WATCH: Ex-contestant Oviya says she will not return to Bigg Boss Tamil

WATCH: Ex-contestant Oviya says she will not return to Bigg Boss Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil ex-contestant Oviya posts her first YouTube video in which she talks about the show, the contestants who cornered her, her love for Aarav and her recent change in hairstyle. She also requested her fans not to corner Julie and Shakti, two of the contestants who were evicted recently for their behaviour inside the house.

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Bigg Boss Tamil ex-contestant Oviya says that she still believes in her love for Aarav, who is currently a contestant on the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil became a hit among television audience and one of the main reasons happened to be it’s contestant, Oviya. From her “Neenga Shut up panreengala” to her attitude on the show, she won the hearts of viewers. After her dramatic exit out of the house, fans, who have come to call themselves ‘Oviya Army’, were wondering if she would return to the show as wild card entry. However, the star took to her social media account to post a video where she said that she will not return to the show as a contestant. Not just this, she also spoke about all the speculations that surround her and Aarav, her new hair cut, Julie and Shakti.

Oviya explained that she believes in love, and that her’s is a true love. The former Bigg Boss Tamil contestant also said that she knows people might wonder why she is still stuck on Aarav, but she said that she will get her love back. Regarding the recent evictions from the house – Julie and Shakti – two contestants who cornered Oviya inside the house, she requested her fans not to corner the contestants. She said, “I know how it feels to be cornered, and I do not want my fans to do the same to either Julie or Shakti. As humans, we all tend to make mistakes and I am no exception. I am not perfect either, so please don’t corner them. In fact, I do not want fans who corner contestants like that.”

She also said that she enjoyed some time off, visited Varkala (Kerala) and is currently in Cochin. She explained that her hair cut was not part of any treatment, but it was for a wig brand that approached her to be a part of their endeavour to empower cancer patients. Oviya said that she understands how the patients feel when they start to lose hair, as her mother too fought cancer. She showed off her hair cut and stressed the fact that she loves it a lot and is happy to be a part of something like this.

She concluded by telling her fans to look forward to seeing her on the silver screen. Her not coming back as a contestant might break her fans’ hearts but it looks like she is dead-set on her decision. This video was posted through one of her Twitter accounts and has since gone viral.