Meera Mitun: Have gotten calls that I will have acid poured on my face

Meera Mitun: Have gotten calls that I will have acid poured on my face

Meera Mitun has moved to Mumbai after bidding goodbye to Kollywood. She was last seen on Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3, hosted by Kamal Haasan.

Bigg Boss Tamil contestant Meera Mitun
Meera Mitun says after her stint on Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 she has become a soft target on social media.

All isn’t well with Meera Mitun of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 fame for the past few weeks. She has moved to Mumbai, bidding adieu to Tamil cinema. In this chat, she discusses why she’s unhappy; besides expressing discontentment over other actors’ replacing her in the recently-released, Namma Veettu Pillai, and the upcoming, Vijay Antony-Arun Vijay starrer, Agni Siragugal. In a dramatic turn of events, the director Naveen took to Twitter clarifying Akshara Haasan had replaced Shalini Pandey, but the Bodhai Yeri Buddhi Maari actor was never committed in the first place.

Excerpts from a conversation:

You had tweeted that you were being mentally harassed by people around.

I have been in the fashion industry for more than six years and two years in Kollywood. I have had quite a positive reputation and a successful career. But this year, many people, from the fashion industry, grouped up against me.

You seem to have deleted those tweets.

Since there were a lot of tweets going on for the past 2-3 days, they must have been taken down.

What’s bothering you exactly?


I am tired of everything. I tweeted “bye-bye, Tamil Nadu” because of several issues. I had asked Chennai-based magazines why they don’t put me on their cover and they say it’s because I am not famous. Then, I see no-name models being featured. All of this started when I took the title of my own. I am the leading supermodel of Tamil Nadu and I have mentored several others. People ask why I don’t do shows in Chennai. I am not being called. It didn’t bother me because I was getting work on the national and international platforms.

Can you elaborate more, please?

I have become an easy target on social media, post-Bigg Boss Tamil 3 stint. I had signed a couple of movies before committing to the reality show. I had shot almost 10 days and a song for Namma Veettu Pillai and then went inside the Bigg Boss house. After I came out, they told me I was replaced. Since I didn’t find the explanation valid, I told them I might have to proceed legally. They said, “Even we see a lot of issues going around you and we can put a case.” I didn’t want to argue further. The same thing happened with Agni Siragugal. Director Naveen himself gave an interview saying he had cast me. Suddenly, I saw Akshara Haasan being roped in. It was very obvious they took me out. I don’t understand why people in Kollywood cannot accept a famous heroine pairing by their side.

Heroines do not have the say in this industry.

But I work my way. I don’t understand why Tamilians don’t prefer a fellow Tamilian in their films. I never had a scenario where my movies were cut or edited or taken out. Now, I am being replaced by others, without any notice. It looks like everybody has washed hands off me. I don’t have respect in Tamil Nadu anymore. Even the press is only interested in making controversies. A popular leading national daily had carried a statement saying “I’m a fraud”, without speaking to me. It’s unfair.

Who are you talking about specifically?

I am talking about everyone who went on the record and spoke bad things about me on YouTube for fame.

Did your friends from the Bigg Boss house intervene and say something?

Even inside the house, I had problems. Sandy is the only person I speak with. He is a dear friend. Except for him, I’m not in touch with anybody.

Moving on, why would you keep tweeting these things? You could have formally complained if things were serious.

The legal system in Tamil Nadu is ineffective. They don’t take any action and take the side of criminals. A criminal, who was even arrested last week, is sitting on social media and talking nonsense about me and everybody is behind someone, who is mentally harassing a woman. If it were social media, I can ignore. But it’s gone beyond. People file cases on me just like that. First of all, an FIR cannot be filed on a woman. Police were not acting. I reported it to cybercrime. I reported to the Commissioner and nothing was happening. So, I felt that the whole of Tamil Nadu was against me. No single person can do this, but a group of people.

Meera Mitun social media
Meera Mitun has bid goodbye to Kollywood.

Why would they tarnish your image?

I fought for two years. I am done. Now, my mental peace is more important. I am in Mumbai currently, and shooting for films.

Are you not going to work in Tamil cinema henceforth?

Never. I am following the footsteps of Sridevi ma’am, Priyanka Chopra and Vidya Balan. I will say this openly: I am one of the most talented actor, dancer, Tamil-speaking, very good-looking, and will suit any role you give me. But why haven’t I gotten an opportunity and why were the big opportunities taken away from me? Why should I waste my time here?

Did your participation in the Bigg Boss Tamil affect your image more?

I had the love of people all over in Bangalore, Hyderabad and even the Tamilians in Mumbai recognised me and showered affection. So far, I have not come across a single hater. All the hate I get is from anonymous people online. If they expect me to commit suicide for the amount of trouble they put me through, I’ll show them, I can put up a brave face and fight.

I have gotten calls that tell me that I will have acid poured on my face. I complained to the Commissioner and that was my first ever complaint. I was the one who approached the cops first. After that, so many people filed random complaints against me. There is no safety for women here. When Jayalalithaa madam was alive, the city was great, especially for women. After her demise, the entire system is damaged.

With existing problems, why did you agree to get inside the house, a second time?


I was supposed to enter the house as a wild-card contestant. But during that time, someone had filed an FIR against me and they sent Abhirami in my place. I wanted to go inside the house. I wanted to be the winner. I was a strong contestant. But even when I went inside the house, I could stay only for two days and there was drama going on that I was trying to ruin Mugen’s name. See, if I don’t belong to Tamil Nadu, it is not my loss. Nobody can stop me in the north. Nobody can stop me in Hollywood, and maybe that’s going to be my stop, finally!