Thala Ajith’s silver jubilee: 5 reasons why Vivegam star will dominate next 25 years in Tamil cinema

Thala Ajith, who is awaiting the release of Vivegam, on Thursday completed 25 years in the Tamil film industry. His upcoming spy-thriller is the most expensive film in his career and is directed by Siva, who delivered two blockbusters with the actor in the past.

Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Updated: August 3, 2017 4:29:51 pm

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August 3, 2017, marks the silver jubilee of Thala Ajith’s acting career in Tamil film industry. On the same day in 1992, the Vivegam actor signed Amaravathi, which was his debut film as a leading man in Tamil.

During the early days of his career, Ajith simultaneously pursued his career in acting and his passion for auto racing. However, serious injuries that were caused during a training session, forced him to just focus on his film career. After 1995 film Aasai, Ajith soon became the most-sought-after actor to play romantic roles in Tamil cinema.

He had his own share of ups and downs in his film career. At one stretch in his career, his films repeatedly were met with poor reception at the box office. It seemed like his glory days as a leading man in Tamil cinema was over. However, he made a solid comeback with blockbusters and has re-established his stardom.

Here are the five reasons why he will dominate the next 25 years in Tamil cinema.

1) Ajith has carved a separate path for himself in the film industry. Unlike his peers, he does not do extensive film promotions or even hold press meets to talk about his films. Ajith’s elusiveness only adds more layers to his ever-growing popularity. The only place his fans worldwide get to see him is on the big screen and maybe that’s the reason why his movies record massive openings.

2)Ajith is rather the first leading star of his stature in the Indian film industry to embrace his age. While film stars much older to him were still busy playing fresh-out-of-college roles, Ajith started acting his age on the big screen and even refused to colour his hair. He made sporting grey hair the new sexy.
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3) Ajith is a living embodiment of resilience. He has undergone a lot of surgeries. In 2015, before starting to shoot for his film Vivegam, he underwent surgeries. The upcoming spy-thriller required the actor to do a lot of stunt sequences. He was reportedly on crutches when director Siva narrated Vivegam script to him, But, still, he signed up for it. He recovered from the surgeries, built a new physique for his role and performed action sequences. Now, that’s inspiring.

4) One of Ajith’s most talked-about qualities is his humility. The actor never misses an opportunity to express his gratitude or appreciation towards his fellow human beings. Irrespective of the heights he has scaled, he remains grounded. And a simple Google search will show you several testimonies to his humility from the who’s who of Indian film industry.

5) The most important aspect of Ajith’s stardom is his fans. In 2011 on his 40th birthday, he decided to dissolve all his fan clubs because some of the members were misusing his name to collect funds. But, that didn’t stop them from celebrating him and his films. It won’t be wrong to say he is only among a handful of celebrities of Tamil cinema that enjoys such a loyal fan following.

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