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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Bigg Boss 11, January 9 preview: Arshi Khan’s mean game to ruffle feathers in the house

Bigg Boss 11, January 9: Will Arshi's mean game create issues in the blooming relationships in the house? Catch the fun episode in tonight's episode.

Written by Sana Farzeen | Mumbai | Updated: January 9, 2018 9:00:41 pm
arshi khan on bigg boss Arshi Khan is back on Bigg Boss.

Before one of the finalists take home the trophy, Bigg Boss 11 will plan an exciting twist in the game and its theme would be ‘mean’. Bigg Boss will summon the housemates in the lawn area and ask them to discuss, deliberate and with ‘aapsi sehmati’ nominate one contestant who has been the meanest in the past three months.

In what would be the shortest discussion ever, the contestants would all mutually agree that Akash Dadlani, is in fact, the meanest contestant. Showing a matured outlook, Akash would also admit that he has been mean and willingly place his own photograph on the board.

And then a surprise will await the gharwale, when on the tunes of ‘Rashke Qamar’ Begum Arshi Khan will make a grand comeback to the house! Welcoming her with a warm embrace, the inmates would be glad to see the original Naagin again in the house.

Bigg Boss will further announce that Arshi is here to test the mean-ness quotient of everyone and will be playing an integral role in the task, titled ‘Arshi Chahti Hai’. As the Sanchalak and judge of the task, she would be armed with a special power that will be revealed upon completion of the task. This task would also give the contestants a chance to get rich quick by winning some ‘dhanraashi.’

In the task, every time the sound of laughter will echo, a new round will begin with a contestant image being put out. The rest of the contestants must think of ways to be mean to this contestant and share their ideas with Arshi, who will select the meanest option for the contestants to perform.

As the first laugher would ring, Shilpa is in the limelight and everyone would jump in with creative ideas to torture her. While Akash and Hina will suggest that they take away her medicine for cold (Vicks), Vikas will want to flush her constipation powder down the drain. Puneesh will further decide to destroy all her footwear and Arshi will give him a go ahead on the same!

Will Arshi’s mean game create issues in the blooming relationships in the house? Catch the fun episode in tonight’s episode.

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