Irumbuthirai trailer: Vishal and Arjun square off in this promising cyberwar

Irumbuthirai trailer: Vishal and Arjun square off in this promising cyberwar

Helmed by PS Mithran, Irumbuthirai has Vishal, Arjun and Samantha Akkineni in lead roles. The film is set to hit the screens on May 11.

Irumbuthirai trailer
Irumbuthirai will hit the screens on May 11.

There are a couple of things that Irumbuthirai has that we have seen already. First, Vishal in an action role, for the number of action roles he has done. Kollywood’s tall, dark, handsome hero is also one of its angriest young men on screen. The second is the anger management issues. There are several films that have taken this angle in the past, Dulquer Salman’s Kali and the recent Allu Arjun’s Naa Peru Suriya Naa Illu India (Incidentally, Allu Arjun also plays a soldier.) But how does the soldier with anger management issues end up battling a data war? What exactly is Arjun’s role? There are several other interesting points as well.

For example, Vishal begins by saying that a military man doesn’t have a passport and a proper ration card. And later, the trailer hints about data breaches and identity cards such as Aadhaar. Is Vishal’s military man status actually an advantage in this ‘cyber war’?

The trailer also gives us promising action sequences — not that surprising when you have Arjun and Vishal as your leads. It is isn’t without reason that Arjun is called Action king Arjun and when you put him in the pit with Vishal, it would be a sin to not have impressive action sequences. While the trailer gives us a glimmer of hope, we should wait and see if the film gives us that action-thriller it promises.

Helmed by PS Mithran, Irumbuthirai also stars Samantha Akkineni. This is the first time Samantha is being paired against Vishal and Irumbuthirai would also be her first straight release in Tamil for the year. The Rangasthalam star is playing the role of Dr Rathi Devi in the film. From the looks of it, she might be the counsellor Vishal goes to for his anger management issues. While nothing more is known about her role, here’s to hoping we see her in a well-etched character. After quite a few unavoidable delays, the film will hit the screens on May 11.