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​Bigg Boss Tamil controversy: Hindu Makkal Katchi accuses Kamal Haasan of not being secular in his criticism

The Hindu fringe group which has filed a complaint against actor Kamal Haasan for hosting the reality show Bigg Boss, accuse him of being biased when it comes to criticism. They feel that Kamal targets Hindu culture and the show has included jallikattu girl Juliana with different intention.

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The members of Hindu Makkal Katchi feel that Kamal Haasan, the host of Bigg Boss Tamil shouldn’t host the show.

Over the last few weeks, the Bigg Boss Tamil controversy has reared its ugly head. After the Hindu Makkal Katchi members protested against the reality show outside the network’s office in Chennai, the Hindu fringe group filed a complaint against the host of the show. Why are they against this show? What has got their goat now? You might have this, and a lot many questions. Well, it has to do with Kamal Haasan not being secular when it comes to criticism. The group has claimed that the actor targets Hindu culture and doesn’t comment about issues related to other religions. They also feel that Jallikattu girl Juliana is in the show for hidden reasons.

Arjun Sampath, Founder and State President of Hindu Makkal Katchi told The News Minute, “They (the show) are promoting Leftist and Dravidian ideologies through this show. Juliana, one of the contestants in the show is a Christian and she was raising slogans against the BJP government and Modi during Jallikattu. They chose her for this show precisely because of this. They have chosen an anti-Modi person.”

Another member of this group, Omkar Balaji told Times Now, “He never criticises any other cultures or religious problems. He criticises all issues concerning Hinduism, including controversy surrounding beef or terrorism. He is not secular in his criticism.”

In March, the same group had filed a PIL against Kamal Haasan for making hateful comments when he spoke about Mahabharata. The Madurai Bench of the Madras High, however, had stayed the summons issued to him by the trial court. One might think that the actor is being targeted. Kamal had earlier said that the people who supported him during Viswaroopam controversy are now against him. However, Arjun Sampath stated that they were not targeting him specifically. He said, “He is a great actor and he is very influential in Tamil Nadu. But people like Kamal Haasan are biased. He greeted the Kerala CM for completing one year, but he never greeted Modi or other BJP Chief Ministers. He also always praises Dravidian leaders. When the Vishwaroopam issue came up, we supported him, but he always sends out anti-Hindu messages. We want him to stop hosting this show.”

The fringe group has now announced that if there is no action taken after this complaint, they will head to the Madras High Court and file a petition.