Seethakaathi trailer: Vijay Sethupathi plays an ageing superstar

Seethakaathi trailer: Vijay Sethupathi plays an ageing superstar

Directed by Balaji Tharaneetharan, Seethakaathi stars Vijay Sethupathi, Archana, Mahendran, Rajkumar, Bagavathi Perumal, Ramya Nambeesan, Bharathiraja and Ram among others.

Seethakaathi movie
Seethakaathi will hit screens on December 20.

Judging from the trailer of Seethakaathi which was released on Wednesday, Vijay Sethupathi seems to have landed the role of a lifetime. The 40-year-old actor plays an artiste twice his age and he looks so convincing in the character.

According to the trailer, Seethakaathi tells the story of an ageing superstar of the Tamil film industry. The conflict begins when he suddenly decides to quit acting, leaving filmmakers who hired him in a lurch. It feels like a meta-film that presents an insider view of a film industry that expects an 80-something actor to play the dual role of father and son.

Director Balaji Tharaneetharan, who made Vijay Sethupathi a household name among Tamil movie lovers with Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom (2012), has written and directed Seethakaathi. He has also cast leading filmmakers of Tamil cinema, including acclaimed directors Bharathiraja and Ram in the film. Seasoned actor-screenwriter T. S. B. K. Moulee has also played a key role in Seethakaathi.

Going by the trailer, Seethakaathi seems to explore the emotional landscape of a successful actor, who is pursued to play certain characters in films irrespective of his consent.


Vijay Sethupathi’s character is called Ayya, a respectful term for the elderly. We never hear him speak a word in the trailer. Instead, we see an image of a successful man, who has seemingly become a prisoner in his own success story.

The film also stars Archana, Mahendran, Rajkumar, Bagavathi Perumal and Ramya Nambeesan in important roles.

Seethakaathi will open in cinemas on December 20.