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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bigg Boss Tamil: Raiza gets evicted from Kamal Haasan show, Juliana and Harathi set to return

Bigg Boss Tamil: In the weekend episode, Kamal Haasan invited Juliana, Harathi, Shakthi, Bharani and Gayathri Raghuraman on the sets and asked them if they would like to be a part of the show again. Earlier, Raiza was evicted by the voting process.

By: Express Web Desk | Chennai | Updated: August 28, 2017 1:21:44 pm
Juliana Bigg Boss Tamil images, Harathi Bigg Boss Tamil images, Juliana Bigg Boss Tamil pictures, Harathi Bigg Boss Tamil pictures Juliana and Harathi both of them who were evicted earlier are set to make a comeback on Bigg Boss Tamil.

The weekend episode of the popular reality show Bigg Boss Tamil ended on a high note as Kamal Haasan announced that few of the contestants who were earlier evicted, are set to make a comeback. Inviting Bharani, Harathi, Juliana, Shakthi and Gayathri Raghuraman onto his sets, Kamal asked these contestants if they would like to return to the house. While Bharani and Gayathri declined, Harathi and Juliana expressed interest in going back. Holding the suspense, Kamal refused to reveal who the ‘new’ entrant was, until Monday. However, Star Vijay has now aired a new promo with Juliana and Harathi back in Bigg Boss House.

Kamal had also asked ex-contestants about their life after Bigg Boss. Juliana, one of the most controversial contestants, said “Many had told me that they had seen me as part of their own family and that me lying on the show was very disappointing for them” sparking of audience protests. Kamal, always the arbitrator, took over immediately and silenced the cat-calls. “Why are you all so angry with Juliana? The same Juliana was your heroine during the Jallikattu protests. If you can abhor her for just a small lie, why have you left politicians alone? You people who shower such intense anger on a young woman, there are politicians who ought to be arrested under Goondas act who are still amid us. This anger needs to be stored. Don’t waste it on ordinary people like Juliana or Gayathri. It will have to be expressed at the appropriate moment,” he exhorted.

He further added that it was neither a support call for Juliana nor a lecture to the audience. “This is a lecture I give myself. Your anger is my fuel. So please don’t waste it,” the actor said.

Meanwhile, as per the usual voting process, Raiza was evicted by the people. In a perpetual effort to skirt monotony, Kamal had revealed the news to Raiza in private and brought her out for his customary chat even before the other contestants knew about it. The VIP 2 actor was her usual spunky self and termed the show a life time experience.

Earlier on the episode, Aarav was caught red-handed for lying. The contestant whose image garnered a few shades of grey due to his ambiguous relationship with Oviya was earlier accused of behaving differently with each participant. Kamal remarked that while the audience might forget about the Oviya incident, there was evidence that he had lied. The actor had apologised to Snehan over an argument but had told others that he hadn’t. In order to establish the same, Kamal had aired a ‘Kurumpadam’ (short film); as a matter of fact, kurumpadams are well on their way to become a formidable weapon in Kamal’s arsenal.

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