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2.0 promo: Technology meets art in the Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar starrer

The latest promo of 2.0 sheds light on the epic battle between Rajinikanth's Chitti 2.0 and Akshay Kumar's supervillain.

2.0 release date
2.0 is helmed by Shankar.

The makers of 2.0 on Tuesday released a promo video featuring some of the awe-inspiring stills from the VFX-heavy film. Titled ‘When Technology Meets Art!’, the promo sheds more light on the epic battle between Rajinikanth’s Chitti 2.0 and Akshay Kumar’s supervillain.

Akshay’s mutant avatar is shown taking various aggressive forms in the video. If the visuals are anything to go by, 2.0 will be a technological breakthrough in Indian cinema.

The sci-fi film was in production for three years and has cost more than Rs 550 crore for its producers Lyca Productions. Initially, the filmmakers announced it as a Rs 350 crore project. And then the expenses went up to Rs 450 crore. Recently, the producers revealed that the final output overshot the budget by another Rs 100 crore.

2.0 is India’s most expensive film to date and the second costliest film in Asia. It is also India’s first film to be shot directly with 3D cameras. Usually, films are shot using 2D cameras and converted into 3D in the studios. In order to support the technology of the film, the makers have also planned to facilitate theaters across the country to upgrade themselves to 3D.

2.0, which is directed by Shankar, is set to hit the screens on November 29.