Suchitra Twitter leaks: Dhanush sister says it’s act of revenge, reveals family in pain

Suchitra Twitter leaks: Actor Dhanush's sister Vimala Geetha has issued an emotional statement on the recent 'character assassination' attempt on her brother. She later deactivated her social media accounts.

By: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Updated: March 7, 2017 12:20:22 pm

suchitra, suchitra leaks, dhanush, dhanush sister, dhanush image While Dhanush is yet to react to Suchitra leaking his intimate images and even claims of sexual assault, his sister Vimala Geetha penned an emotional note minutes before deactivating her social media account. (File photo)

The tweets from singer and RJ Suchitra’s handle has caused a huge amount of tension in the film industry and in the families of the celebrities in question. Before she deactivated her Twitter account, Suchitra leaked intimate images and videos of many celebs including Dhanush, Anirudh Ravichander and Chinmayi among others. She later claimed her account had been hacked while her husband Karthik said she was going through a tough emotional phase. While Dhanush has kept quiet, his sister Vimala Geetha has issued an emotional statement on the recent “character assassination” attempt on her brother, before deactivating her Facebook and Twitter accounts temporarily.

Vimala, a dentist by profession, has said that her family did not become famous and rich overnight and it was a result of years of struggles and hard work. “For the past few months our family is going through so much pain and agony because of various issues and we all kept quiet. We belong to a very poor family and one man with his hard work and sacrifice gave us food education and everything we have now.. from a small village in theni to what we r now didn’t come overnight or without sacrifice.. my brothers faced criticism embarrassment insults etc etc to reach this level.. god knows what kind of values we were taught and what kind of life we lead..,” she said.

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A slew of posts shared on Suchitra’s Twitter account has made some serious allegations ranging from the exploitation of female actors to rape. against Dhanush The actor’s brother Selvaraghavan’s name has also figured in the scandal. “…yes.. Dhanush is a huge star today and he deserves that for the time effort and hard work he did.. but success comes with a price I guess.. act of revenge in all ways possible.. character assassination in every media possible.. is this what an actor who tortures himself so much to entertain his fans and people of tamilnadu deserves..,” she rued.

Dhanush is also embroiled in a legal battle over his lineage as an elderly couple from Madurai has claimed to be his biological parents, and moved the court seeking a monthly maintenance of Rs 65,000. “…twitter has become a media where anyone can talk anything or post anything.. and its disheartening to see cheap fake porn videos in a media where even a twelve year old have accounts!!! And the worst thing is the number of people who ask for such perverted videos!!! Our family has seen a lot.. whatever comes .. we will stay united and fight…,” Vimala said.

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“With great pain and frustration I leave fb and twitter for a while… not in a state to talk to anyone or see anyone… whoever is doing this!!! Stop it… u cannot bring back someone if they go to the extent of killing themselves, particularly women.. Pls live and LET LIVE… god bless and goodbye for a while,” she said. However, Dhanush has chosen not to react to the controversies surrounding him.

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The scandalous posts on Suchitra’s Twitter handle, which now has been taken down, have accused popular actors, director and producers of seeking sexual favours from female actors. Selvaraghavan slammed the accusations and said he refrained from suing Suchitra because of her husband Karthik Kumar, who told the affected actors that his wife was acting under a mental stress. “My friends. I was about to give police complaint but I love and respect her husband @evamkarthik,” Dhanush’s brother Selvaraghavan posted on his Twitter page.

Meanwhile, Karthik, Suchitra’s husband, said in a video, “This is an overwhelming kind of support and understanding that has been pouring in with respect to twitter updates in Suchi’s handle. The people who’ve been mentioned in it in a not-so-positive way have actually reached out to me seeking and clarifying and understanding and trying to understand the situation. And I had the honesty to tell them that it is indicative of a certain emotional state that Suchi has been going through; that we all as a family are trying to understand better and better, to address. And in that process, there are some emotional outbursts that have happened, which have, as we see very little factual basis. I really value their understanding… if this were to happen to somebody in your family, I wish you also get the same love, understanding and care that I am receiving right now from the people who are hurt by it the most. They realise there is nothing personal and it is indicative of a certain emotional state. I request the press not to go to town with this… and not take any of the facts seriously… they’re not facts… they’re not to be taken for what they are… we should understand the situation better… treat Suchi like you would treat your own family member.. thank you for giving my family the benefit of doubt.”

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