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Kaala movie release highlights: Review, audience reaction and more

Kaala movie review and release: Here's what critics, celebrities and fans said about Rajinikanth starrer Kaala. Read our blog for all the updates about the Pa Ranjith directorial.

Kaala release
Kaala movie release: The Rajinikanth starrer is finally in theatres.

The wait is over. Superstar Rajinikanth today returned to cinema halls with Kaala, a gangster flick set in the backdrop of Mumbai’s Dharavi. This is the second consecutive outing of director Pa Ranjith with the Thalaivar after 2016’s Kabali. The film has had to deal with several issues in the run-up to its release. As a matter of fact, it has been jumping one controversy to the next, since the day the filmmakers began filming it in Mumbai.

The major problem that Kaala faced was in Karnataka, where Rajinikanth had garnered the ire of pro-Kannada activists with his pro-Tamil Nadu stance on the contentious Cauvery water issue.

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Kaala has an ensemble cast including Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Huma Qureshi and Easwari Rao among others. And it is produced on a budget of Rs 140 crore by actor-filmmaker Dhanush.

Live Blog

Kaala movie review and release: Read our blog for all the updates about Pa Ranjith directorial Kaala, starring Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Samuthirakani, Huma Qureshi and Eashwari Rao. Read the updates in Malayalam.

Our verdict

Kaala isn’t a Rajinikanth film — it is a Pa Ranjith film starring actor Rajinikanth; not the superstar, mind you. Ranjith makes this absolutely clear right from the word go by giving Rajini his simplest introduction on celluloid after ages. Kaala is seen playing cricket with young kids in the slum. You might be expecting him to hit a six. It is a Rajini film after all. Instead, Kaala gets his middle stump knocked out. Kaala calls to Valliappan (Samuthirakani), the umpire, and appeals for a no ball. But Valliappan gives a wide. An involuntary smile slowly spreads on my lips throughout this sequence. I knew immediately that we weren’t going to witness the superstar Rajinikanth, but rather the Rajini from the 80s, an actor with charisma and screen presence like no one else.

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The video of Kaala song Kannamma is out!

Rathna Kumar on Kaala

Meyaadha Maan director Rathna Kumar posted on Twitter: "Need a smart watch to make a count on number of Goosebumps. Hats off to @beemji sir. You are revolutionizing this Mass medium. Theater Erupts for the BGM . Terrific work @Music_Santhosh sir.That one Police station Scene is enough for Thalaivar @rajinikanth."

Indhuja on Kaala

Mercury actor Indhuja tweeted, "KAALA fdfs !! watched. Ho I really wonder how a man be this much stylish in each and every frame. I kept blushing all over the movie. seriously there is no replacement for @rajinikanth sir. wata screen presence and performance..guys don’t miss thalaivar’s dharisanam."

Vamsi Kaka on Kaala

"#Kaala is one of the finest works of Superstar Rajinikanth. Each & every actor delivered their best in this film. Kaala's Mass Scenes + Santosh Narayanan's BGM = Unlimited Goosebumps stuff. Rain Fight, Hero & Villain confrontation scenes are Kickass," Vamsi Kaka said via Twitter.

Kaala treat at 5:30 pm today

The makers of Rajinikanth starrer Kaala will release "Kannamma, "Chittamma" and "Sajna Re" song videos at 5:30 pm.

Amid Kaala fanfare, Rajinikanth stars shooting for his next in Darjeeling

The Twitter account of Sun Pictures tweeted this picture with the caption, "Shooting commences for #SuperStarWithSunPictures"

Kaala release in Bengaluru

Karnataka is witnessing some protests against the release of Kaala. Here are a few photos from what the situation is outside Mantri Mall in Bengaluru.

Kaala actor Huma Qureshi talks about her film

Kaala actor Huma Qureshi spoke to indianexpress.com about her experience of working with Rajinikanth, "Every time he (Rajinikanth) would walk in, people would sort of literally behave like as if a God was walking on the sets. There were a lot of fans who were there for crowd sequences. So many of them at any given point in time. I remember we were shooting for a dance sequence. In the shot, everyone was supposed to urge him to dance. But I could see they were not urging the character but they all wanted to see Rajinikanth dancing in front of them.  They all were looking at each other, pointing at Rajini sir. They were so excited and wide-eyed. It was a vision. An experience."

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Kaala movie review

Kaala is loaded with symbolism. The frames are painted with blue (Ambedkar’s colour), black (the colour of protest) and red (the colour of revolution); so is Rajini who is predominantly dressed in these colours (Watch out for the climax sequence). Kaala’s mythological references are also too obvious to miss. Ranijith’s play with Rama and Ravana, white and black reminded me of the book Asura: The Tale of the vanquished by Anand Neelakanta. His juxtaposition of mythological references to the growing dominance of the wealthy and the saffron isn’t without social relevance.

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Best films of Rajinikanth, the actor

Here are a few films you should watch to know what kind of an actor Rajinikanth was before he started using his boots as a boomerang to knock people out.

Mullum Malarum (1978): In this film, Rajinikanth played Kali who make hasty decisions in a fit of anger and even pays dearly.

Bairavi (1978): This film marked Rajinikanth’s debut as the lead actor. He was until Bairavi playing second fiddle to many leading heroes in Tamil, Telugu and Kaanda. Rajinikanth’s Mookaiyah is a loyal servant who turns a blind eye to all the bad things done by his master. He even abducts a girl following his master’s orders.

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Superstar Rajinikanth's anti-establishment don looks majestic in Kaala

Kaala is expected to earn Rs 25-30 crore on its opening day

Film trade analyst Girish Johar has predicted that Kaala will open in India (all languages) with a collection of Rs 25-30 crore approximately. “Kaala has been marred by controversies. So, it might affect the box office numbers of the film,” added Johar.

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BVS Ravi on Kaala

"A very tough film to make, #kaala is captured supremely by @beemji with Rajni sir and Nanaji giving stellar performances. @humasqureshi does a clinical work and background score is the hero of the film. Each one of the actors gave their best," Telugu screenwriter BVS Ravi said via Twitter.

Dhanush gifts Kaal Thar to Anand Mahindra

Santhosh Narayanan on Kaala

"Please do watch #kaala in theatres for the stupendous work of sound mixer @valentino_suren. This is one of the best theater mixes in a Tamil movie !#KaalatheRageofRajinikanth," tweeted Kaala music director Santhosh Narayanan.

Kollywood celebrities are all set to watch Kaala

Khushbu Sundar: #KAALA fever at home..getting my tickets done

Arya: Make way for the king #Kaala #kaalaArrives

Latha Rajinikanth: #Kaala Once a King, Always a King

Premgi Amaren and Venkat Prabhu watch Kaala

Kaala to release in Saudi Arabia

Wunderbar Films wrote on Twitter: "This is HUGE! #Kaala is the FIRST ever Indian film to be released in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia! @rajinikanth @beemji @dhanushkraja @vinod_offl @LycaProductions"

No Kaala shows in Bengaluru

The unofficial ban on Kaala seems to be a success in Karnataka. No screening in Bengaluru yet. Radhika theatre in Bellary is, reportedly, the only theatre in Karnataka that is showing Kaala.

Sundeep Kishan on Kaala

Rajinikanth’s Kaala leaked on a piracy website

Rajinikanth starrer Kaala hit the theatres today and while fans across the country have been queueing up outside cinemas since the wee hours of the morning, the piracy website Tamilrockers has leaked the film online.

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Catch up with the excitement around the release of Kaala

The release of Rajinikanth's films are no less than a festival for his fans. And, Kaala is no different. People headed for theatres as early as 4 am on Thursday and have been celebrating the release of Kaala. From dancing in front of the screen, taking selfies with their movie tickets, reaching the theatres in customised Kaala T-shirts to bursting crackers outside the cinema halls, they have been doing it all.

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Kaala: More fan reactions

Kaala off to a good start in the US

Film trade analyst Ramesh Bala said, 'As of 11:30 PM EST, #Kaala has done $450K at the #US Box office.. Premieres.'

Kaala quick take

Indianexpress.com's Komal says, "Kaala is a must watch. Loved how the illustrations are used to show Kaala and Zarina's story. The first half is soft and builds up the excitement for the second half. Second half is full of drama and action. All of it is seamless. Anjali Patil and Huma Qureshi are impressive. They look very natural. Nana Patekar makes a great villain and Pankaj Tripathi is in his elements too. No words for Rajinikanth, he totally kills it as Kaala."

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Aamir Khan on Kaala

"Have always been a huge Rajni fan, can’t wait to watch Kaala," Aamir Khan shared via Twitter.


Our verdict

Kaala isn’t a film about a gangster but a film about revolution. And Ranjith stays true to his objective. The traces of what we saw in Kabali have been fleshed out and beautifully embellished. Just the mere fact that I have mentioned Ranjith more than Rajinikanth in this review is an indication of the voice he has as a filmmaker. And it is also equally appreciable that Rajinikanth has the let the young filmmaker holler through him. At the audio launch, Rajini had said that Kabali was more of a Ranjith film while Kaala was a Rajini-Ranjith film. Kabali was Ranjith trying to make a Rajinikanth film. Kaala is Rajinikanth starring in a Ranjith film.

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#RajiniDiwali in Mumbai

Fans in Mumbai burst crackers after watching Rajinikanth's Kaala.

Fan reactions

A female fan of Rajinikanth said, "It was nice seeing Rajinikanth play his age. This was after a long time. I enjoyed every scene of the film to the fullest."

Another fan said, "The climax is something. It is really powerful. Liked the second part of the film a lot."

Hrishikesh on Kaala

"The Emperor strikes back.. yet again !! #KaalatheRageofRajinikanth ore thalaivan #SuperStar #kaala," tweeted Tamil actor Hrishikesh.

Mumbai fans on Kaala

Come Thalaivaa come, says Dhanush

Justin Prabhakaran on Kaala

Tamil music director Justin Prabhakaran posted on Twitter: "#kaala #superstar all the very best. hearing positive vibes. eager to watch. best wishes @beemji sir @dhanushkraja sir @wunderbarfilms and team of kaala."

Rajinikanth's daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth on Kaala

Still on the fence about watching Kaala? Check out the trailer of the Rajinikanth starrer

Kaala screenings in Karnataka

Kaala will be screened at multiplex screens in Orion Mall and Mantri Square in Bengaluru amid tight security, say TV reports.

Art director Ramalingam on Kaala

In an interview with indianexpress.com, Ramalingam said, “We have recreated the structure of Dharavi as close to the original possible. The entire set was erected instead of working in patches and that is what makes it unique. A lot of research went into to deciding the materials and the paints we used, based on its longevity. We gave the regular Koni or plywood a miss and opted for customised thick cement sheets to build the walls. The structures all had a complete iron frame.”

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Vignesh Shivn on Kaala

Tamil director Vignesh Shivn wrote on Twitter, "And the Roaring begins. #KaalatheRageofRajinikanth #KaalaFDFS #SuperstarRajinikanth. @beemji @ team vazhthukkal , perum magizhchi."

Pandiraj on Kaala

Director Pandiraj tweeted: "Best wishes ranjith, rajini sir, Fans & #Kaala team. #KaalaFromTodayPandiraj."

It is Superstar Rajinikanth time. Kaala, starring Rajinikanth, Nana Patekar, Samuthirakani, Aruldoss, Eswari Rao, Huma Qureshi and Anjali Patil among others, has finally hit the screens.