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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bigg Boss 11, October 17 preview: Nominations create a rift, housemates to play dirty during luxury budget task

At Bigg Boss 11 house, contestants gear up for ‘jo mud gaya samjho udd gaya’. During the task, Vikas looses his control and pushes Puneesh, which leads to the former's disqualification as captain.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Published: October 17, 2017 8:31:37 pm
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Bigg Boss definitely knows how to keep the drama quotient alive and well in the house. After’s Lucinda Nicholas eviction and the nomination procedure, it would be now time for the contestants to gear up for their next luxury budget task. Titled ‘jo mud gaya samjho udd gaya’ will have the lawn area turned into a junkyard. The task will require the team members to rest their chins on their respective stands while the others target two of each team at one go, and do all they can to ensure that they move their face off the stands’ chinrest.

But even before the task would begin, the house will see some major fights. Akash Dadlani, who would lose his calm after being nominated, will go berserk trying to disrupt the things in the house. He will also target Benafsha Soonawala and call her kaamchor. He would also yell at her and call her names. Taking offence to it, Benafsha would be seen infuriated and bringing the house down. She will also start sweeping the floor for the next few hours and mockingly address Akash as Sir.

On the other hand, Puneesh Sharma will lash out at Vikas Gupta. Seeing that the situation has turned tricky, Bandgi would turn the tables by sulking in a corner and not eating food. Loverboy Puneesh will be seen trying his best to make her smile. Also, Vikas will apologise to Shilpa Shinde for causing her trouble in the house and hug her, in the pretext of a new beginning.

Coming to the task, Bigg Boss will announce that the competition will be between two teams – Vikas and Puneesh. While Vikas’ teammates will take their position on the stand, Puneesh and Akash will start playing dirty. They will be quite rough during the game leaving Vikas and his teammates injured and shaken. During the task, Puneesh would accidentally hurt Vikas and in a fit of anger Vikas will push Puneesh away. Playing smart, Puneesh will go around shouting that Vikas got violent with him. Punishing Vikas for his actions, Bigg Boss will revoke his captaincy and award it to Puneesh. He will also be reprimanded by taking away his rights of becoming a captain again in the house.

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