Bigg Boss 11 December 24 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Mika Singh performs on Salman Khan’s show

Bigg Boss 11 December 24 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: Mika Singh performs on Salman Khan’s show

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

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Bigg Boss 11 airs on Colors.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

10:26 pm: The Entertainment Ki Raat crew and cast leaves the show and thanks Salman for his support.

10:24 pm: Salman is shown a dubbed footage. The actor is assured a lot of fun but he seemed a bit uninterested.

10:21 pm: Salman says, “I never even want to know because sometimes film don’t work. Like Tubelight did not work.”


10:20 pm: Malishka asks when was the last you were scolded. Salman says, “Everyday I get scold and I take it out on Bigg Boss housemates.” Then he revealed how he never gets messages about collections of a film.

10:17 pm: Salman talks about how Kumar Gaurav and Sunil Shetty have been a help at different situation in his life. The actor also spoke about his first earnings and shocks the audience by revealing that he was paid only Rs 75.

10:16 pm: Salman talks about how his father Salim Khan has helped him to experiment with the kind of roles he does. Salman says he is thankful to his father.

10:15 pm: Malishka and Salman have a conversation. Malishka asks Salman to lift her. The actor says, “Tumhe toh bhagwaan hi uthayega”

10:12 pm: RJ Malishka and Raghu enter the stage and join Salman Khan.

10:11 pm: On the television, a kid mimics Salman and the actor just cannot stop smiling.

10:10 pm: Puneesh asks Salman if he can get something to drink. Salman says have tap water. Salman wishes Merry Christmas to audience and takes leave. In the meanwhile, host of Entertainment Ki Raat turns up and congratulates Salman for a great opening of his film at the theaters.

10:09 pm: Hina gets tensed and starts thinking about the situation. Salman appreciates Akash and later says, “I didn’t mean anything at all.” Housemates take a sigh of relief.

10:07 pm: Salman gives the winner medal to Priyank. Later, both the contestants walk out of the Akhada. Salman asks Luv how does it feel that it’s 13th week and he is still in the house. He asks Hina that he might be the finalist with her and he can take away the trophy.

10:06 pm: Now in the second round, Priyank and Luv have to fight. The round is best of two. Priyank registers first win and now the two are giving tough fight to each other. Priyank clearly wins the fight round.

9:57 pm: Luv gets Shilpa, Puneesh and Akash’s votes. Hence, Luv wins.

9:56 pm: In round one, Luv and Priyank have to give reasons asto why one is better than the other in the game. Luv says Priyank is not a trustworthy friend but Priyank defends himself. Luv says Priyank has shifted his priority but Priyank says he always stands for friends.

9:54 pm: Now, Salman says friendship will turn into competition. He invites two friends into Sultani Akhada. Priyank and Luv will fight it out in the ring.

9:52 pm: Salman tells Hina that someone said that she is similar to Akash Dadlani. Hina sprays on Priyank’s face and he responds saying, “Why do you do such things?”

9:50 pm: Salman tells Hina that somebody said she is “pohuchi hue cheez chalu” type. Hina sprays on Vikas’ face. Shilpa celebrates.

9:38 pm: Salman said someone called Priyank a girl on the basis of his belly dance and bikini. Priyank sprays on the face of Puneesh and Akash.

9:37 pm: Salman reveals another statement against Shilpa. She yet again goes to Vikas and sprays on his face.

9:36 pm: Someone said Shilpa uses the victim card often. Shilpa walks to Vikas and sprays on the face. Salman says it was the right guess.

9:35 pm: Salman asks Shilpa to guess who spoke against her. Shilpa walks up to Hina and sprays. Her guess is right.

9:33 pm: Vikas sprays it on Hina’s face. Salman says Hina didn’t say it.

9:32 pm: Salman will be making the housemates listen to statements made by other housemates. And whosoever they think has said the statement, they have to spray on the face.

9:31 pm: Salman asks Luv to repeat how he mimicked him.

9:30 pm: Mika walks out of the house. Housemates sing New Year song. Salman comes back on stage and interacts with housemates.

9:28 pm: Now Mika sings Gandi Baat song. Housemates shake a leg together on the number. Hina dedicates the song to Akash.

9:27 pm: Mika compliments Luv that he looks like Salman.

9:25 pm: Mika sings Laila Teri song. Puneesh dedicates the song to Shilpa as he thinks she is the mastermind of the game.

9:23 pm: Next song is Main Khiladi Tu Anari. Mika sings the song and invites Shilpa to dedicate the song. She chooses Akash and Puneesh.

9:22 pm: Mika sings koi hero yaha koi zero yaha song and asks Luv to dedicate this song to someone from the House. Luv dedicates it to Vikas.

9:20 pm: Mika gives one gift to Vikas. Mika tells Vikas that he cries a lot. Hina is gifted with almonds to make her memory better. Akash is given pacifier as he is a baby.

9:19 pm: Mika enters the house with a Punjabi Swag. Housemates are excited to meet him.

9:18 pm: Salman asks Jallad to get Santa’s clothes and Mika wears them on. Now, Mika has turned into a Santa. He is sent inside the house.

9:16 pm: Mika guesses first song which is Jag Ghoomeya from Sultan. Next is Oonchi Hai Building. Mika sings it in Anu Malik’s tone and Salman continues the song.

9:15 pm: Salman asks Mika to guess the song through emoticons. They race towards the screen.

9:12 pm: Salman promotes Mika’s new song Ali. Salman sings the number on stage. Salman says Mika’s song reminds him of Daler Mehendi. Mika says his elder brother Daler Mehendi’s essence and teachings would be always with him.

9:11 pm: Mika and Salman make an entry together and perform on Jumme ki Raat from Kick 2. Later, they continue to perform on Aaj Ki Party from Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

9:10 pm: Salman is back on stage. He invites Mika on the stage to perform.

9:09 pm: Luv wins the task with 6 balloons. Akash’s balloon were not completely filled but Priyank was declared the master of the task. Salman makes fun of Priyank and assures that he is getting a job post the show.

9:07 pm: Priyank, Akash and Luv have to fill air in balloons through their bum. While Akash is winning with Shilpa’s help, Luv and Priyank struggle.

9:06 pm: Salman wishes the housemates Merry Christmas. He asks Puneesh, Luv and Priyank to go to the store room. They get three 3 Idiots iconic seats.

9:05 pm: Puneesh says Vikas and Priyank have planned the game quite smartly. Puneesh says what if there is more to this drama. Puneesh calls Priyank Vikas’ bait.

9:04 pm: Hina says she will be friends with Priyank after the show gets over. Priyank tells Vikas that Hina didn’t come and apologise. He add that their real face is revealed.

9:03 pm: Luv Tyagi and Hina Khan discuss that they won’t maintain their friendship with Priyank Sharma anymore.

9 pm: Salman Khan enters the stage with Swag Se Swagat. He wishes the audience a Merry Christmas. Salman says we know that your celebration is incomplete without us. He takes the audience inside the house to show footage of what happened after Arshi Khan left.


8:45 pm: Here is a sneak peek at tonight’s episode: