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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Pattas movie review and release: Highlights

Pattas movie review and release: Here's what celebrities, critics and fans said about Pattas, starring Dhanush, Sneha, Mehreen Pirzada, Nassar and Naveen Chandra.

By: Entertainment Desk | Chennai | Updated: January 16, 2020 12:18:20 pm
Pattas Pattas marks the reunion of director R S Durai Senthilkumar and actor Dhanush.

Dhanush starrer Pattas has hit the screens. The R S Durai Senthilkumar directorial also features Sneha, Mehreen Pirzada, Nassar and Naveen Chandra in significant parts. Pattas has been bankrolled by Sendhil Thyagarajan and Arjun Thyagarajan.

Dhanush will be seen in a double role in Pattas. Talking about the movie, director R S Durai Senthilkumar said, “The story of Pattas revolves around Adimurai—a form of ancient martial arts that existed before Kalaripayattu. It was extensively practised by the Cholas and Pandiyas.”

Pattas marks the reunion of director R S Durai Senthilkumar and actor Dhanush. The two earlier collaborated on Kodi.

Talking about their collaboration, Senthilkumar said, “I have known Dhanush sir for a while. He is extremely committed to whatever he does. We were able to achieve commercial success with Kodi. Hopefully, the same happens with Pattas.”

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    16:05 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Thanks for this entertainer'

    "Thiraviyaperumal portions are lit. Totally engaging from the start till the end...@dhanushkraja you're always appreciable thalaivaa! @iamviveksiva @MervinJSolomon really enjoyed your songs and bg. @durairsk @SathyaJyothi_ thanks for this full-fledged family entertainer #Pattas" @harshahere_ wrote while praising Dhanush starrer Pattas.

    15:33 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Dhanush is mix of Kamal Haasan and Rajini'

    "The energy level of Dhanush is beyond words.. a perfect mix of Kamal Hasan and Rajini with blend of MGR .. this man is a gem," @Justano84979866 tweeted.

    15:04 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Pattas belongs to Dhanush'

    "The film belongs to @dhanushkraja. He steals the show as #Pattas aka Shakthi in the first half and shoulders the entire film as the effortless massy #ThiraviyaPerumal, cakewalk for him," journalist Rajasekar tweeted.

    14:39 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Pattas a total family entertainer'

    @KarnaKpm wrote in a tweet, "Pattas is too good #Adimurai related every scenes are goosebumps. Applause to @durairsk for giving equal screen space to female actors. Appa Dhanush and Sneha. Sathish and munish pair worked out very well. overall a pakka family entertainer"

    14:37 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Watch it with family'

    "Comedy , Humor , Action , Sentiments , Fights , Message. Everything is in #Pattas Movie. Worth of Watching With Your Family. #PattasReview #PattasFromToday #PattasBLOCKBUSETR,” tweeted user @PettaikaranMeme.

    14:06 (IST)15 Jan 2020

    “#Pattas One Line - BLOCKBUSTER.  No Doubt, 2nd Day Onwards Full Family Audience will Take Care of this Film. Commercial Film Wise this Film Only Mark the Highest Collection of @dhanushkraja Anna's Career,” tweeted user @dhanasekar_raja.

    13:48 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Pattas first half review

    “#Pattas first half - Thoroughly enjoyed @durairsk 's screenplay. A formulaic mass entertainer engages us from the word go. The age old son-mom angle works like a charm. @dhanushkraja has killed it bro. Be it subtle Sivasami in #Asuran or hyper energetic Pattas, this man rocks.,” tweeted film journalist Sreedhar Rajasekar.

    13:31 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Fans heap praises on Dhanush's Pattas

    User @deepak_Afc shared on Twitter, “#PATTAS : 4/5 One Word Review:BLOCKBUSTER #Dhanush must be given credit to selecting storylines which are untouched by other leading actors so far.#Pattas speaking about an ancient martial arts form which is indeed a require message.Kudos D! U r real genius @dhanushkraja.”

    13:17 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Jigidi Killaadi Lyrical Video

    13:02 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Sneha and Dhanush make a lovely pair'

    “It's never easy to do martial convincingly on screen. How @dhanushkraja manages to maintain a standard while performing is a topic to be discussed. @actress_Sneha and #D make a lovely pair. @durairsk 's bookish knowledge is once again evident #Pattas,” posted user @cinemapayyan.

    12:47 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Sneha is the actual show stealer'

    User @Chrissuccess shared on Twitter, “#Pattas - Effortless perf by Dhanush. Sneha is d actual show stealer. KPY Sathish irritates. Songs r gud. Liked d flashback portion. ‘Adimurai’ idea is new, but Durai Senthilkumar’s Outdated story & screenplay fail bigtime. Abrupt Editing. Bore 1st hlf & Avg 2nd hlf. Forgettable!.”

    12:31 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Pakka commercial package'

    “Pattas - The film had so much repeat value like VIP,Ghilli.Pakka Commercial package with no preachy social msgs.Considering the TN rights of Pattas and the +ve reviews ,it will be easy & sureshot to attain the blockbuster status #Pattas,” tweeted user @Trollvipoffl.

    12:18 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Pattas is enjoyable mainly due to Dhanush'

    Entertainment tracker Sreedhar Pillai tweeted, “#Pattas is enjoyable mainly due to @dhanushkraja’s dual role as father (super) & son and does a neat job and is fab in the action scenes and songs by @MervinJSolomon r peppy. @actress_Sneha is riveting & emotional factor that drives the @durairsk film. A bit predictable.”

    12:02 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Perfect mix of commercial and class'

    “#Pattas Interval - @durairsk knows what the right proportion for a commercial movie is. Perfect mix of commercial and class. Joly and bright @dhanushkraja - Meaty role for @actress_Sneha - she has donned it. So far a perfect pongal feast,” tweeted @itisprashanth.

    11:47 (IST)15 Jan 2020

    A user @VijayImmanuel6 posted on Twiter, “#Pattas 2.5/5..A decent Movie With Ups & Down's In Both First & Second Half.....2nd Half Could Have Been better but still You Can  watch to know about a Unique and Forgotten tradition of a Tamizhan.. #EnowaytionPlus #EPlusSquad #PattasFDFS #pattasreview.”

    11:31 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Predictable screenplay'

    User @SriniMaamaa16 shared on Twitter, “After a terrific comeback in #Asuran , a disappointing outing it is for #Dhanush in #Pattas. Only the flashback portion stands out with the ancient martial art history & Mr.D’s acting.Predictable screenplay makes it less interesting in second half. Aga motham Pattas - Vedikala.”

    11:16 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'One time watch'

    “#Pattas Good message conveyed. Okayish execution. @dhanushkraja at ease as always. One time watch. 3/5 #PattasFDFS,” tweeted user @NIKHIL_SUPERFAN.

    11:01 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Check out the lyric video of the song Chill Bro from Pattas

    10:46 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    ‘Thoroughly enjoyable watch’

    User @STAR_KollyWood posted on Twitter, “#Pattas (4/5) :Pattas was a thoroughly enjoyable watch with @dhanushkraja breathing fire as always. Too happy and elated for @iamviveksiva @MervinJSolomon for the massive reception to their songs and score. Killed it boys. This #Pattas shall burst loudly this Pongal.”

    10:31 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Pattas: Quick take’s Subhakeerthana says, "Pattas gets predictable post-interval. This Durai Senthilkumar-directorial adheres to the conventional mass masala template like any other double hero subject. Dhanush plays to the gallery in several scenes. And, portions featuring Sneha pulling off martial arts seem impressive."

    10:18 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Fans celebrate before the FDFS of Pattas at Rohini Theatres
    10:01 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Exceeded my expectations'

    User @Iskarthi gave the film 4 stars out of 5 and tweeted, “#Pattas - Totally Unexpected. 2nd half Pure Verithanam. Thought this movie will be decent, but exceeded my expectations & a PAKKA commercial film. 1st half konjaam decent. Atha mattum than negative #Dhanush sambhavam HIT! 4/5 #PattasFDFS #pattasreview.”

    09:46 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Pongal winner'

    A user @AbuThahir2044 shared on Twitter, “#Pattas first half :- full cmdy fun. Thalaivan #ChillBro maja dance. Sneha -Emotions and performance. 2nd Half:-@dhanushkraja has rocked on both the roles. vera level commercial family entertainer #BGM Theri, Pongal  winner #PattasBlockbuster #PattasFDFS.”

    09:31 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Are dual roles a sure shot formula for success in Kollywood?

    Kodi (2016), directed by RS Durai Senthilkumar, was the first time Dhanush played dual roles. The film turned out to be successful. Senthilkumar seems to have a fascination for the double role. Once again, he is back with Pattas, starring Dhanush in the lead, which is hitting screens today. The director tells, “I have known Dhanush sir for a while. He is extremely committed to whatever he does. We were able to achieve commercial success with Kodi. Hopefully, the same happens with Pattas.”

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    09:16 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Pure entertainer'

    “#Pattas Vera level padam. I’m a #Dhanush fan from today. Asuran and now this. What a transformation. Blockbuster for sure. Pure entertainer. #PattasFDFS,” posted user @FranklinnnMJ.

    09:01 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Easy breezy film'

    Entertainment tracker, Kaushik LM, shared on Twitter, “#Dhanush knows the audience pulse..his Script selection was perfect this time. Its a real treat for #Dhanush fans and family audience. #Pattas movie filled with all elements which is highly enjoyable. I gonna rate this 4.95 out of 5 #PattasPongal #PattasFDFS,” tweeted user @dhanushAravi16 on Twitter."

    08:46 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    ‘Real treat for Dhanush fans’

    “#Dhanush knows the audience pulse..his Script selection was perfect this time. Its a real treat for #Dhanush fans and family audience. #Pattas movie filled with all elements which is highly enjoyable. I gonna rate this 4.95 out of 5 #PattasPongal #PattasFDFS,” tweeted user @dhanushAravi16 on Twitter.

    08:31 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Here's how Dhanush fans are celebrating the release of Pattas
    08:15 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    Aishwarya Dhanush is all set to catch the FDFS show of Pattas
    08:01 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    On the fence about watching Pattas? Watch the trailer of Dhanush's film

    07:52 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Namma Bruce Lee is very convincing'

    Film trade analyst Kaushik LM tweeted, "#Pattas: @dhanushkraja's lean wiry physique makes him look very graceful in the martial arts scenes. Namma BruceLee is very convincing while fighting, kicking. It's a commercial film which raises awareness on ancient martial arts form 'adimurai' & is also a personal revenge story."

    07:40 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Pattas will be different from Kodi'

    In an interview with, Pattas director RS Durai Senthilkumar said, “Pattas will be different from Kodi. When you have a powerhouse talent like Dhanush sir around, everything becomes possible. As an actor, I am sure it must have been exciting for him to etch out two contrasting shades of characters. While directing, I witnessed Dhanush sir displaying a gamut of emotions for the father role.”

    07:24 (IST)15 Jan 2020
    'Perfect Pongal family outing'

    "#PattasFromToday #PattasPongal #Pattas The second half is the highlight! @dhanushkraja as #DraviyaPerumal owns the film. @actress_Sneh is super. Perfect Pongal family outing!," journalist Sridevi Sreedhar said via Twitter.

    In an interview with The Hindu, Mehreen Pirzada had spoken about her character in Pattas.

    "Sadhna is nothing like her name. She is a very bubbly, naughty girl, and my scenes with Dhanush are really funny. I am sure people are going to enjoy and laugh about it a lot,” Mehreen said.

    While talking about her co-star Dhanush, Mehreen Pirzada said, “He is a one-take artiste. He is so good with his work. Between the words ‘Action’ and ‘Cut’, he does magic. He gives so many expressions in that timeline that it is overwhelming. You can learn so much when you work with such an actor.”