Alka Yagnik: Parents shouldn’t push their kids into winning reality shows

Alka Yagnik: Parents shouldn’t push their kids into winning reality shows

Alka Yagnik will be back on television as the judge of kids' singing reality show Superstar Singer. The show will air every weekend at 8 pm on Sony TV.

Alka Yagnik
Alka Yagnik will be seen next on Sony TV’s Superstar Singer. (Photo: Alka Yagnik/Facebook)

One of the most popular 90s singers, Alka Yagnik will be back on television as the judge of Superstar Singer. The kids’ singing reality show will also see Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Ali joining Alka on the judges’ panel while Jay Bhanushali will be the host. The contestants would be divided into four groups, each being coached by former reality show finds Salman Ali, Nitin Kumar, Sachin Valmiki and Jyotica Tangri.

At the launch of the show, Alka sat down with a group of journalists to talk about the show and if it really helps young kids find a way ahead. Sharing that it indeed helps find talent from all parts of the world, she said, “It’s a great platform to find talent even from the interiors and remote areas. They have no other way but through this stage, they can reach the world. However, I must add that reality shows do not make a career but it gives the best exposure. It’s only your hard work and perseverance that will take you ahead. So, one shouldn’t pick it up as a guarantee for success rather a means to showcase your talent.”

The rise in the number of kids’ reality shows may introduce new talent but it’s alarming to see such young kids competing on a national level. When asked about the same, the celebrated singer said, “It all boils down to how parents treat the competition. It shouldn’t become a matter of life and death. The platform is definitely a healthy way to enjoy, learn and gain experience. But parents shouldn’t push their kids into winning it. That’s when they get pressurised. This should be taken only as a journey to better their craft and gain knowledge. Also, I always advocate for education as that’s very important apart from singing lessons.”

The sob stories of contestants and the gimmicks on these shows also garner a lot of criticism. Defending it, Alka Yagnik said, “Contestants just coming on the stage and singing will make it a little serious. These elements only add fun and make it a family entertainment for the audience. I am also a fun person and if these elements are in decent limits, I quite enjoy it. Also, I like playing pranks and with kids around, we can have a lot of fun. Their energies are so positive that it brings out the child in you.”


Recently the I&B Ministry had sent out an advisory to all channels regarding the inappropriate dance moves by kids in dance reality shows. Agreeing with the directive, she said, “I think that should always be kept in mind. Dance songs do have a certain naughtiness but it should be in limits and not projected in an indecent way.”

Many celebrities still shy away from being on television but Alka Yagnik has found her reasons to be on the show. She shared, “I have always been a camera-shy person. But with media all around and the paparazzi, I think I have got used to it. Also, I don’t do reality shows to be on TV but because I love being around kids. That’s my reason to do Superstar Singer.”

When asked what has been keeping her away from singing, Alka Yagnik said, “You mean Bollywood? Well, that’s not the only means to sing today, there are more avenues. I am doing live shows, concerts and constantly traveling worldwide that I get tired of singing. As for films, once in a while when I get my type of song, I do it. Most of the songs made today are not my type. If the yesteryear melodies come back, maybe you will hear me sing more.”

Starting June 29, Superstar Singer will air every weekend at 8 pm on Sony TV.