Bigg Boss 11 December 21, 2017 written update: Akash, Arshi and Vikas enter kaalkothri

Bigg Boss 11 December 21, 2017 written update: Priyank and Hina fight over Vikas. Hina tries to pull Vikas’ leg. Vikas cries and says he is the ugliest in the house. Priyank tells Hina that he is dead to her.

Written by Srishty Arora | Mumbai | Published: December 22, 2017 9:15:11 am
Bigg Boss 11 December 21, 2017 written update Here are all the highlights from the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11.

Missed last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode? Read all the highlights from the latest episode of India’s most controversial reality show aired on Colors.

Bigg Boss starts with Shilpa’s egg. Hina, Vikas, Luv and Puneesh try to save Shilpa’s egg.

Vikas tries to convince Arshi to let Shilpa be the contender for captaincy.

Akash keeps on provoking Arshi to destroy Shilpa’s egg.

Arshi follows Vikas and goes inside the house with him.

Shilpa’s egg gets saved.

Next egg is of Luv. Hina, Vikas Priyank try to save Luv’s egg. Luv’s egg gets saved.

Hina and Luv discuss about Priyank’s closeness with Vikas.

Vikas tells Priyank that Shilpa is behaving differently with him after Hiten. He says that Shilpa likes to play the role of victim.

Akash tells Puneesh that Priyank was sleeping with Vikas for the contendership.

Akash and Puneesh make fun of Priyank that he looks like a girl.

Vikas shares his feelings with Priyank that he is scared of him leaving the show and he doesn’t trust Luv at all.

Luv says to Shilpa that something is cooking between Priyank and Vikas.

Priyank tells Hina she doesn’t have time for her friends, to which Hina replies not to mess with her over this. Hina asks Priyank to make some time for his old friends.

Vikas comes all dressed up in shirt and pants. Hina makes fun of Vikas and asks him if he is going for some interview or if someone is coming to see him.

Puneesh also asks Vikas if anyone is coming to see him.

Akash remarks that if someone will come, she is not going to choose Vikas.

Vikas gets frustrated and tells Hina not to make fun of his clothes.

Vikas and Hina get into an argument.

Priyank tries to stop Hina from pulling Vikas’s leg and tells Hina that he is not emotionally stable right now.

Hina asks Priyank not to stop her as she doesn’t know he is not emotionally well.

Hina calls Vikas a Cry Baby.

Vikas goes to the washroom for changing his clothes and cries.

Vikas tells Puneesh he knows that he is not good looking so he tries to look good with the clothes.

Priyank asks Luv to tell Hina not to come to him for solving anything.

Vikas says while crying that Hina always makes fun of his clothes and he started feeling that he is the ugliest in the house.

Hina says she is not going to make fun of him now when she knows that he is depressed.

Luv tries to explain to Hina that she was wrong. Hina tells Luv that Priyank should have stopped Vikas from making this a big issue.

Akash makes fun of Vikas by saying he is in depression.

Bigg Boss asks housemates to give names for the jail.

Akash convinces everyone to nominate him and everyone agrees with him.

Next name is of Vikas.

Vikas gives Hina’s name for jumping on him.

Hina argues with Vikas for taking her name. Priyank takes Vikas’ side and Hina gets upset with Priyank.

Priyank and Hina fight with each other over Vikas. Priyank say that he is dead to Hina.

Luv tries to make Priyank understand that he has to choose between Vikas and Hina.

Priyank tells Luv that no one has the right to tell him to choose his friends and he is unable to differentiate between Hina and Akash after today’s incident.

Puneesh suggests Akash to trouble Arshi in the jail and take revenge from her.

Bigg Boss asks Shilpa the decision. Akash, Arshi and Vikas get the punishment of jail.

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