Bigg Boss Tamil episode 2: Shree desperate to leave, house leader selected

Bigg Boss Tamil episode 2: Shree desperate to leave, house leader selected

Bigg Boss Tamil episode 2 summary: Shree has started regretting his decision to be part of the Bigg Boss show. Shakthi Vasudevan, Ganja Karuppu and other extend their support to make him feel confident. Oviya could not sleep in her new house and Snehan is the house leader.

BIgg Boss Tamil episode 2 summary

On the first day at the Bigg Boss house, the contestants were trying to acclimate themselves to their new home where they will be locked up for about 100 days. The contestants seem to be supportive, thoughtful and understanding towards each other, especially towards someone like Shree who was seen regretting his decision to be part of Bigg Boss. After spending the night in the house, Shree walked up to a camera and implored that he wants to speak to ‘someone’ but he didn’t name anyone. And walked away from the camera knowing it was futile.

Oviya was interesting to watch as she wondered around as she could not sleep in her new house. At one point, she even started talking to herself. At 5.30 am, she began imploring the Bigg Boss through one of the cameras for a banana and ginger tea. When the camera moved right and left, she took it as a yes. She rushed to the store room, assuming that her prayers have been answered, only to find that it locked and return to her bed with a heavy heart.

The rest of the contestants seemed quite confident about living in that house for as long as they could even though they missed their family members. But Shree was very uncertain about the show. So much so Shakthi Vasudevan and Ganja Karuppu had to deliver a pep talk to draw him out of his pensive mood.

The housemates also got their first batch of kitchen stock and divided the household chores among themselves. Harathi Ganesh was the first one to be called into the confession room. She had a message for the housemates and that was to select the house leader. Ganesh Venkatram and Snehan were the popular choices for the house leader and eventually, the job went to Snehan.

While other housemates have begun bonding with each other, Shree is contemplating his way out.