Bigg Boss 11 January 9, 2018 written update: Arshi Khan is back in the house

Bigg Boss 11 January 9, 2018 written update: Vikas and Puneesh find out about Luv’s real number of votes. Luv fooled everyone with his votes. Arshi is back in the house with a task. Everyone has to convince Arshi that they are the meanest contestant.

Written by Srishty Arora | Mumbai | Published: January 10, 2018 7:00:44 am
Bigg BOlss 11 latest episode written updates Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

  • Akash apologises to Shilpa and says he didn’t want to hurt her. Akash adds that he just wants to grab every opportunity to win the show.
  • Akash hugs Shilpa and asks her to forgive him.
  • Akash comes to hug Shilpa. Shilpa doesn’t seem interested and tries to run away from Akash.
  • Shilpa asks Puneesh to warn Akash to be within his limits.
  • Akash gets upset with Shilpa for making him look bad in everyone’s eyes. He says Shilpa is trying to make this a big issue.
  • Vikas tries to calm him by saying stop helping her in making this an issue.
  • Akash says Shilpa tried to molest him by slapping him on his butt.
  • Vikas asks Puneesh to recount Luv’s votes as he didn’t feel Luv got 393 votes.
  • Vikas and Puneesh count Luv’s votes and he got 293. Hina says maybe he miswrote it.
  • Bigg Boss asks housemates to choose the meanest contestant amongst them. Akash gets the title.
  • Bigg Boss raises the room’s curtains and everyone finds Arshi sitting on the bed.
  • Hina says now she doesn’t need to cook as Arshi is back.
  • Everyone feels excited on seeing Arshi. Bigg Boss tells Arshi is a guest and she is here for the task.
  • Everyone has to convince Arshi that they are the meanest of all.
  • Shilpa says Akash is not going to leave Arshi alone.
  • Puneesh tells Shilpa that Arshi will always be biased as she will choose Vikas or Akash.
  • Hina tells Arshi about Shilpa’s changed behaviour and how she behaved with Akash in the morning.
  • Everyone has to convince Arshi that they are the meanest by doing the meanest things to Shilpa.
  • Puneesh wins the first round in which he has to destroy Shilpa’s footwear. Shilpa tries to convince Puneesh and he fails in performing the task.
  • Next is Vikas. Everyone have to convince Arshi against Vikas.
  • Shilpa wins the next round by saying she will destroy Vikas’ t-shirts and jackets.
  • Vikas begs Shilpa not to destroy his jackets as this was his gift. Shilpa gets convinced and gives his clothes back.
  • Vikas tells Hina that it was not his favorite jacket. Vikas adds that he was just trying to prove that Shilpa didn’t take tasks seriously.
  • Arshi and Akash discuss about Shilpa and her performance.

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