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Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Ranarangam, Evaru and Comali review and release LIVE UPDATES: Regina Cassandra film is ‘engaging’

Ranarangam, Evaru and Comali review and release live updates: Here's what celebrities, critics and fans are saying about the Telugu and Tamil releases of the week.

By: Entertainment Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 15, 2019 4:00:15 pm
Ranarangam, Evaru and Comali release Three films will clash at the South Indian box office this Independence Day.

The South Indian film industry is offering a mixed bag this weekend. From humour to action to thrill, there’s something for everyone. While Tamil film Comali is an out-and-out comedy, Telugu offerings Ranarangam and Evaru are set to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Ranarangam, starring Sharwanand, seems like an intense crime thriller, which has a liberal dose of violence. Another unmissable aspect of the film is director Sudheer Varma’s commitment to recreating the 80s ambience. The gangster drama follows the rise and rise of bootlegger Deva, and also stars Kalyani Priyadarshan as Sharwanand’s on-screen love interest in the 80s portion of the film, while Kajal Aggarwal plays the present-day lover. Actors Murli Sharma and Subbaraju also play pivotal parts.

The second Telugu release Evaru is the remake of Spanish film The Invisible Guest (2017) and stars Adivi Sesh and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles. Going by its trailer, the Venkat Ramji directorial revolves around a corrupt cop named Vikram Vasudev who is entrusted with the investigation into a murder committed by Regina’s character. On the surface, it looks like a murder in self-defense. However, there is more to what meets the eye here.

Giving tough competition to these Telugu films is Tamil movie Comali. This is Jayam Ravi’s 24th flick. Directed by Pradeep Ranganathan, it also stars Kajal Aggarwal. Comali has Jayam Ravi playing a man who has woken up after a 16-year long coma. He is confused and finds it difficult to adapt to all the changes around him. Yogi Babu plays the role of a faithful friend who helps Ravi navigate this new world. The film also has KS Ravikumar playing a mean politician.

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    16:00 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Ranarangam 'a decent entertainer'

    Surya Sundar, a film enthusiast saw Ranarangam and summed up what seems to be the overwhelming opinion about the film, tweeting "#Ranarangam- A Stylish Gangster Drama. Plus Point- Mindblowing Performances by every character, Slick BGM, Intense Dialogues, & Stunning Cinematography, brilliant screenplay. Minus Point- Dragging Second Half & Routine Story. Final Verdict- A Decent Entertainer." 

    15:40 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Evaru 'phenomenal'

    Surmising most reactions to Evaru, twitter user Saiprakash VK tweeted "What a phenomenal!! Suspense thriller!!movie "#Evaru" is!!!. Rocking performance by @AdiviSesh. It's a hatrick for @AdiviSesh . Wonderful acting by @ReginaCassandra . Congratulations to whole #Evaru team. It's gonna be one of the best movie in his career. @ramjivv @PVPCinema"

    15:20 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    'House full and 100 extra chairs' at Comali matinee

    "This s the real report of #Comali. Theatre - Hosur Balaji. Matinee show House full & 100 plus extra chairs. Thanks to all #ComaliReview. This s what I want for my Hero @actor_jayamravi Anna ❤️ I can only feel that goosebumps when he wins each n every time" tweeted moviegoer Shiyam Jack amidst full house shows for Comali.

    15:00 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Ranarangam is 'above average'

    After watching the movie, twitter user Pavan Rao tweeted saying "First half : - gripping. Second half : - okay. Plus points : - Taking, Cinematography,  Sharwan and Priyadharshini. Drawbacks : - Routine story. Rating : - 3/5. Above average #Ranarangam #RanarangamFromToday #ranarangamreview"

    14:41 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    'Phenomenal job' on Evaru script

    Replying to discussion about whether Evaru was better than Badla, the Hindi remake of The Invisible Guest, twitter user Chiranjiv Santhosh M had this to say: "I feel #Evaru is very good than #Badla. Lots of screenplay changes he has done. Phenomenal job to the script. When it compared to original - here is my ranking: #theinvisibleguest (Spanish, Original) > #evaru (lots of changes in screenplay > #badla (blunt remake)"

    14:21 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Pradeep Ranganathan satisfies with Comali screenplay

    Amidst mostly positive reviews from audiences for Comali, movie tracker Ramesh bala tweeted "Satisfying everyone is a tough task but @pradeeponelife does it in style with his screenplay ! #ComaliFromToday #ComaliReview @actor_jayamravi @MsKajalAggarwal @SamyukthaHegde @pradeeponelife @hiphoptamizha @VelsFilmIntl @SakthiFilmFctry ⁦ @DoneChannel1".

    14:05 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Ranarangam DOP, Director and Music Director 'off-screen heroes'

    "#Ranarangam Special Mention About #cinematography was Extraordinary.. IF Sharwa Was On Screen Hero & Entire #Dop #Director & #MusicDirector Was Off Screen Heroes.. Thopp Output.. #SeethaKalyanam Song & #DevotinalString Version Are Good" tweeted @vadapallisri.

    13:50 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Evaru an 'intense thriller'

    "Evaru. What an Intense Thriller, Narration, Screen Play, Execution, Outstanding script, career best Performances from @ReginaCassandra @AdiviSesh @Naveenc212 @PVPCinema one word #Excellent #Spectacular. Then #Kshnam , #Goodachari and Now #Evaru #Vizag," @ImVaraBabu said via Twitter.

    13:35 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    For Comali 'almost all shows in and around Chennai will go housefull today'

    "Fantastic opening day for @actor_jayamravi's #Comali. Aug 15 national holiday factor is a big boost. Almost all shows in and around Chennai will go Housefull today 🔥 #JayamRavi's career best opening likely.." tweeted trade analyst Kaushik LM.

    13:20 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Ranarangam had a 'routine story'

    "#Ranarangam 2.75/5 Didn't reached the expectations (average). Routine story easily predictable and too slow story naration which irrirates a lot in 2nd half. #Sharwanand rocked in aged & young gangster. @kalyanipriyan steals the show. @MsKajalAggarwal is jst okay." tweeted movie enthusiast The Real Gujjar Vj

    13:05 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Evaru was 'perfect'

    "#Evaru  A fantastic watch. Everything about the film was so perfect. @ReginaCassandra, what an actor you are! ❤️ Like always, killed it @AdiviSesh babu. Debut made right @ramjivv Congratulations to the entire team," tweeted filmgoer Vidya Sivalenka.

    12:50 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    'An average movie'

    Twitter user @itsMe_Rps thought Comali was average. "#ComaliReview The film has a good humorous first half. But the terrible second half kills the film. #JayamRavi and #Yogibabu are amazing. #Kajal has a cute role. 90's scenes are good. But as a whole the second half fails. An average movie #ComaliFromToday," he tweeted.

    12:35 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    'Comali is total fun entertainer'

    "#Comali A total fun entertainer till now 👍The 16-year coma angle is the highlight @actor_jayamravi rocks👏 #YogiBabu is truly funny," tweeted movie buff Sridevi Sreedhar. 

    12:19 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    'A fun movie with a message'

    Ramesh Bala watched Jayam Ravi starrer Comali and wrote on Twitter, "A fun movie with a message.. Message being today's society forgetting humanity, due to over dependence on technology.. @actor_jayamravi has excelled both comedy and emotional scenes.. #YogiBabu is almost a parallel hero.. His comedy has worked big time..@MsKajalAggarwal has a cute role.. She looked great.. Expected more songs and dance from her..@SamyukthaHegde is good.. 16 year coma comedy is fun..Villain track could have been better.. A fun onetime watch for the family audience.." 

    12:05 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Regina Cassandra on Evaru

    Regina Cassandra talked about her character in Evaru. She told, "Sameera is a socialite and she is the wife of a CEO. She has worked really hard to become what she is today. However, one incident changes her life. The entire plot revolves around my character."

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    11:47 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Pradeep Ranganathan on Comali
    11:22 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Kajal Aggarwal on her role in Ranarangam

    Talking about her role in Telugu film Ranarangam, Kajal Aggarwal told, "I play a doctor in the movie and my character comes in the second half. To be honest with you, this is not my film. Please don’t go to see this film expecting to see me for three hours. The story is gripping and entertaining. That’s why I agreed to be a part of Ranarangam."

    Also read | Ranarangam is gripping: Kajal Aggarwal

    10:59 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    Vennela Kishore on Evaru

    "#Evaru..From beginning to the end it completely took over my mind with its sharp twists. .Engaging n Engrossing..was tuned n glued to the screen not wanting to miss out on what is being presented.. I thought I had it all figured out, but....@AdiviSesh wala punch" wrote Vennela Kishore on Twitter. 

    10:44 (IST)15 Aug 2019
    'Comali will entertain you completely'

    Comali director Pradeep Ranganathan tweeted, "Can't believe I can't work on #Comali anymore :)It's all yours now❤😊I've made this film with sincere effort keeping you all in mind everyday😊This movie will entertain u completely & make u happy :)Thanks everyone who made this happen.Lot of good hearts in this.Naaiku paapom :)" 

    Talking about the title of his film Comali, Jayam Ravi said, "That’s the catch and it (title) is apt for the script. Comali is a feel-good film and has zero negativity. There are a lot of things we have forgotten in the past and this film makes us revisit them. The ‘feel-good’ factor comes from nostalgia. For example, water is being sold now—but that didn’t exist, as a concept, 20 years ago. We would have laughed if someone said this back then.⁠ These kinds of changes are inevitable. So, the question is did “Comalis” change us or are we the actual ones behind this ‘change’? Comali is a beautiful film, sugar-coated with entertainment and comedy."

    Actor Kalyani Priyadarshan is also upbeat about her latest Telugu film Ranarangam. In a chat, she said, "For this film, I went with my gut. I had a very good narration and it felt like the screenplay was something different. The narration goes back and forth. Sudheer Varma sir was able to make it come together very interestingly. You’ll understand what I’m saying when you watch the film."

    Vikram Vasudev and Regina Cassandra starrer Evaru was previously slated to release in the last week of August. However, the filmmakers advanced its date after the multi-crore film Saaho, starring Prabhas, postponed its release to August 30.