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Saturday, December 14, 2019

Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth draw flak for sharing the stage with Vairamuthu

The participation of Vairamuthu in the event organised by Kamal Haasan has outraged many on social media. Vairamuthu was accused of sexual misconduct in the wake of the #MeToo movement last year.

By: Entertainment Desk | Bengaluru | Published: November 11, 2019 2:48:08 pm
Vairamuthu, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Mani Ratnam, Nassar, KS Ravikumar Vairamuthu rubbed shoulders with Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth at an event in Chennai.

Versatile actor Kamal Haasan last week celebrated his 65th birthday and 60th year in the film industry. He made his screen debut when he was five-years-old with Kalathur Kannamma (1959). The Vishwaroopam star decided to commemorate the incredible feat by unveiling the statue of his father D. Seenivasan in his home town Paramakudi. Back in Chennai, he unveiled the bust of his mentor K Balachander at the new office of his production house Raaj Kamal Films International in Alwarpet.

The Chennai event was almost perfect with Kamal sharing the stage with his contemporary Superstar Rajinikanth. Both of them tread down memory lane, dispelling any speculation that their opposing political ideologies may have hurt their friendship. What could have been a memorable event for everyone, made many people grunt, thanks to lyricist Vairamuthu.

Vairamuthu was photographed rubbing shoulders with the stalwarts of Indian cinema and sharing a moment with them on the stage. It was perceived as Vairamuthu’s attempt to flaunt his clout in the industry. It left many wondering about how his influence remains unaffected by numerous sexual misconduct allegations that were made against him in the wake of #MeToo movement.

“Molesters in the public space always know how to work their image. Display of strength, support, especially in public platforms. Some would have prominent politicians. Laughing and in back-slapping terms. This imagery is what makes perceive fear. It had me fearful for years,” singer and #MeToo activist Chinmayi tweeted reacting to Vairamuthu’s participation in the event organised by Kamal Haasan.

A Twitter user told Chinmayi that Kamal speaking with Vairamuthu does not mean that he is supporting Vairamuthu. However, Chinmayi rejected that theory. “Raj Kamal Films is run by Mr KH. Just like I invited Vairamuthu KH invited Vairamuthu. After knowing that he is siding with the oppressor. He is an intelligent man. They are all sending out a message :) Message received (sic),” she responded to the user.

“No. This is different. Both are super stars in the country. Both are in politics. Both preach about women’s safety and invite a molester to the event knowing it will be publicised. Also comparing Me and comparing them is no go,” she added.

Chinmayi had been heavily penalised for coming out with her stories of being sexually harassed. She was also the first high-profile celebrity to publically name Vairamuthu in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Reacting to the allegations, Vairamuthu had said last year, “It is becoming a fashion of sorts to tarnish the public image of well-known people across the country. Lately, I have been repeatedly insulted. This is one such thing. I don’t care about things that are not true. Time will tell the truth.”

The controversy seemingly highjacked the event as it received a considerable amount of negative press. Many considered the event allowed Kamal and Rajinikanth to express solidarity with Vairamuthu.

“#MeToo has ruined men’s lives and careers. Exhibit 78629641297649214. (sic), tweeted journalist Megha Kaveri. “Looks like @ikamalhaasan has no qualms in giving all respect to #Vairamuthu despite so many women complaining against him. Enna politics-o, enna policy-o (sic).”

“The 2 most popular actors of Tamil Nadu @ikamalhaasan and Rajinikanth chose to support known sexual predator #Vairamuthu today. Stop with your sermons on women or minority rights already. Would you do the same if the victim were @shrutihaasan ? Disgusting #MeToo (sic),” said another Twitter user.

“So other actors now think she is wrong, some say she is right. What is your point? You think #MeToo is all fake? Or just when it impacts #Vairamuthu? His reputation is well known & trying to paint it with caste, religion, language is utter nonsense (sic),” asked another user.

“Can @vasudha_ET @BDUTT @sagarikaghose @khushsundar all othr ‘woke feminist’ call out @ikamalhaasan for inviting & sharing stage wit #Vairamuthu. He is a #MeToo accused by none othr than @Chinmayi and many othr girls. Why this silence ?? Is it bcz he doesn’t fit your narrative? (sic),” wrote another Twitter user.

Some even hoped Kamal Haasan won’t invite Vairamuthu for an upcoming event, which will celebrate the actor’s 60 years in cinema.

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