Bigg Boss 11 November 5 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Contestants reveal their dirty secrets, Dhinchak Pooja faces the axe

Missed last night's Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan? How contestants revealed their secrets on camera to more, read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

Written by A. Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: November 6, 2017 9:28:51 am
bigg boss, bigg boss 11, salman khan, salman, bigg boss latest, bigg boss episode All the highlights from the 35th episode of Bigg Boss 11.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode with Salman Khan? Read all the highlights from the 35th episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors:

10:27 pm: Salman bids goodbye to the audience and reminds them to stay hooked to the channel every night for more gossip and fun.

10:26 pm: Shilpa says Bigg Boss needs contestants who participate in fights while Dhinchak Pooja remained aloof from all the controversies. The housemates bid goodbye to Pooja with her famous track, “Selfie Maine Leli Aaj.”

10:25 pm: Sabyasachi is declared safe. Dhinchak Pooja gets evicted from the show.

10:24 pm: Salman announces Benafsha is safe. Now only Pooja and Sabyasachi are in danger zone.

10:15 pm: Tanisha and Karanvir agree on same name to get advantage of being safe from nominations, Shilpa.

10:14 pm: Sapna, Shilpa and Sabyasachi get most of the votes from the panelists.

10:13 pm: Sabyasachi agrees that he attempted Sex reassignment surgery for the person he was dating once.

10:12 pm: Sapna said that she wanted to study for SI exams because she didn’t want her mother to suffer. She revealed her father passed away during her schooling days and she had the responsibility to take care of the family.

10:11 pm: Benafsha admits to having an anxiety disorder.

10:10 pm: Priyank admits that he was once chucked out of a show within two hours of the episode and the person who chucked him out was Vikas Gupta.

10:09 pm: Dhinchak Pooja says her mom doesn’t let her go out because she has a lot of fan following among guys. Pooja says she doesn’t have experience.

10:08 pm: Shilpa agrees that she lied to her father that she didn’t complete her graduation. She apologises to her father.

10:07 pm: Arshi reveals her 2015 controversy and says whatever statements she had passed during that period was just a joke and nothing else.

10:06 pm: Puneesh reveals a friend had Bandgi as profile picture. And he downloaded it.

10:05 pm: Puneesh says he liked Bandgi before coming to the show. Salman says he is desperate.

9:56 pm: Salman announces that the contestants would reveal their secrets on camera and the one who will manage to reveal the most shocking truth will get the gift of being free from nominations for a week.

9:52 pm: Salman says he loves Shilpa and how she is finding new ways to irritate Vikas while the latter is finding it difficult to get away from the situation. Karanvir says it’s going over the top.

9:50 pm: Karanvir speaks about Shilpa and Vikas’ issue. He says as an actor he feels bad for Shilpa but there should be a reason why she was banned for a year or two by the producer aka Vikas.

9:48 pm: Salman invites Tanishaa Mukerji and Karanvir Bohra onto the stage. The actor reveals the two will give one of the contestant a special power.

9:46 pm: In the last round of Akhada, Priyank makes Akash fall. Priyank wins with maximum points. Salman then announces that Priyank is safe from being evicted this week.

9:45 pm: Second round – Akash and Priyank have to make the other one fall in the mud pit. Priyank falls in the first round, Akash in the second. Finally, in the third round, Priyank wins.

9:43 pm: First round, Priyank and Akash try to pull each other down. Priyank says Akash is Pagal while Akash says I have 27 personalities within himself but is totally entertaining. Priyank says Akash is not even a Dadlani. Priyank says he is inspiring people while Akash is not. Priyank gets more hoots and whistles. He wins round one.

9:40 pm: Vikas and Priyank to fight it out in Sultan Akhada. Later, Salman announces its Akash vs Priyank. Housemates hoot for both the contestants.

9:39 pm: Arshi says Priyank has no balls and that is why he brought matters of the outside world into the house. Akash says Priyanka is plastic, doesn’t have a personality and looks like a girl.

9:36 pm: Shilpa and Hina get into heated argument over cleaning a piece of cloth used in the kitchen, which the former used to clean the bathroom.

9:33 pm: Arshi and Hina get into a heated argument. Salman asks others to vote for the most Aswachh person in the house.

9:32 pm: Arshi makes fun of Hina’s asthma problem. Salman supports Hina and makes Arshi understand that asthma is not something to joke about.

9:29 pm: Salman asks the housemates to call out the Aswachh people in the house. Benafsha, Vikas and Arshi get maximum votes.

9:28 pm: Salman motivates the housemates to become Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan ambassadors.

9:26 pm: Salman gives a tour of the house showing how the housemates are maintaining the house and how clean they are keeping the house.

9:24 pm: Salman declares Bandgi and Sapna safe from eviction.

9:23 pm: Puneesh, Priyank, Shilpa and Hina hold Vikas and get his thigh waxed for the fourth question.

9:22 pm: Salman appreciates Vikas’ sporting spirit. Vikas says it doesn’t hurt that much. Akash says he should get the wax done on the chest.

9:20 pm: Hina and Vikas become the third pair to take up the challenge. Hina celebrates as Vikas is extremely tensed.

9:19 pm: Sapna takes the strip. She applies it on Puneesh’s leg and asks Jallad to pull it off. Puneesh requests to stop the task.

9:18 pm: Salman asks Sapna if she believes she is the reason why the friendship between her and Puneesh went wrong. Sapna says yes and asks Salman if she can wax him.

9:17 pm: Puneesh opts to wax his legs. He starts to cry as others laugh out loud.

9:17 pm: The next to come to perform the task is Sapna and Puneesh. Puneesh begs Salman.

9:16 pm: Jallad also starts laughing. Every contestant points out at him. Salman forgives Akash since he made Jallad smile.

9:16 pm: Salman asks Bandgi to say no and Akash gets waxed for the fourth time. Salman laughs out loud. He tells them to check if Akash’s nipple is in place.

9:15 pm: Akash gets his chest waxed. He screams in pain which makes the entire household laugh out loud.

9:14 pm: If a person gets waxed, the only sound they can make is Aila or Ooima.

9:13 pm: First pair to perform the task is Bandgi and Akash.

9:12 pm: Arshi romances with Jallad. She says, “Kitne pyaare lag rahe hai.” Salman asks Hiten to keep his calm.

9:11 pm: Salman assigns housemates a task. He makes a team of two and asks them to answer questions. If the answer is wrong, the partner would get waxed.

9:08 pm: As the housemates prepare to bid goodbye to Benafsha, Salman comes back on screen and doesn’t reveal if she has been evicted or not. Salman remarks Bidaai ka rehearsal was fun.

9:06 pm: Sabyasachi, Shilpa, Hiten, Sapna, Dhinchak Pooja, Hina, Benafsha and Priyank are nominated for eviction. Salman calls Benafsha’s name. Contestants start to cry.

9:03 pm: Salman Khan enters the stage and tells the audience that today all of us would get to know secrets of the contestants. Whosoever has the best secret will win the chance to win immunity from nominations.

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