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Bigg Boss Tamil October 13 episode: Ramya Pandian outfoxes Suresh Chakravarthy

The written update for October 13th episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4, which airs on Vijay Television at 9.30 pm every day.

Bigg Boss TamilRamya Pandian in Bigg Boss Tamil 4. (Photo: Disney+ Hotstar)

Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 played out like an episode of a poor man’s version of Sherlock Homles series. The day was eventful from the moment housemates woke up to “Jigidi Killaadi” song. Aajeedh took an exception to the way Suresh Chakravarthy’s talks to him. “Mind your tone. Don’t give orders to me. I can only take it for long,” he thundered catching Suresh off-guard.

And that led us to the most exciting part of the episode. Only the eight housemates, who were selected as “undeserving” candidates to be in the house during the first week of the show, were eligible to participate in the game. And the winner of the game will get an eviction-free pass. The eight housemates were seated in a circle around the top prize in a dimly lit room to create an ambience of suspense. And before the rest of the participants could understand the game completely, Suresh was at the helm of affairs and steering the game in his favour without any challenge.

Suresh suggested that they should pick a candidate staring from the person who got highest votes in the nomination round and work their way down the list to the person who got the least number of votes. However, that gave Suresh a massive advantage given that he was not on the list. He was saved from the nomination after he was made the captain of the house during Sunday’s episode. Nobody challenged him on that. And he managed to trick everyone into submitting to his game plan and take the exit. And he succeeded, well almost. It came down to Suresh, Ramya and Aajeedh. And that’s when Ramya called Suresh’s bluff. She pointed out Suresh was not on the list, and it made no sense why she should not nominate him before Aajeedh.

Suresh was again caught off-guard. He tried to give her reasons as to why he wants the power of “eviction pass” and that changing the order of the things at the last moment of the game was unfair to those who played before. But, Ramya was not buying it. “I agree with you and playing along, despite knowing your strategy, would be foolish of me,” Ramya said. And Aajeedh was on Ramya’s side tilting the game against Suresh. He had to step out, finally.

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Well, Suresh, in the beginning, thought that he was playing everyone. But, in the end, it seemed like it was Ramya who was playing him as he cleared all the obstacles for her. In the meantime, even Bigg Boss did a real number on Suresh.

Suresh thought that whatever he said in the room was safe and he complained about everyone to support his claim that he was being targeted by everyone in the house. But, Bigg Boss gave a live broadcast of Suresh’s whining on the television in the living area of the house. And Suresh managed to piss off everyone.

In the meantime, in the playroom, Ramya showed magnanimity by handing over the victory to Aajeedh, saying that she felt he needed it more than her. The way she conducted herself in the game must have expanded her fan base.

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Aajeedh was given the “eviction free pass” which will be valid up to the 10th week of the show. And he can use it save himself or anyone he wants from getting evicted from the house during its validity. The catch is if somebody takes it from him, that pass and power will be transferred to its new owner.

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