Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma’s best friend: He is not shadowing Hina but playing his own game

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Priyank Sharma’s best friend: He is not shadowing Hina but playing his own game

Anubhav Sharma and Priyank Sharma have grown up together in Delhi, and in his absence, Anubhav has been taking care of Priyank's family.

bigg boss 11 priyank bestfriend anubhav sharma
Priyank’s best friend Anubhav Sharma says that Priyank has his own game in the house.

Youth star and a favourite among girls, Priyank Sharma entered Bigg Boss 11 with much anticipation and excitement. Having found his friends Vikas Gupta and Benafsha Soonawala inside the house, things seemed to go in his favour, until he was thrown out of the show after he got into a physical spat with co-contestant Akash Dadlani. Luckily for him, he was called back and from then, he has been playing the game quite smartly having teamed up with television’s most popular bahu Hina Khan. In recent times, it seems that he has become Hina’s shadow, blindly following all her moves. But Priyank’s best friend Anubhav Sharma, who he considers his brother has a different tale to tell. Anubhav and Priyank have grown up together in Delhi, and in his absence, Anubhav has been taking care of Priyank’s family.

Speaking about the buzz that Priyank is playing safe behind Hina, Anubhav said, “I think Priyank has his own point of view from the start of the game. He does spend time with people who he gets connected with. In the initial episodes, we saw him being close to Vikas (Gupta) and now his mentality matches that of Hina but he is not shadowing her at all. It was not Hina who asked him to shave his head off, that was his call. I really wish people would stop judging him and rather appreciate his performance. If ever, Priyank would feel that Hina is wrong somewhere, he will stand against her too. Priyank has been inspiring the youth in his own way and also giving out real goals.”

With the mention of Vikas, we asked Anubhav about his take on Priyank’s sudden animosity towards Vikas, who he considered his close friend. With a calm tone, he averred, “Priyank loves Vikas as an elder brother and they have a bond that is very strong and special. If you remember, Priyank even risked his participation in the house for Vikas in the first week. He has not backstabbed him or gone against him, it’s just that they do not agree with some situations, which is very normal. They both have each other’s back but in a house like that, you also need to play your own game. It’s really easy to pinpoint fingers but those two know what’s best for their relationship.”

The Splitsvilla 10 contestant was also in news, after his connection, Divya Agarwal called off her relationship with him, seeing him getting close to Benafsha Soonawala, and also talking about his ex-girlfriend in the show. Priyank’s friend feels that Divya should have waited for him to come out of the house, before taking such a major step as he said, “What we see on television is just an hour of content edited to entertain the audience. It’s their personal matter but I really felt that Divya should have been a little patient and held on to her relationship.”


Anubhav also spoke about Benafsha and how she was disappointed with Priyank after watching the clips on TV. “When Ben was with Priyank in the house, they had a wonderful bond for she could understand him better. Now, she is watching him as an audience and only seeing what comes on air. So she has formed certain ideas but I wish that she trusts her friend and realises that he is the same boy, it’s just that the situations are different. I am sure Priyank will be really shocked by all these but he is mature enough to handle it all well.”

Talking about Priyank, his bestie added, “He is a very sweet boy in real life and anyone who knows him will only have good things to talk about him. The ones who have been blowing the bagel against him are only doing it for publicity. To tell you honestly, it’s easy to spot dirt on a clean image. That’s what has happened to him. Bigg Boss is a very difficult game and I would want people to just enjoy watching him and once he is out, he will have answers to all your questions.”

Lastly talking about his favourites in the house, Anubhav said, “According to me apart from Priyank, Vikas is doing really great on the show and I also like Hiten. Shilpa Shinde playing really smart as she is garnering all the limelight. And I really think Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani are making the game dirty and I hope they are out real soon.”