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Monday, July 23, 2018

Bigg Boss 11 November 12, 2017 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Sabyasachi Satpathy and Mehjabi Siddiqui bid goodbye to Salman Khan’s show

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: November 13, 2017 7:00:35 am
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Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

10:30 pm: In the preview for tomorrow’s episode, Akash will blame Shilpa and Vikas of planning the entire hatred game from beforehand. Also for the nomination task, housemates will have to sacrifice their precious things to save their friends.

10:28 pm: Salman bids goodbye to the audience saying that they will trouble their mother if they don’t watch Bigg Boss.

10:27 pm: Puneesh, Arshi and Akash join Shilpa. Vikas promises that they will be nice to each other. They decide to let go their past and start afresh.

10:25 pm: Shilpa is crying under the dining table. Vikas goes up to her and consoles her. They share a friendly chat while other housemates smile at their growing friendship. Vikas salutes Shilpa that she is helping out others.

10:24 pm: Priyank apologises to Arshi and takes a promise from her that she will be nice to everyone.

10:23 pm: Sapna is inconsolable and the other housemates also cry. Hina says let’s not fight guys to the housemates.

10:22 pm: After joking around, Salman calls Sabyasachi out.

10:15 pm: He tells Benafsha that she is safe and creates a suspense about the next eviction.

10:14 pm: Salman informs the housemates that there is a double eviction. He tells Benafsha to come out

10:13 pm: Priyank gives his justification and says that he always respects women. The caller also asks Puneesh that he said that he is ready to let go of the task for Bandgi. The caller is on fire pulling up the contestants. Puneesh apologises for taking the responsibility too lightly.

10:10 pm: The Appy Fizz Caller of the Week asks Priyank that whoever insults a woman, he will fight against them. Then why does he disrespect Arshi and also laugh at Hina’s jokes when she bitches about Puneesh-Bandgi’s relationship.

10:09 pm: The housemates congratulate Vikas. Priyank says that Vikas was in pain so he did not fight with all his effort. Aaksh and Shilpa say that they never thought they will celebrate Vikas’ win.

10:06 pm: Vikas-Priyank get into an aggressive fight. Priyank wins the first point, second by Vikas. Priyank falls down and Vikas Gupta wins the challenge. Salman lauds his efforts.

9:57 pm: In the second round, they have to push each other in the mud. It will be a best of three game.

9:55 pm: Vikas gets more whistles and gets one point.

9:54 pm: There will be two rounds – one verbal, the other physical. Vikas and Priyank try their best to outsmart each other.

9:53 pm: The Sultani Akhada will see Priyank and Vikas. Both strip to dress up swiftly in their uniforms.

9:51 pm: Salman is back with the housemates. He asks whether they felt that Mehjabi would go, most housemates say yes. He further jokes that Anaconda Mehjabi was bitten by a snake.

9:50 pm: The actors play a fun game with Salman where he is asked some fun questions. He has to say a yes or no to them. The Dabbang actor is clearly enjoying himself. He mouths some powerful dialogues from his films.

9:48 pm: Salman promotes Entertainment Ki Raat and calls Asha Negi, Mubeen and Balraj on stage. He also asks the audience to download The Rising Star app. He jokes that Tubelight didn’t work even when he requested all to watch it.

9:45 pm: Arshi gives a tearful farewell to Mehjabi.

9:44 pm: Salman says the favourite word for all housemates this season is footage. He directly then calls out Mehjabi out of the house.

9:42 pm: Hina says that she was scared for Sabyasachi and thought that the housemates were playing a game. Salman questions Sapna about her rude behaviour with Vikas.

9:41 pm: Salman questions Hina and Priyank why they did not trust the other housemates during the task. He pulls them up for their act. The housemates also tell that Priyank was behaving really weird.

9:39 pm: Salman tells Aaksh that he is proud of him.

9:39 pm: Salman congratulates Sabyasachi on becoming the captain and says that his task was most peaceful.

9:38 pm: Salman calls the housemates over smart people and tells the audience that two contestants will get evicted tonight.

9:37 pm: Sapna calls Vikas Gupta as Gupti and he gets angry. Their conversation takes an ugly turn and they end up fighting. Vikas walks out saying that he doesn’t need fights to survive.

9:36 pm: Salman offers a sneak peek at what happened in the house after Vidya left. They discuss the questions. Hina and Sapna are quite upset with the questions.

9:34 pm: Vidya leaves the stage and asks the audience to watch her film Tumhari Sulu on November 17.

9:31 pm: Vidya wins the challenge. Salman apes Sulu by moving his hips. The actors wish the kids a Happy Children’s Day.

9:30 pm: The kids then play a round of Bum Charades, a funny version of Dumb Charades.

9:29 pm: Salman, Vidya and the kids dance on Hawa Hawai from Tumhari Sulu.

9:28 pm: Kids from Entertainment Ki Raat are on stage and enact roles of directors. They want to cast Salman and Vidya together. They give the actors a script which is cute and funny. The actors nail the part of school students.

9:26 pm: Vidya is back with Salman. She opines that Hina and Sapna are most moohfats and get angry really soon.

9:25 pm: Vidya lastly dedicates a song for Vikas, “Mere Haal Pe Chhore Do” . She bids adieu and asks the housemates to watch Tumhari Sulu whenever they come out.

9:24 pm: Shilpa is asked why she only likes Akash among all housemates. Shilpa says that he is clean hearted. Vidya says why Shilpa tries becoming everyone’s mother in law.

9:23 pm: Finally Vidya asks Vikas to choose one among Arshi-Hina and Arshi-Priyank. He chooses Arshi over Hina and Priyank. Vikas says he loves Priyank a lot and Arshi is his best friend.

9:20 pm: Sapna is asked why she pretends so much. Shilpa remarks that since Sapna doesn’t do anything, she should go home. Vidya dedicates Naagin song for Sapna and Arshi.

9:19 pm: Shilpa asks Arshi that when will she stop wooing Hiten. Arshi says that she is deeply in love with him and she will never leave him.

9:18 pm: Vikas asks Hiten that when will he say I love you to Arshi. Shilpa asks Hiten to tell qubool hai to her and he says that Arshi is my sister. They dedicate Ek Tara Gharwali Ek Taraf Baharwali for him.

9:15 pm: Hina is further questioned on why she brings class in all her arguments. Hina fumes in anger while Vidya looks clueless. Vidya dedicates the song Lucky Boy to her.

9:14 pm: Vidya asks Hina Khan whether she is calculative in real life? As Shilpa says that Hina takes a lot of time to put make up, Hina shoots back saying that actors do take time and Shilpa has forgotten about it.

9:13 pm: Vidya hosts a show and she asks questions to the housemates. She also dedicates a song to each contestant. Vikas asks Puneesh why does he loves Bandgi so much. He says that because she is the most beautiful person. Bandgi is asked whether she loves Puneesh as much as he does. She shouts out a loud yes. They get the song Koi Nahi Hai Karke Mein dedicated to them.

9:09 pm: Salman takes the audience into the house where Vidya will host a show Bindas Bol with Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde. The two contestants have a gala time pulling the legs of other inmates. Vikas and Shilpa is joined by Vidya and the housemates are excited to hear her voice.

9:07 pm: While greeting the audience, host Salman Khan talks about the eviction and discusses about the nominated contestants. He also gets a call from Sulu aka Vidya Balan, who joins him on stage. Vidya talks about her upcoming film Tumhari Sulu and gives a demonstration of her RJ skills.

9:05 pm: The episode begins with host Salman Khan showing a preview of the excitement in store, include a segment with Vidya Balan.

8:45 pm: Here’s a sneak peek into what might happen today.

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