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Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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Maara movie release LIVE UPDATES: Madhavan wins hearts

Here's what celebrities, critics and fans are saying about Maara, starring Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath, Alexander Babu, Sshivada Nair, Mouli, Padmavati Rao and Abhirami.

Written by Kriti Sonali | Bengaluru | Updated: January 8, 2021 3:26:44 pm
MaaraMaara is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

Starring R Madhavan, Shraddha Srinath, Alexander Babu, Sshivada Nair, Mouli, Padmavati Rao and Abhirami, Maara is finally streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Directed by Dhilip Kumar, the film is a remake of the Malayalam hit Charlie. Charlie starred Dulquer Salmaan and Parvathy in the lead roles.

In an interview with, Dhilip spoke about working with Madhavan and said, “Since I came in as a writer, there was a lot of understanding between Madhavan and me. We weren’t discussing his acting style or my treatment of the film. When we were writing, we were speaking like writers. Later, when I also took up the directing job, it just felt an extension of the same discussion. He was just out of Rocketry, which is his debut as a director. So he shared a lot of insight while writing this film. I am very lucky that I could work with him during this phase of his career. There was a lot to learn from him.”

Dhilip Kumar also remarked that the vibe of Maara is very different from the vibe of Charlie. “When we changed the plot, the movie had a different mood. And so, we did not need to recreate the same vibe (as Charlie).”

In an earlier statement, Madhavan had said, “Maara extends from being a person to a world filled with pleasant people. The incidents and conversations these people have are grounded yet the experiences they have are surreal, and that makes the audience an interesting part of the ensemble. My character has been crafted with the foremost importance given to the honesty in the relationships he shares with others. And that trait makes the person somebody that the audience falls in love with instantly. You can feel him touching lives without actually putting in an effort. To me, that was the essence of this guy which got me excited to play him.”

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15:26 (IST)08 Jan 2021
Maara review

Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta wrote in her review, "Maara is a remake of Charlie, the 2016 Malayalam film starring Dulquer and Parvathy, which I haven’t seen, so I can’t say how faithful it is to the original. But to pull off a film like this, with its unexpected beats and rhythms, which keeps taking us down paths which round up on themselves in their own sweet time, is not easy." READ THE FULL REVIEW HERE.

15:11 (IST)08 Jan 2021
Maara soundtrack 'truly out of the world'

@sreetwitzz posted on Twitter, "The soundtrack of #Maara by @GhibranOfficial is truly out of the world..Giving us the mystical and vintage vibes. The bgm is old charm and stays with you even after the film Yaar azhaippadhu, Theera Nadhi and Oru Arai Unathu - scintillating songs."

14:27 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'A heartwarming tale'

@anandviswajit shared via Twitter, "#Maara - A heartwarming tale that could have been more exquisite if ‘emotions’ were given the first priority than technical aspects. Rating: 3/5."

14:14 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Magical Music'

@Sanjeevi_San_ wrote on Twitter, "After Vikram Veda The Combination Of @ActorMadhavan Sir And @ShraddhaSrinath In This Flim #Maara Such A Lovely Combination Of Both After #Alaipayuthay Movie In This I Saw The Same Maddy Sir Same As #Alaipayuthay And With The Magical Music Of @GhibranOfficial Sir."

13:41 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Madhavan is at his charming best'

@balas2405 tweeted, "#Maara is a beautiful movie. It is a brilliant adaptation of Charlie with superb direction, delicate writing & magnificent casting. @ActorMadhavan is at his charming best and @ShraddhaSrinath is a delight as usual. She carries the movie for most parts with ease and grace. Winner!"

12:55 (IST)08 Jan 2021
Maara review: Our verdict

Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta gave the film three stars. She found the Madhavan-starrer is enjoyable. She wrote, "Madhavan is appropriately loose-limbed and dishy, as he ambles through the film, spreading grizzled, warm charm." READ THE FULL MAARA REVIEW HERE

12:32 (IST)08 Jan 2021
Priya Bhavani Shankar sends love to 'Maara and Maddy'

Priya Bhavani Shankar tweeted, "for the 100th time let me say, I love you, we love you and everyone loves you just so you know, you make life, look and feel beautiful somedays by your work and most other days just by being the person that you are. Sending love to #maara and to Maddy @ActorMadhavan."

12:11 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Madhavan & Shraddha Srinath both are so good'

@MohdRash111 posted on Twitter, "#Maara Most Satisfied & Wonderful Remake! @dhilip2488 Brother What a making and Hatsoff to Cinematographers @karthikmuthu14. @dineshkrishnanb Some Shots Extraordinary @ActorMadhavan & @ShraddhaSrinath Both are So Gud and an actor played Nedumudi Venu sir role too gud."

11:39 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Everything is top-notch'

@ikaipullai posted on Twitter, "#Maara a fairy tale that's mostly excellent from start to finish. The layered writing, casting choices, production design, score, and direction, everything is top-notch. Must watch!"

11:14 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Poetry on celluloid'

Joginder Tuteja tweeted, "#Maara - Poetry on celluloid. Visually, one of the most enriching experiences ever, this has an eye filling big screen appeal. The fantasy treatment keeps one guessing and it is heartwarming when the dots join towards the end, which works, though being long 3 and a 1/2 star."

10:34 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Awesome cinematography'

"What a wonderful, poetic tale #MaaraOnPrime. Awesome cinematography, Stunning BGM's & very free flow acting by . @ActorMadhavan,Beautiful adaptation to the original! @GhibranOfficial @ShraddhaSrinath Thumbs up, " tweeted @BalajiMurali06.

10:18 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Excellent adaptation of Charlie without spoiling the Soul of it'

@sakxedge wrote on Twitter, "This man @GhibranOfficial must be given all the appreciation for the pleasant BGM & Songs which really took the movie to next level. Please do more films with him @ActorMadhavan !!#MaaraOnPrime - Excellent Adaptation of Charlie without spoiling the Soul of it ! #Maara."

09:54 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Maara is a beautiful movie'

@balas2405 tweeted, "#Maara is a beautiful movie. It is a brilliant adaptation of Charlie with superb direction, delicate writing & magnificent casting. @ActorMadhavan is at his charming best and @ShraddhaSrinath is a delight as usual. She carries the movie for most parts with ease and grace. Winner!"

09:32 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Madhavan, u lived that character'

@K_A_M_A_L_1997 tweeted, "Just Saw #Maara on Prime. What a Movie. @ActorMadhavan U Lived that Character. I dont know how many time i am going to revisit this Gem."

09:24 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Everything about Maara is artistic'

@vishwanth_views shared on Twitter, "Everything about #Maara is artistic with very good performances @ActorMadhavan @ShraddhaSrinath @SshivadaOffcl Well done @dhilip2488 Extraordinary cinematography by @karthikmuthu14 & @dineshkrishnanb."

09:09 (IST)08 Jan 2021
Shraddha Srinath announces Maara release

Shraddha Srinath shared via Twitter, "Fairytales do come true... Believe in the magic of love. Meet #MaaraOnPrime now."

08:59 (IST)08 Jan 2021
'Good in parts'

Sreedhar Pillai took to Twitter to post, "#Maara @PrimeVideoIN Good in parts. Terrific lead-Splendid @ActorMadhavan & awesome @ShraddhaSrinath. Technically chic-great camerawork, production design & fab music @GhibranOfficial. Remake of #Charlie, by @dhilip2488 has its moments. But too long as focus shifts towards end."

Talking about her role in Maara, Shraddha Srinath said in a statement, "Paaru is a girl who doesn’t know what she wants. But she sure can tell what she doesn’t want. She also has a sense of motivation and empathy that draws her to other people. I really love the way she explores, gets lost in puzzles and retains that kid while being part of this world which has some epic stories and people."

Maara is produced by Prateek Chakravorty and Shruti Nallappa of Pramod Films.