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Monday, March 30, 2020

Mafia movie release: Highlights

Here's what celebrities, critics and fans said about Mafia, starring Arun Vijay, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Prasanna.

By: Entertainment Desk | Chennai | Updated: February 23, 2020 6:24:03 am
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Mafia, starring Arun Vijay, Prasanna and Priya Bhavani Shankar, releases in theaters today. Helmed by Karthick Naren, the film is a cat-and-mouse thriller.

Talking about Mafia at a press meet, Arun Vijay said, “Karthick Naren is incredibly talented, and Mafia belongs to him. It is an intense film and has a phenomenal plot. Prasanna has got an interesting role to play. He is a wonderful person and a friend to me.”

He added, “I am glad I got to work with Priya Bhavani Shankar. These days, it is hard to find a Tamil-speaking heroine who has great acting skills. Priya has done a neat job, pulling off a performance-oriented role. I asked Karthick Naren if I could watch some video rushes. He insisted that I watch the final theatrical version on Friday. As a team, we are looking forward to watching the audience’s reception in theaters.”

Prasanna too praised Mafia director Karthick Naren. He said, “Karthick Naren is a producer’s delight, and I was blown away by the script. In fact, he has elevated the entire premise.” Priya Bhavani Shankar spoke about her co-actors and shared, “Arun Vijay is a positive person, and so is Prasanna. I don’t play this yet another girl-next-door role in Mafia. Karthick Naren surprised me with a different role, and I must say I quite enjoyed playing it.”

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    16:59 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    Directing Mafia was a satisfying creative experience: Karthick Naren

    At the press meet of Mafia: Chapter 1, director Karthick Naren said, “directing Mafia was a satisfying creative experience. I promise that the film will offer something new to the audience, if not something out of the world. Don Ashok’s stunts, Gokul Benoy’s cinematography and Jakes Bejoy’s music are going to be the film's biggest pillars.”

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    16:47 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Waiting for Mafia: Chapter 2'

    User @Thalapathy_Aus tweeted, “Just finished watching @arunvijayno1 Sir #Mafia #MafiaChapter1 best climax after #Thadam Sema. don’t miss it people. Waiting for #MafiaChapter2, @Prasanna_actor sir vera lvl & @priya_Bshankar was subtle but deadly.”

    16:30 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Worth watching it for Arun Vijay'

    User @KarthiPulsar2 shared on Twitter, “#Mafia worth for watching @arunvijayno1 excellent performance and good looking ever @Prasanna_actor need more characters like this.And expected more light disappointment @priya_Bshankar did her part well @karthicknaren_M d16 ku Apram wait pannathuku worth climax twist unexpected.”

    16:10 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Mafia disappointed me after D16'

    “If you are @karthicknaren_M fan,if you are expecting more after D16,#Mafia will totally disappoint you, @priya_Bshankar role is very minimal,@Prasanna_actor is an ordinary villain nothing special, @arunvijayno1 is looking smart, stylish done is job perfectly,” tweeted user @JVMugeshKumar16.

    15:58 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Unexpected climax'

    User @aravind29raj rated the film 4 stars out of 5. He tweeted, “#Mafia Watched mafia Chapter 1 really I enjoyed the screenplay is excellent and @arunvijayno1, @Prasanna_actor and @priya_Bshankar acting and screen presence also excellent and bgm mass and unexpected climax . My rating: 4/5.”

    15:41 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'A clean mass entertainer'

    User @Dhanasekeran23 shared on Twitter, “No words to say such a clean mass entertainer @arunvijayno1 Anna acting Vera lvl @Prasanna_actor Anna a cool n calm villan one of the best film @karthicknaren_M direction Vera lvl and climax laa senjitinga. A must watchable movie in theatre #mafia. @arunvijayno1 bro.”

    15:26 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    Check out the video song of 'Vedan Vandhaacho' from MAFIA Chapter-1

    15:12 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Flat movie'

    “MAFIA Chapter-I A flat movie with plenty of slow-mo's. Snail-like 1st phase & Okayish 2nd phase. Climax twist is the only consolation. @arunvijayno1 & @Prasanna_actor  are not The Lion and The Wolf. They are Snakes !!,” tweeted @__mahesh.

    14:56 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Very satisfied'

    User @SharmaRoshan18 tweeted, “I watched #mafiachapter1 I'm very satisfied @arunvijayno1 Anna your performance was extraordinary...@Prasanna_actor na you also. last 20 min vera level  #waitingforchapter2.”

    14:40 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'A no non-sense action thriller'

    User @SARATHANIL5 tweeted, “#Mafia [3.5/5] : A No Non-sense Action thriller.. A fantastic cat and mouse game with a terrific twist at the end.. That setups a Must make sequel / Chapter 2.. Narcotics backdrop.. Limited characters.. Tempo increases as the story moves forward..”

    14:26 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Proper Arun Vijay star vehicle'

    “Self-indulgence almost derails #Mafia but it recovers just in time to set up a solid premise for a sequel. A proper #ArunVijay star vehicle with little to do for others. #Prasanna delivers, as always, in a role that, unfortunately, only has a glossy surface #mafiachapter1, posted user @TheHatmanTweets on Twitter.

    13:55 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Movie falls flat'

    “#Mafia - considering this plot,it should have been presented in a gripping manner. But movie falls flat for almost entire duration. Sadly arun vijay underutilized in his favourite genre. Nothing to rave about this movie,” said user @Vignesh89583042 via Twitter.

    13:40 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Arun Vijay has ramped up his perfomrance'

    User @the_arbal posted on Twitter, “#Mafia one of the best films that I've seen recently. @karthicknaren_M shows such craftsmanship which is really commendable.@arunvijayno1 has ramped up his performance. @Prasanna_actor right from #Anjadhe to #Mafia, you sir show villianism with subtle nuances.”

    13:26 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Massive Disappointment'

    “#Mafia Massive massive disappointment. Could do with a lot more subtlety, and with an actual hook. Hard to believe that this came from @karthicknaren_M, the guy that made #D16. Also it's high time a talent like @Prasanna_actor gets meaty roles - he hardly did anything in this 1,” tweeted @Chappli.

    13:10 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Technically excellent film'

    “Mafia - A Technically excellent film with good visuals and extraordinary music & good performance from  @arunvijayno1 & @Prasanna_actor Interval bock and last 20 minutes of the film were too good. Chapter 1 creates big build up for part 2. 1st half could have been better,” said user @sathishmsk on Twitter. 

    12:54 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Arun Vijay and Prasanna bring their best'

    User @sidhuwrites shared on Twitter, “#Mafia: Both @arunvijayno1 & @Prasanna_actor are the director's delights, elevating almost every scene with their smashing attitude, body language & diction. They bring their best to the table in the riveting climax episode of the film, which is the reason why I'll see it again!”

    12:40 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Nothing special'

    User @StudioFlicks posted on Twitter, “On the whole, #Mafia is a new attempt with the visual treatment, but when it comes to story, there’s nothing special as we have come across such tales many times.”

    12:24 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Arun Vijay and Prasanna shine'

    “As much as #Mafia belongs to the terrific @arunvijayno1, it gives ample scope for the versatile @Prasanna_actor to shine in a role that oozes swag and calm demeanor,” said user @pudiharicharan via Twitter.

    12:09 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Prasanna's role is low on villainism'

    “#Mafia the Lead given for chapter-2 is definitely a good surprise factor. Prasanna role is high on buildups & low on Villainism. 1hr 50mins runtime still feels over stretched. #Mafia could've been a single full length cat & mouse battle,” posted user @NammaOoruReview on Twitter.

    11:55 (IST)21 Feb 2020
    'Decent watch'

    User @cinemakaaran tweeted, “#Mafia movie is a decent watch and stylish movie. Lots of Guy Ritchie influence with guns and bullets raining everywhere. Dir #KarthickNaren deserves a pat on the back. @Prasanna_actor had a swag in his role.”

    At a press meet, Mafia director Karthick Naren said, "Directing Mafia was a satisfying creative experience. I promise that the film will offer something new to the audience, if not something out of the world. Don Ashok’s stunts, Gokul Benoy’s cinematography and Jakes Bejoy’s music are going to be the film's biggest pillars."