Anusha Dandekar on Karan Kundrra’s ex Kritika: They were everybody’s love

Anusha Dandekar on Karan Kundrra’s ex Kritika: They were everybody’s love

Recently, Karan Kundrra and his girlfriend Anusha Dandekar had come on MTV Troll Police where they spoke about Karan's relationship with Kritika.

karan kundrra kritika kamra
Kritika Kamra was on a chat show where she spoke about Karan Kundrra.

Karan Kundrra and Kritika Kamra were quite famous when the two appeared in the show titled, Kitnai Mohabbat Hai. Both the actors eventually fell in love with each other and went on to date for quite a while. During their relationship and their on-screen presence, the two managed to make such a strong fan following that these fans just could not get over their chemistry even after a decade of their relationship coming to an end. Recently, Karan and his present girlfriend Anusha Dandekar through MTV Troll Police came out in public about how the trolls were affecting their personal equation as the fans were accusing Anusha for Karan and Kritika’s break-up. But now, Kritika herself seemed to have given a wake-up call to her and Karan’s fans.

Recently, Kritika appeared with Karan Wahi on Ira Dubey’s chat show called A Table for Two. During the show, Kritika was asked who would she like to kill, marry or hook up, between Karan Kundrra, Karan Wahi and Karan Johar. The actor clearly stated, “I would kill Karan Kundrra because I can’t marry or hook up with him” and chose to marry Karan Johar.

Stating her reason to marry Karan Johar, the actor quipped, ” I can’t hook up with Karan Johar, so I will marry him. He has two beautiful kids and I will have to do nothing. Just take care of the kids.” Later she also told Karan Wahi that, “I’m really sorry but we may have to hook up.” Listening to this Karan Wahi responded saying that, “Our form of hook up will be talking about other men and women.”

Meanwhile, Anusha and Karan, who started dating two years ago, appeared on the show this weekend.

Anusha said the trollers want her to break up with Karan, “Every morning I read at least 50 hate comments saying you aren’t cultured or aren’t good. I can’t even say the things. Though my Hindi isn’t great, I do understand the things they say in Hindi. Trolls want us to break up because they love Kritika (his former girlfriend) and Karan together. They were in a TV show. They looked great. They were everybody’s love.”