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Laal Singh Chaddha actor Aamir Khan: ‘South filmmakers are very connected to audiences’

Laal Singh Chaddha actor Aamir Khan believes that the majority of Hindi filmmakers have lost the connection with their audience.

Laal Singh Chaddha, Laal Singh Chaddha release date, aamir khanLaal Singh Chaddha was released on August 11. (Photo: Aamir Khan Productions)

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has noted that most Hindi filmmakers have pivoted towards making niche films, causing a serious disconnect with the audience. He noted that a film should strike a deep emotional resonance with the audience to work, which recent south movies like KGF: Chapter 2 and RRR achieved.

“In Hindi, a lot of us, perhaps, is not so much in touch with what a large mass of the audience wants to enjoy. It need not be action. A film like Dangal has been liked by people across the world. There is no action in it. It’s a sports film. It’s drama essentially. If the story is universal, it emotionally touches the hearts of a lot of people watching it,” Aamir said during an interview with Galatta Plus.

Many Bollywood movies in the last couple of years have failed to excite audiences in the Hindi heartland. And south Indian movies are filling that entertainment void as films like Pushpa: The Rise, KGF 2 and RRR have captured the imagination of the mass audience in north India.

“We as creative people have started selecting subjects perhaps which are more and more niche. Every filmmaker has a right to choose the film he wants to make, no questions asked. But, then I also should be aware that if I’m choosing a niche subject. I must be aware of that. I must not imagine that I’m making a mainstream film but I have actually selected a subject that most of the masses may not relate to it,” Aamir Khan added.

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Aamir also believes that as long as the narrative of a film strikes a chord with the audience, the genre of the said film is immaterial.

A still picture from Laal Singh Chaddha.

“I think the audience is happy to watch any kind of film. Irrespective of genre, there has to be an emotional connection. As an audience, I would not be interested if only the action is happening. Look at Ghajini, it’s an action film. But, why is action happening? It’s a beautiful love story between Sanjay and Kalpana. And when Kalpana gets killed then the action happens. I want to see that. As an audience, I’m upset that Kalpanai got killed. Ghajini is essentially a love story but action is the second layer to that. Kalpana is the heart of Ghajini. South filmmakers are very connected to the audiences. Perhaps, we have lost that connection. We have to re-look that. And south films are teaching us,” the actor said.

2008 movie Ghajini was the remake of the Tamil blockbuster of the same name. It became the first Hindi film to earn Rs 100 crore domestically.


Aamir Khan is confident that his latest movie Laal Singh Chaddha will appeal to a larger section of the audience across the country. He’s releasing the movie in Telugu and Tamil, besides Hindi. The film is due in cinemas on August 11.

First published on: 08-08-2022 at 04:35:24 pm
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