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Monday, July 23, 2018

Walkway to stardom

A beauty queen who aspires to be a singing sensation, Ruhi Singh took the Bollywood route to make a mark in entertainment, and landed a lead role in Bombay Talkies’ Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe

Mumbai | Updated: February 26, 2014 11:58:14 am

Launch vehicle

In Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe, I will be seen playing a spoiled brat named Riya. She hails from a rich family and has enjoyed all the perks in life. She runs away from home in search of true love, and meets someone who changes her life forever. It was fun playing Riya as I personally believe that my character and I are very much alike.

Casting coup

Even after being a finalist at the Ponds Femina Miss India contest in 2011, I never thought of becoming an actor. In fact, I actually wanted to become a singer. But it looks like life had other plans for me. I happen to accompany a friend of mine for an audition. When we reached the place for audition, I decided to give it a shot too. I did not expect anything to come out of it, but one day, I get a call to tell me I got selected. Somewhere, I think it was the lack of pressure or zero expectations that actually helped me out.

Stepping stone

Unlike other newcomers, I had never planned a career. In fact, I don’t plan anything in my life because I believe that everything falls into place automatically. As I said earlier, I wanted to be an international singing sensation. I was born in Jaipur and completed my education there itself. I have always been an achiever all my life, may it be sports or adventure or studies. But deep down, there was always this dream of seeing the world and experiencing it to the fullest. I guess that’s why acting happened to me and I am loving it like I have never loved anything before.

First shot

I was damn nervous! Bombay Talkies is a legendary production house with a glorious past. I developed cold feet when I got to know about the magnitude of this project and being selected for their 103rd film only when I went for my first shot. It went well as the cast and crew members made me feel very comfortable. We became friends on the very first day.

Stumbling blocks

We had rigorous workshops before the film went on the floor. Also, we used to rehearse all our parts thoroughly before every scene. As far as I remember, there were no hurdles as such. I just feel fortunate that my sailing has been so smooth.

The takeaway

As an actor, Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe has been the best possible experience for me. An actor’s job is so tedious that he or she has to learn to take it easy during difficult times and when required, give it your best shot. It has also taught me to handle the pressure of being an actor and playing an important role as the lead.

Role model

I look up to my parents, because they have always stood by me for everything. I always tell people that dad is my 4am friend. He is someone I can always depend on. He is the one who gave me the confidence to enter this industry.

Future projects

I am going through a few scripts that have come my way. These scripts can potentially take me to a different level. So I am just waiting for the right time to make the official announcements. Keeping my fingers crossed for it.


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