Bigg Boss 11 November 14, 2017 full episode written update: Sapna Choudhary, Benafsha Soonawalla and Hina Khan get nominated for eviction

From Bigg Boss nominating Hina Khan for applying makeup on Luv Tyagi's forehead to Vikas Gupta's apology to Shilpa Shinde, here all the highlights from the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11.

Written by Srishty Arora | Mumbai | Updated: November 15, 2017 12:45:47 pm
all the latest updates from Colors' Bigg Boss 11 Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

  • Hina applies makeup on Luv’s forehead and says to Luv “jaa jee le apni zindagi”.
  • Big Boss tells Hina that inspite of Luv’s sacrifice, Hina is nominated for the eviction because she applied makeup on his forehead.
  • Hina screams that she didn’t apply makeup on his head.
  • Arshi removes makeup from Luv’s forehead to prove Hina wrong.
  • Luv applies mehendi on his forehead in anger.
  • Bandgi is lying on Puneesh’s lap and the latter kisses her forehead. Puneesh asks Bandgi if she wants to wash clothes then he will help her.
  • Bandgi brings clothes to washroom. Puneesh goes inside with her and locks door.
  • Puneesh says to Bandgi that they will beat us for that. Bandgi says they won’t accept me now. “I get trapped in your talk. You made me do mistake today,” added Bandgi.
  • Hiten and Akash get into an argument because Akash says that Hiten is enjoying Arshi’s drama. Hiten gets offended. Shilpa and Arshi laughs on their fight and Hiten stops them from laughing.
  • Shilpa gets a call from Big Boss. He puts forward a condition that if Vikas destroys his jacket for Shilpa then Shilpa gets saved from the eviction.
  • Vikas agrees to destroy his jacket and Shilpa cries.
  • Vikas apologises to Shilpa and clears his issue with Shilpa. He says it was his fault that he didn’t take a stand for Shilpa.
  • Vikas offers Shilpa a serial and asks her to promise him that she will be a part of his show.
  • Hina gets upset with Vikas and Shilpa’s relationship and call it a fake story.
  • Benafsha asks Shilpa why did you cry for Vikas Gupta. To which Shilpa replies, “You won’t understand.”
  • Arshi gets nominated and will get saved on one condition if Shilpa destroys her Tiger’s picture which was given by her brother.
  • Shilpa agrees and destroys her picture.
  • Puneesh gets a condition that if Bandgi give up all her clothes then Puneesh will get saved from the eviction.
  • Bandgi accepts the condition and sacrifices her clothes for Puneesh.
  • Bandgi gets a condition if Akash sacrifices his hair for Bandgi.
  • Puneesh convinces Akash to sacrifice his hair.
  • Akash accepts Big Boss’ condition and sacrifices his hair.
  • Big Boss gives Luv a condition if Hina destroys her teddy bear for Luv then he’ll get saved.
  • Hina cries after listening to it. Shilpa and Arshi make fun of her.
  • Hina destroys her toy while crying.
  • Vikas gets a condition if Arshi sacrifices her nighties for him, then he’ll get saved.
  • Arshi sacrifices her nighties to save Vikas from the eviction.
  • Sapna gets a condition if Puneesh wears her clothes till Sunday, then she’ll get saved.
  • Puneesh doesn’t accept Big Boss’ condition.
  • Sapna, Benafsha and Hina get nominated for the eviction.
  • Arshi discusses with Shilpa about Akash. Arshi remarks that Akash said nonsense about her on the show.
  • On seeing Benafsha sleeping with Priyank on the latter’s bed, Puneesh wakes Hiten up and shows him that Benafsha is sleeping with Priyank.

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