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Monday, February 24, 2020

Maari 2 press meet highlights: Dhanush hints at Maari 3

Maari 2 press meet highlights: Directed by Balaji Mohan, Maari 2 stars Dhanush, Sai Pallavi and Tovino Thomas among others. The film will hit screens on December 21.

Written by S Subhakeerthana | Chennai | Updated: December 18, 2018 3:26:12 pm
maari 2 Maari 2 press meet highlights: Maari 2 will hit screens on December 21.

Maari 2, directed by Balaji Mohan, is a direct sequel to 2015 gangster drama Maari, starring Dhanush in the lead. In part one, the actor played a dhoti-clad, moustache-twirling local rowdy, and was paired with Kajal Aggarwal, who is not a part of this film.

In an interview, Dhanush had assured that Maari 2 will have stronger content and emotions than the first part. In the sequel, Sai Pallavi is the heroine, and this is her second Tamil film after Karu.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is the music composer of the film. Yuvan and Dhanush are collaborating after ten years for this project.

Produced by Wunderbar Films, the star cast also includes Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Krishna, Vidya Pradeep and Robo Shankar.

Malayalam actor Tovino Thomas plays the villain. After Tharangam and Maradona, this is his third collaboration with Dhanush.

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    14:18 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    It is going to be a tough race with five films releasing, says Dhanush

    "Tovino is one of the finest performers. He is a sweet chap. Varalaxmi speaks quite fast, and I found it difficult to match up to her speed. Sai Pallavi is the anchor of Maari 2. She does not accept a film easily. She has done a fantastic job. I think she has acted better than me. She does not use glycerin and can well up easily. All supporting artistes are important to Maari 2. I am very satisfied with the way the film has come out. It is going to be a tough race with five films releasing. But we didn't have a choice than to release the film on December 21,” says Dhanush.

    14:08 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    If Maari 2 becomes a hit, we will go for Maari 3, says Dhanush.

    "Way back then, Yuvan was so popular. When I ventured into acting, I was a huge fan of his. And still I am. Thulluvadho Ilamai became a hit because of Yuvan. If that film didn't become successful, I would not be here today. There's one and only Yuvan. Thank you Balaji Mohan for giving me Maari. I am the happiest when I am Maari. The character helped me ease out stress. I never had the heart to end Maari 2. I enjoyed being Maari. And if it becomes a hit, we will go for Maari 3," says Dhanush.

    14:02 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Maari 2 is an out-and-out masala film, says Dhanush

    “It is an out-and-out masala film. It has mass scenes and friendship elements. We have justified the commercial entertainer tag. It is not easy to be Maari. He is not good, he is not bad. But the audience should like him. I did so much homework pulling off the role. We won't disappoint you,” says Dhanush.

    13:53 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Thanks to Dhanush for being an amazing co-star and a mentor, says Sai Pallavi

    “Balaji Mohan and I discussed a lot before we went ahead with the shoot. I am lucky enough to be a part of the film in which Ilaiyaraaja sir has sung. I never thought this would happen. The crew members made me feel very comfortable. Tovino, you have worked so hard for this film. Thanks to Vasuki for giving me a beautiful look which is different from my other films. Dhanush compliments others and is so real. Thanks to Dhanush for being an amazing co-star and a mentor. I had a great time shooting. Towards the end, I felt bad because the shooting was ending. We were like family. Thank you so much for all the fans for your love. It feels nice to be loved by people," says Sai Pallavi.

    13:44 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Dhanush always wants to keep pushing his limits, says Balaji Mohan

    “Sai Pallavi actually welled up for a scene. She gets into the skin of any character easily. I think she is a method actor. Dhanush sir considers me as his family member. Though it is a commercial film, Dhanush has given a top-notch performance as an artiste. I witnessed it while we were shooting. He is someone who does every aspect of acting so well. Dhanush always wants to keep pushing his limits. He can direct, sing, act, dance, write songs, identify talent and so on. Eppovume Dhanush oru thani kaatu Raja. He has his own space in the industry,” says Balaji Mohan.

    13:38 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    YSR is a musical legend, says Balaji Mohan

    “After watching Kaadhal Kondein, I wanted to become a director. YSR is a musical legend and a BGM king,” says Balaji Mohan.

    13:34 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Maari 2 is a dance heavy film, says Balaji Mohan

    "Maari 2 is a dance heavy film. Thanks to Prabhudheva for choreographing Rowdy Baby song. He showed so much involvement in the 3-day shoot. He doesn't have to do this in this stage of his career after having achieved so much," says Balaji Mohan.

    13:27 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Maari 2 will be a pleasant surprise for the audience, says Balaji Mohan

    “When Maari 1 was complete, Dhanush realised his character had potential for a sequel. The Maari character became a brand because of Dhanush. Maari 2 has a layered story and highly emotional content. Since it is a sequel, I didn't have to spend time developing Maari's character. The audience saw Maari 1 and they know who is Maari. The second film will be a pleasant surprise for the audience. Thanks to Wunderbar films. It was a pleasure to work with producer Vinoth,” says Balaji Mohan.

    13:23 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    I had so much satisfaction directing the film, says Balaji Mohan

    “Nobody believes that I am the director of Maari 2. Because of my soft-spoken nature. I had so much satisfaction directing the film. It never felt like we were shooting. In a business-driven industry, we forget about entertaining people. Without us having fun, I don't think it can be transferred to the audience,” says Maari 2 director Balaji Mohan.

    13:16 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Dhanush is a humble artiste, says Yuvan Shankar Raja

    “I have worked with Dhanush sir before. And we had so much fun. Dhanush is a humble artiste. After the release of Rowdy Baby song, he called me and said, ‘Everything is because of God's grace’. He never said the success was because of us. That shows he never takes success to his head,” says Maari 2 music director Yuvan Shankar Raja.

    13:12 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    I am a huge fan of Dhanush, says Tovino Thomas

    “Maari 2 seemed like a golden opportunity and I didn't want to miss this chance. It is an interesting villain role. I am a huge fan of Dhanush. I am sure even in Kerala, they haven't approached me with such a powerful villain role. Sai Pallavi convinced me that it is a sweet crew. Balaji Mohan is one of the coolest directors I have worked with. Krishna has become a best friend to me now. Whenever I am in Chennai, I make sure I meet Krishna. Thank you all for being patient with me. Even people in Kerala are eagerly waiting for Maari 2 as Maari 1 was a huge hit. I don't want to be tagged as a romantic hero," says Tovino Thomas.

    13:08 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Dhanush has helped me realise my dreams, says Robo Shankar

    “I am extremely happy. The transition from TV to big screen hasn't been easy. But Dhanush has helped me realise my dreams. Sai Pallavi is going to be 'lady Thala' of Tamil cinema. She has performed so well throughout,” says Robo Shankar.

    12:53 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Maari 2 is going to be a sure shot hit, says Vasuki Bhaskar

    “First time I am working with Dhanush. Maari 2 is going to be a sure shot hit. Wunderbar Films is doing a brilliant job in supporting its artistes. Tovino Thomas has put in so much hard work to get his looks and hairdo right. Almost for a year, he has been doing prep work for Maari 2," says Maari 2 costume designer Vasuki Bhaskar.

    12:47 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Om Prakash on Maari 2

    "Maari 2 is a vibrant and energetic film," says Maari 2 DoP Om Prakash.

    12:45 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Dhanush is a brilliant actor, says Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

    “2018 has been a great year for me as I have been a part of many sequels. Vasuki did costumes for my role. She is a good friend. I have no combination scenes with Sai Pallavi. But I have scenes with Dhanush. He is a brilliant actor,” says Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.

    12:41 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Dhanush treats everyone equally, says Krishna

    “I would like to thank Dhanush for the opportunity. I am not sure if everyone would get a chance to act in a successful franchise like Maari. But I did. I made two great friends on the sets of Maari 2 - Sai Pallavi and Tovino. Dhanush treats everyone equally and insists that we all have lunch at 1 pm sharp. I had so much fun working with everyone,” says Krishna.

    12:40 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Maari 2 is going to be a jolly film like Maari 1, says Vinoth Kumar

    “It is going to be a jolly film like Maari 1. Balaji Mohan is a jovial person, and makes things easier for us. I met Dhanush at the time I had a bank job. He believed in me and we have made 15 films so far. Starting from Ethir Neechal to Maari 2, he has given me so much freedom as a producer. Five films are getting released this week. Enjoy Maari 2 in theaters," says Wunderbar Films' S Vinoth Kumar.

    12:35 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Maari 2 songs

    Maari 2 songs are being screened after the trailer. The music of Maari 2 has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

    12:32 (IST)18 Dec 2018
    Maari 2 press meet to begin soon

    The stage is all set for Maari 2 press meet in Chennai.

    Maari 2, starring Dhanush, Sai Pallavi, Tovino Thomas, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Krishna, Vidya Pradeep and Robo Shankar among others, has been simultaneously shot in Tamil and Telugu as a bilingual.