Before Bigg Boss 12, here are nine best moments from last season

Before Bigg Boss 12, here are nine best moments from last season

Bigg Boss: From Puneesh-Bandgi's romance to family reunion and Shilpa Shinde emerging as the winner, Bigg Boss 11 was an emotional roller coaster.

bigg boss 11
Bigg Boss 11 was a roller coaster ride for the contestants as well as the audience.

All Bigg Boss fans are in for a delight from Sunday with Bigg Boss returning with its 12th season. But before that we take a look back at the previous season of the show. Bigg Boss 11 was an entertaining season owing to its perfect casting of the housemates. Each one differed from the other in personality, leading to a lot of fireworks. The celebs along with the commoners did not shy away from showing their real face and emotions on camera. Also, Bigg Boss 11 was a season of unexpectedness as every day, people and relationships changed. Here’s a lookback at the best moments of Bigg Boss 11.

Shilpa Shinde lifting the winner trophy

Shilpa Shinde bigg boss 11 winner

After being tagged as ‘kitchen queen’ and ‘Maa’ by her fellow housemates, and even facing flak for being a non-performer, Shilpa held her ground and made her way to emerge as the winner of Bigg Boss 11. She defeated Hina Khan (second), Vikas Gupta (third) and Puneesh Sharma (fourth) to lift the trophy and even take home Rs 44 lakh. This was surely the best moment for not just her fans but even the general Bigg Boss viewers who always appreciated Shilpa for her patience and maturity on the show.

Puneesh-Bandgi’s love on camera

Puneesh and Bandgi Bigg Boss 11

Every season of Bigg Boss gives the audience a good dose of romance. Although Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra started their love affair for the cameras, it slowly turned into genuine feelings. But their chemistry with the camera remained until the end. Along with the housemates, the viewers too had to witness their continuous cosy moments. The couple, high on love, crossed all boundaries and never left a chance to steal a kiss or two from each other. Their quickie sessions in the bathroom not only raised eyebrows.

Rise of Arshi Khan, fall of Priyank Sharma

arshi khan in bigg boss

Known to be always in news for the wrong reasons, Bigg Boss 11 showcased Arshi in a positive light and gave her a chance to change her bold and controversial image. She might have been abusive during fights but she was an entertainer and a true friend. Her Urdu dialect, adaayein and her constant cute flirting with Hiten Tejwani won hearts. On the other hand, Priyank Sharma, who made his mark as a youth icon, showcased a different side. From body shaming women to being camera hungry, Priyank was also accused of playing with women’s hearts for the sake of the game. The entry of his ex-girlfriend added the last nail to his coffin. Luckily for him, even after his character assassination, his fans continue to back him.


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Hiten Tejwani’s eviction

bigg boss 11 hiten tejwani

One of the most shocking moments in the season was when television’s popular face Hiten Tejwani had to face the axe of eviction. Being in the bottom two with Priyank, in the history of Bigg Boss, for the first time, housemates together voted one contestant out. Hiten was a mature player, who did not get involved in unnecessary fights and drama, which led to others feel that he was not involved in the game. Shilpa, who was supported by Hiten, shockingly voted against him, stating that he was a strong player. Only recently did she mention on camera that she wanted Vikas-Hiten-Arshi’s trio to break apart.

Akash Dadlani’s rap songs

akash dadlani bigg boss

This was the first time that a song was composed for the show by the contestants. Akash, though a bit annoying, is definitely very talented. His “Yeh Bigg Boss Ka Ghar Hai” rap song has become an anthem for the show. Also, his “Bang Bang” and “Salman Bhai” songs are on lips of every viewer.

Hina’s love proclamation

bigg boss 11 hina khan

Television’s favourite bahu Hina tried her best to keep her relationship with Rocky Jaiswal under wraps for long. With distance keeping them apart, they couldn’t hold their emotions when Ro, as she fondly calls him, entered the mansion. For the first time, the two proclaimed their love publicly without any fear.

Sultani Akhada

salman khan, bigg boss 11, akash dadlani, priyank sharma

Bigg Boss 11 also introduced the Sultani Akhada where Salman got two contestants to fight every weekend. The war field saw some of the biggest showdowns. Be it Arshi punching down Hina, to the well-built Priyank losing to mastermind Vikas, a lot of drama bloomed on the ground. Salman even walked off after being put off by Akash’s attitude. Every week, contestants were eager to go to the akhada and meet Salman and prove their point against their opponents. The winning medal also became a cherished memento for all.

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Bigg Boss was the real boss

Bigg Boss 11

This is the first time that the contestants were left with zero prize money till the last week of the show. During one of the captaincy tasks, all contestants following Hina’s suggestion cheated during the dark of the night, leading Bigg Boss to cancel the entire prize money, leaving everyone in shock. Bigg Boss also took the housemates for a surprise when he nominated all contestants (except Hina) after they were caught on camera discussing nominations.

Emotional family reunions

bigg boss 11 family visit videos

Every year Bigg Boss gives a chance to the housemates to meet their families and it turns out to be the highlight of each season. Emotions run high as contestants greet their loved ones after weeks of staying away. Be it Hiten breaking down seeing his wife Gauri or Priyank and Luv weeping like kids seeing their mothers, the episodes will always remain close to our hearts. Realising that emotions always has an upper hand in the game, Bigg Boss welcomed the families twice this season.


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