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H Vinoth on Ajith’s Thunivu: ‘It’s a game of the wicked’

H Vinoth, who is currently working on the post-production of Thunivu, his third collaboration with Ajith, speaks about working with the star, the film, and more.

Ajith, H VinothH Vinoth has helmed Ajith's Thunivu (PR Images)
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Director H Vinoth says the huge fame that has come his way after directing Ajith in three films hasn’t affected him much, and it is evident from the way he talks with an affable candidness and without mincing words or opinions. As Thunivu is set to hit theatres for Pongal 2023, the director is busy with post-production and promoting the film. caught up with him over a phone call and probed him about Thunivu, Ajith, and his future plans.

H Vinoth has so far directed Ajith in three films–Nekronda Paarvai, Valimai, and Thunivu–over the course of five long years. When asked about the relationship between him and one of the biggest stars of Tamil cinema, Vinoth says, “Any professional relationship will come with its own set of misunderstandings. Sometimes my suggestions would be right, sometimes his would be right. However, it is all about the trust he has in me and I have in him. This understanding between us (Ajith and him) is the reason for our long journey together.”

When asked to share an example of one such exchange, Vinoth says, “It never got to such big arguments. The conversations between us has always been organic. He would make a suggestion, if it is good, I would take it. Similarly, if I tell him something, if he has a problem, he would ask me to think about it again. But if I tell him it would work the second time, he would agree. That’s how it has been with Ajith sir. What matters is how confident I am with my decisions.”

Thunivu has been one of the most trending topics on social media ever since the film was announced. With every passing day, there are many speculations about the story, Ajith’s role, and the genre of the film. Quashing everything, H Vinoth says, “It’s is not anything that you have been hearing on social media. People are assigning genres and tags like ‘the biggest action film’, ‘the biggest action thriller’ etc. It’s nothing like that. We would have seen money heist thrillers in Hollywood and even Ajith sir’s Mankatha is an example. But Thunivu is different from all of that. It is a multi-genre commercial film with songs and fights. It is about money. To put it shortly, it’s a game of the wicked.”

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There are many rumours making the rounds on social media that Vinoth is teaming up with Kamal Haasan for a film. However, the director remains tight-lipped about his future plans. “Without a proper idea, one shouldn’t talk about a movie. Also, with cinema, it is always better if the announcement comes from the production side. As a director, if I admit something, there’s no guarantee that it would happen. So, it should always be the producer, who should make such calls.”

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First published on: 06-12-2022 at 16:02 IST
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