Bigg Boss Tamil: Kaajal Pasupathi evicted from Kamal Haasan hosted show, Shakti returns

Bigg Boss Tamil: Kaajal Pasupathi evicted from Kamal Haasan hosted show, Shakti returns

Kaajal Pasupathi had entered the show just a few weeks back with Suja Varunee and Harish Kalyan. After Juliana and Harathi, Shakthi, who was evicted two weeks back, was also brought back on the show.

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Kaajal Pasupathi makes an exit out of Bigg Boss Tamil while Shakti makes a comeback.

‘Is the voting process a sham’ is a question that lingers in the mind as another old contestant, Shakti was brought back on the show on Sunday. Shakthi was evicted from the house two weeks ago through the voting process. Incidentally, two other old contestants Juliana and Harathi returned last week before Raiza’s exit.

Snehan, who is one of Shakti’s closest friends on the show, was inconsolable on seeing his friend again. Ironically, this was after Shakti had a talk with the show’s host Kamal Haasan where he said that Snehan speaks behind the back. Shakti had a dramatic entry back in the show on a bike, to the strains of “Theemai than vellum” (Evil will only triumph), a reference to the robber task he had to complete earlier. Aarav was bundled into the confession room for sometime as a prank after which he reentered the house.

Meanwhile, Kaajal was evicted out of the Bigg Boss Tamil house on Sunday. The actor was a relatively new entrant and had entered the house as one of the three new contestants who had joined the show. In the customary chat with Kamal, she accused the housemates of being ‘fake’.

She claimed that they don’t show their real emotions anymore and rather are wearing a mask over their true feelings to avoid public outrage. The actor also expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be on the show, even if it is for a brief period. She further said that she knew she won’t last long on the show as she was extremely straight forward.