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Sunday, October 17, 2021

Bigg Boss 11 December 31, Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Salman Khan and housemates ring in the New Year amid fun

Bigg Boss 11 December 31, Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Salman Khan asks Vikas, Shilpa and Hina to act for a show. Vikas and Shilpa play the role of a married couple and Hina plays Vikas’s girlfriend.

Written by Srishty Arora | New Delhi |
Updated: December 31, 2017 11:43:21 pm
Bigg Boss 11 host Salman Khan. Bigg Boss 11 December 31, Weekend Ka Vaar: Here’s everything you need to know about tonight’s episode.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

10.24 pm: Salman leaves the stage by wishing new year to everyone.

10.22 pm: Luv and Hina discuss about the resolutions. Hina asks Luv “Am I bossy to you?”

10.21 pm: Hina talks to herself about Shilpa and Vikas getting more votes than her.

10.08 pm: Akash asks Salman “Will he get a chance to sing a rap in his movie?” Salman doesn’t react to him and tries to Avoid Akash.

10.06 pm: Salman asks Puneesh and Luv to get fruit champagne and cake for celebrating new year.

10.04 pm: Akash gets the last award for being the most Fizzy contestant in the house.

10.03 pm: Hina gets the Drama Queen of the house award.

10.01 pm: Salman asks Hina how she was feeling after loosing this award.

10 pm: Vikas gets the “Sarv Gyani Sadasya” award over Hina.

9.58 pm: Akash and Puneesh get the Pagal Premi Jodi award. Salman says it is good that Bandgi has found love outside the house.

9.57 pm: Luv gets the Double Dholki award And everyone gets to see Luv bitching about Hina behind her back.

9.44 pm: Akash gets the second award for being the Most Flipped Person in the house.

9.42 pm: Salman announces the awards ceremony. Akash gets the Most Ladaku contestant award in the house.

9.41 pm: He asks Puneesh why is he so short tempered and asks does he respect Vikas? Puneesh says that he is younger to him. Akash tells Puneesh’s age and Balraaj stops him by saying that he is going to marry a 20-year-old woman, so stop telling his age.

9.38pm: Balraaj teases Hina by saying that he likes only one Khan in the house and that is Salman Khan.

9.37 pm: Balraaj calls Akash to the chair and tells him that he has to answer some questions and he’ll get slapped on every wrong answer. Akash gets slapped twice.

9.35 pm: He asks Vikas about the nick names he gave to Hina.

9.33 pm: Balraaj calls Vikas and Shilpa and asks Vikas why does he cry so much?

9.32 pm: He makes fun of Puneesh’s yellow teeth and Vikas’s belly dance.

9.30 pm: Balraaj fills the Bigg Boss house with entertainment and shows the funny pictures of the contestants.

9.29 pm: He tells the contestants about Virat and Anushka’s wedding.  He makes fun of Hina saying “Ro” to Rocky.

9.27 pm: Balraaj from Entertainment Ki Raat enters the Bigg Boss house.

9.26 pm: Hina’s team wins the game.

9.23 pm: Puneesh gets first from Shilpa’s team and gets saved.

9.22 pm: Contestants have to play Kabaddi. Salman tells the rules of the game.

9.21 pm: Puneesh and Akash sing Akash’s rap for Salman. Salman declares that this is the last match of this year.

9.20 pm: Shilpa takes Puneesh and Luv in her team. Hina chooses Vikas and Akash.

9.19 pm: Salman asks everyone to guess the names for Sultani Akhada. He tells that everyone will have to face each other in the Sultani Akhada. Hina and Shilpa are the captains of two teams.

9:18 pm: Appy caller of the week calls and asks Shilpa why did she say that Vikas will get evicted in the fourteenth week of Bigg Boss. Shilpa says that it was her opinion.

9:16 pm: Salman praises Vikas for his acting and says he gets a lot of calls for acting in the show.

9:15 pm: Salman asks Vikas, Shilpa and Hina to act for a show. Vikas and Shilpa play the role of a married couple and Hina plays Vikas’s girlfriend. Shilpa and Hina fight with each other for Vikas. In the end Hina and Shilpa become lovers.

9:11 pm: Puneesh’s resolution says that he has to stop drinking much.

9:10 pm: Puneesh reads Akash’s resolutions in which it was written that he has to start feeling pain for others.

9:08 pm: Shilpa reads her next resolution which was written by Vikas that she has to stop caring so much about others and starts focusing on herself.

9:06 pm: Shilpa reads her resolution in which it was written that she has to stop getting flip. Salman helps in guessing and it was written by Akash.

9:04 pm: Vikas reads his resolution in which it was written that he is a cry baby and Vikas guesses that it was written by Hina. Salman tells it is wrong assumption.

9:03 pm: Salman asks them to read their resolutions and they have to guess who have written that about them.

9.02 pm: Salman asks Puneesh to bring bottles from the store room and asks them about their resolutions.

9.02 pm: Salman asks everyone who is missing Priyank the most in the house, Salman tells Vikas that everyone who came closer to him gets eliminated from the show.

9.01 pm: Vikas discusses with Hina about the decorations and the party. They all sit together in the garden area and enjoy their drinks.

9pm: Bigg Boss starts with Salman’s performance on his songs. He wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Salman enters the house through Me TV and shows the decorations.

8.45 pm: Here’s a sneak peak of tonight’s episode 

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar airs on Colors at 9pm.

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