Bigg Boss 11 January 8, 2018 full episode written update: Press conference takes place in the house

Bigg Boss 11 January 8, 2018 full episode written update: Shilpa gets upset with everyone calling her unhygienic. Shilpa asks Hina to cook for herself as she is unhygienic. Vikas chooses Hina’s side and Puneesh takes Shilpa’s side.

Written by Srishty Arora | Mumbai | Updated: January 9, 2018 9:11:09 am
Bigg Boss 11 January 8, 2018 full episode written update Bigg Boss 11 January 8, 2018 full episode written update
  • Episode starts with Shilpa saying to Puneesh that she will make Puneesh’s food only, Hina will eat from Akash and Vikas’ food as she is unhygienic.
  • Vikas comes to Hina and says Shilpa keeps talking about her fan following.
  • Aakash tells Hina and Vikas that Shilpa said that she will make food for Puneesh and herself only.
  • Vikas asks Hina and Akash to have a look at Shilpa’s untidy section in luggage room. Hina comes to Shilpa and asks if she cooked anything. Shilpa says nothing as yesterday’s food is remaining.
  • Hina says her stomach gets upset with yesterday’s food.
  • Hina asks Shilpa did she cook something? Shilpa says yes I cooked, I just wanted to show off that I cook.
  • Hina and Shilpa get into an argument.
  • Hina says she is doing this deliberately because she has got votes so she is showing her reality.
  • Shilpa says last week too, she was bickering about tap water used in the food.
  • Shilpa says I am unhygienic? Aakash says you are, have you seen your luggage area? everything is a mess there.
  • Puneesh says he wanted to say that if she is unhygienic then why you are using her cooked food. Vikas says her luggage area is messy, not her food.
  • Hina asks Akash the recipe as she doesn’t know how to cook.
  • Shilpa cries in the washroom area. Puneesh calms her down.
  • Contestants wake up on the song “Baby ko bass pasand hai”.
  • Hina says to Vikas that she competes with everyone for everything, Shilpa knows that she is going to win the show because of her fans so she doesn’t care.
  • Contestants get into the Activity Area where press conference is arranged.
  • First question is for Puneesh and Akash that how do they feel on being in the top five.
  • Reporter asks Hina why she has ego about being a senior in this industry, Shilpa never says that she is in the industry for 15 years?
  • Next question is for Akash about her relationship with Shilpa.
  • Reporter questions about Puneesh’s friendship with others.
  • Reporter asks Shilpa why she never became Captain. Hina and Vikas say she didn’t participate in the task.
  • Next question is for Hina that she feels insecure of Shilpa cooking in the kitchen.
  • Hina says she is not insecure of her. She says if she knows she’ll get this much of votes by working in the kitchen then she would have learned cooking before entering the house.

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