Bandgi Kalra on Bigg Boss 12: I feel sad that someone else will live in that house

Bandgi Kalra on Bigg Boss 12: I feel sad that someone else will live in that house

Bigg Boss 11 contestant Bandgi Kalra on the upcoming season of Salman Khan’s show, tips for contestants and many more things.

bigg boss 11 evicted contestant Bandgi Kalra
Bandgi Kalra was last seen in Bigg Boss 11.

Bigg Boss 12 is all set to air from September 16. Before the premiere episode, ex-Bigg Boss contestant Bandgi Kalra recalls her stay at the home during season 11.

Here are excerpts from the interview:

Q. What are you expecting out of Bigg Boss 12?

I was never a committed viewer of the show before being a contestant. I used to watch Weekend Ka Vaar episodes for Salman Khan. After coming back from the show, I watched last two seasons of Bigg Boss. It was so interesting that I was glued to the screen. As per what I have heard and the responses we have received post the show, Bigg Boss 11 was a super hit. So, the makers and the contestant have a task to match up to the benchmark we created.

The bar is high. I am very excited for the new season. I just cannot believe that it’s been a year to my season. It still feels real. I feel so connected that I’m sure when I will watch season 12, I will be jealous that why there are unknown people in my house. Two days back only, I was telling Puneesh how weird it is going to be for us to see someone else appearing on Bigg Boss. It was our place! That’s the feeling we have.

Q. You and Puneesh became a couple in Bigg Boss 11. If you are asked to participate again, will you and why?


I think they got the idea from us. They must have thought – this jodi became a hit, so we should try a jodi season.

I don’t think I will participate. I guess I’ve done what I had to. I will love to revisit by making a guest appearance to live my moments again. But not to stay or compete. Bigg Boss is not an easy journey. It’s difficult and happy. It gives you every experience in just three months.

Q. Do you think you would have performed better in this season as you have Puneesh along?

We do not know the kind of contestants who will be part of the show. So, until they do not reveal, it will be difficult to say anything on this. I also believe, it’s on a contestant too.

Q. How has life changed after Bigg Boss?

Life has turned upside down. Earlier, I would go anywhere the way I would want to and be what I want to be like. But now, every move is noticed and clicked. So, now being a public figure, you have to consider things. I wanted this. I like it.

Q. As a commoner, do you think contestants have an advantage as they do not have to be conscious about image?

I don’t think anyone has an advantage. Celebs have a baggage to keep up their image. A commoner enters the show to make a name in the industry and among the audience. So, if you create a negative image of yourself on the show, you cannot live life the way you wanted to.

Q. Do you have any tips for contestants?

Just be yourself because no game plan can work inside the house. You cannot plan because you are under surveillance 24/7. Do whatever the situation is asking you to do.

If you are aiming to win, then give your hundred percent. If you’re there for an experience, make the most of every moment.

Q. Any message for Salman Khan?

I love you and thank you for supporting us so much.