suggest that Bigg Boss 12 will have 10 finalists. Honestly, no contestant has emerged as a potential winner till now. Everyone plays a marginal role in the house.


While Sreesanth’s outbursts lead to high viewership, you need a Surbhi Rana or Rohit Suchanti to make him furious. And then you need Dipika Kakar, Romil Chaudhary or Karanvir Bohra to calm him down. Similarly, a Deepak Thakur is necessary to make Megha Dhade lose her sanity. Also, while Deepak eyes Somi Khan, she has her heart set on Romil, leading to an entertaining watch. The only one remaining, Jasleen Matharu not only ups the glam quotient but also adds fuel to every raging fight in the house.

So are the makers scared to disturb the well-set roles of the housemates? Do they fear that they might lose content if any of them goes home? With just four weeks remaining, do they want to encash on all of them till one has to eventually go out? One continues to have such questions and we hope, makers have an answer to it.

The trend of no eviction started in the first week itself when the large-hearted Salman refused to evict anyone so soon. And then in the third week, Anup Jalota was directed to the secret room after his elimination. While many hoped that would add drama, the music maestro took the opportunity to relax and chill in solitude.

As a desperate measure, the following week, Sreesanth was sent to give him company. The former cricketer’s entry in the secret room turned out to be a sixer. He was seen badmouthing his sister Dipika Kakar and pledged to go against her in the game. But all these went in vain when Sreesanth was back to being friends with her as soon as he stepped into the house again.

Fans have also been trolling the show for being partial towards the now non-existent Happy Club. From smart editing, being lenient to even aiding them with advantages, Surbhi Rana, Deepak Thakur, Somi Khan and Romil Chaudhary have been at the receiving end of fans’ ire. Things took a turn for the worse when Salman announced a no-eviction on the week all four were nominated.

For now, let’s all wait and watch who among Dipika, Deepak, Romil, Jasleen and Megha will finally get evicted. Or will there be a twist again? Only time will tell.