Bigg Boss Tamil: No eviction but Suja is made a ‘ghost’, Kamal Haasan speaks on his political entry

Bigg Boss Tamil Kamal Haasan on Sunday have a strong political message to the viewers and electors of Tamil Nadu. Suja has been sent to a secret room in the name of eviction. Kamal also announced a new challenge for the week called "ticket to the finale.

Written by Manoj Kumar R | Bengaluru | Published: September 11, 2017 5:56:58 pm
Bigg Boss Tamil kamal haasan, bigg boss tamil eviction, bigg boss tamil suja Kamal Haasan asks Bigg Boss Tamil contestants to get serious

Bigg Boss Tamil host Kamal Haasan spent the better part of his weekend episodes reminding the housemates that the reality TV show was fast approaching the finish line and it was time for them to pull up their socks. Most of the members who had been divided by their personal opinions about each other, recently have shown a lot of signs that they have come to like and care about each other.

While the new-found compassion in the house has ensured a controversy-free week on the show, Kamal and Bigg Boss team have expressed concern that it will affect the competitiveness among the contestants.

As the first season of the Bigg Boss Tamil completed 75 days, the show runners surprised the contestants by inviting their family members and friends to the house. While the visit by all the guests was fun and a big booster for the contestants, it became very emotional when Snehan’s father walked in.

Snehan broke down as his father has not visited him in Chennai in the last 20 years. Looking at a weeping Snehan, other housemates also became very emotional. Suja was mostly affected by it as she said her father left her and her mother and sister when she was a child.

During the last week, the housemates demonstrated a considerable level of care and affection towards each other even during the tasks. Some of them were ready to give up or go easy as they didn’t want their opponent to struggle a lot.

Kamal pointed it out on Saturday that he was moved and even appreciate the respect and care they showed for each other. But, he also reminded them they were in a game show that required them to be competitive. He even offered contestants a chance to walk out of the house, if they were unwilling to strongly compete against each other for winning the game show.

On Sunday, he reasserted himself and even played a little game to make the housemates understand what was at stake. The episode, which was supposed to send home a contestant among Suja, Bindhu and Harish, ended with a small twist. Suja was asked to leave the house with other former contestants, Harathi, Shakti and Juliana. However, she was not completely eliminated from the show, as the housemates thought so.

She was sent to an isolated room, where she will be provided with all the necessities to stay there until further notice. While she can see everything that’s happening in the house on a plasma TV in her room, the housemates will not know about her presence in the house. As Kamal said, “She will be like a gost in the house. Present but invisible.” And when the time is right, she will join others in the main house.

Kamal also announced a new challenge for the week called “ticket to the finale.” One housemate who will top all the tasks throughout the week will win the ticket, which will secure him or her place among the final four contestants. As an inguinal task, Kamal asked the remaining six contestants in the main Bigg Boss house to invent their own language and speak as long as they could.

Harish spoke for the longest time of 2 minutes 23 seconds, while Ganesh came close with 2 minutes 13 seconds. Rest of them tried to give their best.

Before ending the show, Kamal was asked by the studio audience to forecast his political entry. And he did that with a strong message for the viewers and electors of Tamil Nadu. He said, “For a bright future of the state, everyone should vote. The only blot you should have on your finger is the electoral stain. Keep your hands and conscience clear.”

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